Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Morning

Easter Sunday
What a wonderful day of celebration.

Granny spoils me, I had eggs for breakfast with funny faces painted on them.
I could choose what ever egg cup I liked. Granny has a good collection of egg cups. 
I love this bunny and chicken one. I thought it was just right for Easter morning. 
I was very hungry so I was allowed two eggs. Well if you have two eggs you need different egg cups don't you?
This little egg cup makes me smile, because the little boy is so pleased I chose him. 
 After breakfast we went on an egg hunt. I was so excited, I haven't been on an egg hunt since last year.
Can you see just a glistening of gold in this photo? Well Easter bunny was sure sneaky trying to hide this egg.
 Look it was so big it nearly filled my basket. Hmmm..... are you thinking what I am thinking???? Lots of chocolate in that egg.
"Granny come here quickly" I think Easter bunny was trying to plant this bunny. OOOH!! I am putting him in my basket very quickly.  
More, more more... little eggs...." Granny I have too many eggs." Look I think Easter bunny played leap frog over these toad stools.
Granny said that is alright Wilbur, the nice part about Easter is sharing. She said I can give the children a couple of door away some of my eggs. That will make them smile."
I like giving at Easter do you?
Granny said, the egg is a symbol of new life. Does that mean Granny is having a baby?????
Wow!!! I hope not. I wonder what new life will happen in our house. Perhaps it might be new bears.
All that chocolate made my tummy turn upside down. I think I will just have warm milk for supper.

See you all Next Week and Happy Easter to you all.

My thought for the day.
"Easter is one time of the year when you can put all your eggs in one basket."


  1. What an exciting Easter morning you've had .... way too many eggs for one bear!! I think that's a very good idea to share with your little friends down the way .... that will make their day pretty special.
    Warm milk for supper is such a sensible choice. xx

  2. Какой замечательный малыш) А ботиночки какие красивые)

  3. Happy Easter,Wilbur and Kay. I hope you don't get tummy ache Wilbur.
    We went to Mount Barker for a picnic by the lake with the family,but it poured down with rain off and on,so had to cut it short and come home,but not before we ate and ate and then ate chocolate hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies.
    I don't think we want any supper tonight. Like you just warm milk. xx

  4. Happy Easter Kay and Wilbur and looks like you had a fun egg hunt.
    Don't eat too many


  5. Happy Easter,Wilbur and Kay!!!

    with love,

  6. Happy Easter Kay and Wilbur. I like to see such green grass ... but here the snow is falling softly.
    Warm Greetings Iris

  7. Dear Kay and Wilbur - Happy Easter from germany - enjoy your chocolate eggs !!! have a great day - with warm regards from a cold + snowy germany Ines

  8. HAPPY EASTER Wilbur & Granny.

    We loved the egg cups, Wilbur. My favorite is the one with the bunny. I love bunnies so much.

    Enjoy your Easter candy and you are such a loving and kind bear to share with the children.

    Heaps of Easter Hugs,
    Prudence ♥

  9. Hoppy Easter! We think you should hope for more bears, new humans make lots of noise and really disturb your chocolate eating...


    The Clan & Jack

  10. Happy Easter Kay!
    Looks like your day was special and chocolate covered wonderful.

  11. What a fantastic Easter Sunday you've had - right from the beginning with this yummy breakfast. We think it was clever you've turned the egg's faces away from you - we could not eat something that's looking at us. You've chosen lovely eggcups and we were not surprised that you found every egg the easter bunny left for you - too much even for a big, strong bear like you to bear... ;O)

    Happy Easter to you and Granny!
    Flutterby + Birgit

  12. Dear Wilbur
    You certainly had an eggxcellent day with an abunnydance of chocolate for one bear! I think you were sharing new life when you shared your bounty with the children.
    Happy Easter to you and Granny, and all the Kids too
    With big hugs from Kayzy and the Critters :)

  13. Feliz Pascua!!!
    Besitos desde Barcelona.

  14. Oh Wilbur, you made me laugh! I don´t think Granny is getting a baby!
    Hope you had a great easter time!
    Hugs Melli

  15. Happy Easter Kay and Wilbur!

    Ali x

  16. Ohhhh Wilbur che cosa avrai combina to per la Pasqua ? sei stato bravo ? hai fatto arrabbiare nonna ?
    Ti voglio comunque sempre un grande bene. Kiss

  17. Wow Wilbur, looks like you had an eggciting Easter, ha, ha, ha. Eggciting - too funny. He, he, he. (Jock, get over it. We've all heard that one before!) Have you, oh shucks and I thought...(Don't).

    We only had a few Easter eggs here 'cos Ann and Alan gave most of theirs away. Now, why would anyone give away chocklit? (We're not young like you and we'd get fat. Besides, other people got pleasure from them.)

    Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time and a belated Happy Easter.

    Jock (With Alan interfering as usual.)

  18. story is very interesting and beautiful
    photo! I love your blog

  19. Hi Wilbur,
    It sounds like it was a wonderful Easter at your house. We think the Easter Bunny left a lot of eggs for you because he knew you would share.

    Mama said she thinks a lot of our bear friends had tummy hurts this week on account of all the chocolate!

    Sissy, Blossom,
    Sweet Pea and Jason


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