Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pillow Fight

What fun we had last night, we all had a big pillow fight.

It all started with us all jumping on our beds. and we couldn't stop laughing.  BAM, WAM. WHACK. We were supposed to have our lights out! Well that didn't happen;one of the bears got his pillow and started thumping me, so of course I thought I would get him back. It wasn't long before we were all in it. I nearly have unbalanced this bear I can see him falling.... Ha ha ha... Then a bit of stuffing came out of one pillow, well it was only a little bit. We thought we would hide it under the bed.
As you can see more and more stuffing came out and it felt like snow. It was better than snow it was warm and fluffy. The more that came out the better it was.
Then who should knock on the door!!!!!!!!??????
The bearcelor......... Prudence. Oh, quick how can we hide this mound?
She said "what are you boys up to?" Well what a silly question......... you could sure see what we were up too..............
Prudence was fair about it all, I thought she might blow her top.(What would come out if she blew her top) ha ha. Prudence told us" I know camp is fun,  you all sound like you drank giggle juice. You all need to sleep, so we can have fun tomorrow." She said we have to stuff as much stuffing back in our pillows as we could and go to sleep. Well we couldn't stop giggling while we were doing our stuffing it kept springing back out.
Then we all dreamt about what was going to happen tomorrow.

I had a message from Granny, she said the bears at home were missing me.
Well I miss them too, and it won't be long before we are home.
I will see them all in a week.
Bye for now from Camp.

It won't be long before spring when the daffodils are out plus a few blossoms.
So these flowers are for all my followers, plus my new follower.

Welcome Megan Wallace from South Africa. Megan makes beautiful bears and has tips and hints for you all.
Visit her at

My Thought for the day.

             Friends are flowers in life's garden.        '


  1. Ух какие у вас мальчишечки драчуны) Милые...вам так весело живется)))
    Хорошего выходного дня!

  2. Whew that was a lot of stuffing boys! Glad you were able to round most of it up again or it could have been really uncomfy sleeping that night!


    The Clan and Jack

  3. Dear Granny & Little Bears,

    Yes, we miss our Prudence too, but it's only a few days before we bring her home.

    Wilbur will be so excited to see you all. And just think of all the great camp stories he will share with you.

    LuLu & Flora ♥
    Prudence's Mom ♥

  4. Now this sounded like a lot of fun those boys had. I know all the bears families are happy that it was just the stuffing in the pillows that came out! :o)

    Just a few more days now till our bears are home with us. I think after all the tearful goodbyes all will be happy and there will be many funny stories for us to enjoy.


  5. This was so much fun - we felt like being with Wilbur waving our own pillow. The best picture was the last, all the beary boys drowning in the stuffing! We're sure Wilbur will enjoy his last week in camp, but he will be glad when he cames home to you, being welcomed with a big hug and a huge bread with peanut butter!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. The bears here at the North Pole have been enjoying the stories from camp. They decided they are going to have a pillow fight to see what kind of stuffing is in their pillows. I sure hope the stitching on those pillows hold. It could get messy.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy's Mom

  7. Hi Wilbur,
    That pillow fight sure looked like fun, but I have a concerned feathered critter here - Dennis the Dancing Duck - wanting to know where all those feathers in the pillows came from. What shall I tell him?
    Hugs, Kayzy (and her critters)

  8. Dear Wilbur,
    Maybe pillow fighting is not the greatest thing you can do with your friends from the point of you of pillows safety but it is so much fun! I am sure you will never forget your days in the camp this summer :)
    Tell Kay I say Hi :)

  9. Hi Kay
    There was a storm of visitors like pillow fight feathers on my blog yesterday. Thank you very much for the mention!

  10. Pillow fights are the best! Hope your having a great time at camp Wilbur.

    Ali x

  11. Уилбур ты самый замечательный и смешной медведь)))Передавай бабушке привет! Она у тебя волшебница и сказочница))))Повезло тебе))))


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