Sunday, February 3, 2013

Granny's gone mad.


She says she wan't to paint the lounge, well you really don't want to know about the MESS!!!
She is so busy she said I had to do this post all by myself. Well I will just whisper to you I think she has gone mad.
This old wallpaper has been on the wall we think for around 40 years, so I know it needs freshening up.
Do you know how much mess she makes. Granny's sister came to help her, and her daughter, grandson and grand daughter, popped in for a coffee, so they got raked in. 
Of course I had to help. 
It was like a sauna with a steamer to help get the paper off. Plus the squirty water bottles to wet the paper with became good water pistols..
We had paper a mile high, I thought we would never have a lounge room again it was so full of old paper.
I felt like I was drowning in it.
I had to be the over seerrrrrrrr  after awhile because my poor beautiful fur was getting wet and I was sticking to the wet paper.
I'm glad they piled the furniture into the middle of the room It was just right for seeing what was going on. 

Every one worked so hard, they looked like steamed rats by the time they finished. Now granny says tomorrow is scrubbing day. Something about washing the walls with sugar soap??? Can you understand these humans. I can't. What would you put sugar on the walls for? She said this soap gets all the glue offfff the walls. Well we will see tomorrow.

Things are messy and a bit on the frazzled side here, so I am HOPING______ for toast with peanut butter and honey for supper.
I worked so hard I think I deserve two pieces.

See you all next week.

I'm wishing we had simple pleasures in our house tonight. I can't see it happening just yet.

I'm wishing all my followers simple pleasures this week.

My thought for the day.
This came from The Doll Makers Journal this week and Granny said she liked it. I think she is trying the try-angle today.

"The right angle to approach a difficult problem is the 'try-angle.'" From God's Little Instruction Book: Inspiration and Wisdom for a Happy and Fulfilled Life


  1. oh is this sweet i like baers to help. hugs from sylvia

  2. Repair - a feat!)) Good luck and beauty!

  3. Wow! It will be worth all the hard work i'm sure! xx

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Isn't that taking down wallpaper yucky? If you walk in it it's going to stick to your paws. Be careful.

    I think you should sit in the middle of the room and bearspervisor the project. Maybe with a slice of toast and peanut butter on a little table.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. Your Granny is sure one adventurous girl, isn't she.....we'd never try taking paper off the walls, we'd just treat it and cover it with new paper...can't wait to see how it looks after..Pleased she had such fine help.
    Wil and Mama Bear

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    It looks like you worked beary hard and needed a break. Our mom is talking about removing the wall paper in the powder room and now that we've seen how messy the job is we can hardly wait.:0)
    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Sugar on the walls? Maybe she is inviting those little ants in for a party! :o) Wilbur those little ants bite!!

    Mama said it will be beautiful when all the work is done.

    Sweet Pea
    & our Mama

  8. Please tell Granny that in our opinion you truly deserve THREE pieces of toast with extra honey on... you've been such a darling helping Granny to cope with all this chaos. And we think it will look great once you're done...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  9. Сладкий малыш!!!:):):) Большая умница и помощник.):):) Очень люблю Ваши истории!!!:):):)

  10. oh my God what a mess , but if the new wallpaper stays on the wall for another fourty years it's oke!!
    When all the work is done , you have a beautiful looking room.
    Good luck tomorrow with the sugar!!!!!
    Hugs Ellen

  11. Goodness, Wilbur, what a chore. I hope your fur dries without any glue clumps. It's going to be very nice when Granny finishes.
    I'm hoping you get your 2 pieces of toast tonight!
    Miss Susan

  12. Sometimes Wilbur you've just got to grin and bear-it. I'm a bit worried you might get sugar-soaped and shrink .... that wouldn't be nice.

  13. Oh man, Wilbur, you already live in a sauna, then she went and added steam?! You're right, she's quite mad. Although roping in the rest of the family wasn't that silly ;o) We think you might need to lick the walls tomorrow...


    The Clan & Jack

  14. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    I know exactly what you are going through as I am doing the same thing. It is a lot harder taking it all off than putting it up.
    Good luck and know how lovely it will be when you get it all done.
    Happy new week

  15. Tell your Granny that she chose her overseer well. Bears make very good overseers. And wish her the best of luck for me because as you well know from experience that is a BIG job. I know it will be lovely when she is finished. Hope you got some toast!


  16. Hi Wilbur. I'm sure that lounge will look wonderful with the new paint on it. Nothing worth doing comes easy. Try to keep dry!

    Ali x

  17. Dear Wilbur with your beautiful is being a great job...
    but later that lounge will be so beautiful!
    And Wilbur you are a lovely bear to help grandma..
    When you are ready...please come and help me to...

    Love from Marijke

  18. Wibur you are so good to have helped so much with all that work. It is such an awful job. I do so like wallpaper,but got rid of ours long ago for paint,as it's easier to repaint than paper.
    Please tell granny that I did give hubby a big thank you and an extra biscuit with his tea for helping to paint. :) Also not to be afraid to paint her cabinet like I was,as it was very quick and easy.x

  19. Dear Wilbur,

    I see that you don't like the mess. But always remember that it has to get messy before it can be pretty! You will see! It was a good idea that Kay saved you from the sticky paper by letting you be the overseer.

    So, I hope painting will be done quickly so that you will be able to enjoy your lounge again, soon.


  20. Hi Kay and WIlbur,
    What a big job you are taking on . . I bet it's going to be beautiful !
    WIlbur, you are such a good helper . . . extra treats for you!

    Lori Ann

  21. Dear Wilbur,
    I sent a message to you on Monday, but Granny told Nana Kayzy that you didn't get it - I'm so upset! Anyway, I'm sending this one to tell you that I can bring Nana's special brush to help you get the glue out of your beautiful fur, if you're having trouble. Granny must be very glad she has you to help her with such a big job as redecorating - I'm sure she will be giving you lots of peanut butter and honey on toast!
    Special hugs from Shirley and the Critters :0)

  22. HI Wilbur, I hope you had a great Australia Day, the barbie looked great. I'm not sure about decormerating, it looks like way too much work. I don't mind chocolate or hunny in my fur 'cos you can at least get a little snackeral that way - it certainly helps the midnight hunger pangs, but glue - yiew no chance and as for sugar soap they can keep that too. We bears don't do well with soap and adding sugar won't help will it?
    I hope that Granny is keeping well now and isn't overdoing it.


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