Monday, November 26, 2012

Pudding Perfume

 Few!!! what an ordeal to post.
Can you smell the PUDDING
it smell deeeelicccccous The whole has smells puddingy... get the drift.
Granny had her 3 precious girls over on Saturday to make the pudding. 
Last year on Christmas day, she was told by her grandson that she needs to teach Abbey, her grand 
daughter how to make the the pudding in case Granny dies.... ha ha... They love that pudding so much Granny thought they needed a teaching day.

It was such fun, 

Granny soaked all the fruit for 2 weeks pouring in brandy every day. It took 3/4 bottle. No wonder it smells good.
 Then we added the chopped almonds. and gave it a big stir. Lots of stirring in this pud.
Then the girls were having so much fun cracking the 9 eggs and putting the threepence's and bone button in. Plus all the wishing while it was stirred that Granny forgot to take the photos.
Here it is on the stove. It had to boil for 7 hours. Wow  It was a huge pot....
 It was all wrapped up in calico and tied up with string. Then it looked like a cauldron filled with pudding.
After 7 hours we lifted it out, and it was very heavy. Just as well I was there to help Granny.
We had to hang it up to dry on a rack,then in 2 days time we hang it up on a hook in the laundry until Christmas. You won't believe this, but Granny has had a pudding hanging for 3 years and it was the best pudding ever.

I just wish you could smell it.

Now I think I need Toast, peanut butter and honey in large amounts!!!! It has been a frustrating day getting Granny's pictures posted. I hid under the desk while she was venting... Scary. Any way she has such wonderful friends who helped her, Like Joyce from "The Bears Blog" and lots of others. That is what is so nice about the family of friends that is world wide, every one helps.
She eventually found out if you belong to Google Plus you don't need to buy storage.
Can you feel the tension melt away.
I can And I am eating my toast and honey.

This is a tree outside my house and I wanted to share it with my new follower, and all my regular followers.
I think next week we need to go purple. 
Welcome Halcyon who lives in South Africa.
She makes such beautiful bears, I would love you to take a look at

My thought for the week:
"To err is human,
To really foul things up requires a computer"


  1. what a great tutorial How to make a pudding:)
    I am pretty sure it tastes and smell fantastic!!

  2. Wilbur,that is one humongous pudding. I hope you don't get tipsy on the fumes from the brandy. :)

  3. Good morning from a rainy germany, OMG 3/4 l bottle of brandy, I think it´s smell very very good. I don´t know this pudding , and I´m noisy to see the next picture´s - when you´ll hang it up.
    Have a great week - with warm hugs Ines

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Yippee, we are so glad you are posting. A Sunday morning without your post is like a morning without sunshine.

    The pudding making is very interesting. Maybe you can take a picture when its all done. (o:

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    Boy, did we miss you!

  5. Hi Wilbur, I'm glad Granny sorted out the storage problems - I "spect Alan will hit them sometime too.
    Your pudding looks GINORMOUS, but I think you'll put a big dent in it come Christmas. We made cakes and puds recently too, but not like yours - it looks really special. When the puddings had been boiled we had one from last year and it was lovely.
    I'd love to see what it looks like out of its cloth:-)
    I hope Granny is feeling much better now. We saw your picture of tree decorations - my you do enjoy yourselves. We probably won't have many decorations 'cos we're going up to Scotland for CHristmas.

  6. Hmmmmmmm!!! I smell it !!! one day, I would like to eat it !!!

    Have a lovely week Kay !!

  7. Wow, I've read about plum pudding and about the original way to make your English puddings, but I've never actually seen it done. What a lot of work it must be. But oh-so-good, right? Does Granny let you have a taste, Wilbur? I didn't know because of the brandy...
    Miss Susan

  8. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Lovely seeing the Christmas pudding in the making.
    I know how wonderful this must smell, I have just made my mince pie filling and that smells great too, with a sloush of brandy.


  9. We're so glad to see a new post from you - and on top a post with pictures. Good to hear there was an easy solution, we'll think of this whenever our time has come... ;O) - Thank you for showing us the making of the Christmas pudding. As you perhaps know we have a lot of Christmas traditions in Germany, but this kind of pudding is none of them. We only know this stuff from Mrs. Cratchit's one as told by Charles Dickens - it was very interesting. And Wilbur, you're always a good boy and so helpful, we're convinced you'll get a huge piece of that pudding.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  10. So much work, so much time and so fast dissapeared into the bellies! I hope your girls remember this recipe as well, so they can make the pudding next year itself and you can indulge only, when you do not feel well. I hope you're doing better very soon!
    Wilbur, be a good boy and look at your Granny!

    Hugs Melli

  11. Oooh, you make your pudding totally differently to us, we cook ours in a pudding bowl in a pressure cooker (then serve with lashings of brandy butter - yum!)

    Enjoy it when you get to it!


    The Clan and Jack

  12. Oh boy! I bet you that pudding will taste delicious! My late mom used to make her own fruitcakes. I remember my brother and I taking turns stirring the mix in the bowl. Everyone took a turn for good luck. That and Mom figured since we were going to be enjoying the results, we could pitch in and help with the process. LOL!


  13. I have never heard of hanging pudding in cloth like this! I hope you will show us the final result when it is done. The ingredients made my mouth water and now I need to go find something to eat, LOL!!


  14. Oh my Wilbur, this is a yummie post. I'm up here very early in the morning, but I would love to have that for breakfast. But I suppose I have to wait, don't I.......
    I'm sure the result is good.

    Love to see the trees with flowers, so strange that it is getting colder here. I prefere your's tough. I hate winters.

    Happy day, Thea x

  15. Oh My Goodness I can SMELL all that wonderful "LOVE & Pudding"!!! I haven't made any in OH SO MANY YEARS!!! You have inspired me...Thank you so much.
    Have a wonderful week,
    Big Squishy Hugs,

  16. What a great post. I used to always have a jar of brandied fruit going and of course you can't let it get too low. That was years ago and now I don't know how to start it. I recall it was in a glass jar and you added a bit of fruit each week and stirred it.
    Do you happen to know how to start the fruit.
    We didn't use fresh fruit, I think it was canned fruit cocktain and pineapple. I just can't remember.
    I would love to know what your pudding tastes like. Do you used fresh fruit.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one struggling with blogger! :)
    Love and hugs,

  17. Oh my, what a pretty tree outside your window!

    That pudding sounds absolutely scrumptious! I miss having home made plum pudding! A friend's mother always made it every year and she passed away a number of years ago. My mother always bought it for Christmas. It was good but cannot touch the homemade. One of these years I may just break down and make my own. Thank you for your visit. It's always a pleasure to have you stop by.



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