Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!!!

 Granny and I are making snow men...
They have no stuffu'n, no white paint, no faces or hats, just nuth'n...
Get this, I think Granny has lost her marbles, it has been 40 deg here this week and she decides to make of all thing Snow men.
We its not 40 deg today, just a beautiful 25deg. so I guess I will let her dream. She dreams all the time of living in a country where it snows for Christmas. She says "how romantic it would be". I say "I'd freeze my paws off." She says "Think of mulled wine, on an open fire". I say" I just want my normal Chocolate milk."
She say " We could build a snow man." I say we could do that here."
Well the Snow man that we are going to make, do not melt. Well I don't think they melt?
We cut them out in calico, then put tiny little pebbles in them so they would stand up.
They did look all floppy before they were stuffed.
In this picture some are stuffed and some not. I had to help with the stuffing, I was getting quite hot with all this hard work, plus all that fluff and stuff was getting up my nose.
A little Snow man that Granny made last year was all worried he would melt.
Never fear when Wilbur is here. 
 These two were scared to death; and being a bear I had to get my thinking cap on.

See I knew I could solve the problem. I just needed to squeeze into a space in the fridge and I knew he would be hunky Dory. That little snow man was so happy he thought he could get all his mates in that fridge. So out were thrown the butter, the cream and yoghurt . I still think it will be a squeeze.' Come here little frosty and see if this is better". Oh no "Stone the crows" its freezing, can you see my teeth chattering.

Well little frosty you can stay there I am hopping out.    I told the Snowies they could go and live in the picture below.   I need  Warm chocolate milk with toast, peanut butter and honey. YUM...YUM.. in my tum.
See you all next week. 

to a new follower this week.

Marion Krauskopf
Marion comes from Germany, I guess it is snowing there?
She makes wonderful bear, go and have a peek at

"Almost all of our unhappiness is the result of comparing ourselves to others."


  1. Hello Wilbur,
    we have -18 today, and very snowy indeed;)

  2. We think you're right Wilbur, Granny must have lost her marbles! It's SOOOOOO cold here right now it's not even funny! We're all huddled up next to the radiator and wrapped in a quilt...


    The Clan & Jack

  3. Miraculous story! A nice week-end for you!
    The snow is nicest if one sits the stove and looks to the window.

    Hugs, Conni

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    The snowies are so cute, but don't catch a cold sittin' in the fridge with them. I love the snow picture, wish I lived there.

    We agree with Granny, snow is wonderful, beautiful and M&D say they miss it so much.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  5. Mulled wine on an open fire sounds like my sort of Christmas ... Much better than hanging out in a fridge

  6. Sweet snowman , Kay !!
    In France, it's snowing !!! and it's so cold !!

    Bear hugs , Wilbur and Kay !!

  7. Hi Wilbur,
    Doesn't the light go out when the fridge door is closed? Maybe you should give the snowies a flashlight so they won't have to sit in the dark. Snow looks very pretty but it is very very cold which is a good thing if you're made of snow or if you are a polar bear.
    Happy holidays to you and Granny.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  8. what a wonderful bear, i love it and his nose is so wonderful maked. hugs from sylvia from the mäsywi-bären

  9. Dear Wilbur,

    I think you are a good bear with a big heart, helping these snow men feel good! That is so nice of you. It is great that you helped Kay stuffing these little fellows! They look really cool.

    Well, Wilbur, I think you wouldn't like it here, it has been snowing all day long and it is really really cold outside.

    Marie-Christine from Germany

  10. Oh yes, snow is beautiful... when you're in a rural area where it is bright and white... when you don't have to drive or have to work... and when you don't have to shovel snow, especially when the house lies on a corner and the path you have to shovel is extra long... then snow can be fantastic... ;O)So you're both right about snow, there are always two sides on the coin... - You're snowmen look so nice and you were as always such a darling to hel your Granny with that stuffing of the snowy chaps. We're glad that Birgit's snowmen don't melt, they even survive German summers... well, not that impressive considering what kind of a summer we had this year. Have loads of fun with your Christmas preparations, dear Wilbur!

    Flutterby + Birgit


  11. Wilbur - I had to look up how much 40 are degrs - here it snowed last night (real snow) and everything was white, Granny and you have to come visit me in the Black Forest. Then you have white Christmas, hugs for you, have a good evening and a good start to the week. - Greetings Ines

  12. Hmmm wie schön es wieder hier war, bin öfters hier auch wenn ich nicht immer einen Kommentar da lasse. Viele liebe Grüße ans andere Ende der Welt aus Deutschland. Freue mich schon auf den nächsten Besuch hier auf deiner Seite. Alles liebe und schöne Adventstage
    -- Dirk --

  13. 40 deg........ YIKE! That's no fun anymore. Glad the that the temp. dropped.
    Love your snow Wilbur. You did a wonderful job.
    Here I now see a little frosty layer on top of my neighbours roof, so it must have been below zero feet are so cold.

    Best of luck with all your X-mas preparations and give nanny a big hug will ya,

    Thea xoxo

  14. Here it is quì my beloved friend, rascal, nice, and very amusing for everybody! hook to see his new photos...I wait with anxiety the preossimes! I love you expensive friend bear.

    A great embrace RosaRita

  15. Dear Wilbur,
    Please don't get buried in the fluff n stuff.
    The fridge is a good place for the snowmen. Our snow just melted away this morning. It was below 30 but now this week we are up to 51 degrees. Not snowman weather yet...
    Granny's doing a great job on the snowmen!
    Miss Susan

  16. CUTE Snowmen!:) But..problem IS, Wilbur, they DO melt! heh heh!

  17. I love the picture of the bear and snowman in the fridge! LOl I am blessed because I do live in an area where we almost always have a winter wonderland of snow come Christmas time. Your snowman is cute too!


  18. I don´t like snow, but I love your snowmens!
    Real snow is cold and wet and slippery and dangerous if you have to drive by car (so many people die every year in snow traffic accidents in Germany) but your snowmens are JUST cute! I really love this one withe the green scarf!

  19. Might it be that Grandma didn't look very happy to see her Wilbur and all snowman in her freezer? You're looking very sweet as "Wilbur -Christmas" and I hope for sure that until Christmas you won't have to "special" idéas.
    Even if your stories make me smile and laugh :
    To hear about and to be involved, mustn't really be the same. Big hugs to all of you !!

  20. Oh my! Granny would like snow and cold, me I'd not care if I ever saw Winter again. Aren't people funny. We're all ready for Christmas here. I hope you and Granny are too Wilbur.

    Ali x


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