Sunday, August 12, 2012


"Granny I want to show you how good I am at fishing."
All the boys went fishing, there was Sweet Pea, Wil, Harold and Daniel. The girls all went of to make daisy chains.
We hiked to this wonderful creek, and I had to show the guys how to bait the hook and to cast out. I told them, no big sharp noises or we would frighten those slippery little suckers away.
It looks a long way down to the water, I had to hang on tight.

The three of us guys were hanging on this log and two others were hanging off another log. 
"I think I have got one. Hang on mate. We want to have you for lunch."

Harold came around to help me pull it in he was so excited.

"Stone the crows, what a bottler of a fish.OK will you help me get the hook out Harold." We don't want it to slip back in the water." Sweet Pea , will you get the bucket." Thanks ..

I told, Wil, Harold, Daniel and Sweet Pea that is how it is done. We all need to get a couple more each so we can have a  good feed.

All afternoon every one was very busy, and I heard lots of calls. "Quick, I have got one."
we would all run over and see how long it was, and in the bucket it went.
This one was caught by Sweet Pea. He was so excited.
We all had a dip before lunch, and then went straight back to fishing. We wanted to brag to the girls how many we caught.

While we were waiting for the girls we played cards and I was telling them about some Aussie slang.
I said to them "do you know what knee high to a grass hopper meant."  I told them it means very small because grass hoppers knees are not very high. Tee Hee they all laughed.
Another one " What does flat out like a lizard drinking mean" no answers.... Well I told them it means very fast indeed. Because lizards tongues go very fast.

Last one... "What is a stunned mullet." It is some one in a dais, because when a fish is stunned he goes very limp.
We all had a good laugh.
The girls came back with their daisy chains and it was time to go back to camp.
Oh!!! we did brag about out catch. 
Granny I don't want this to end.

I will see you soon,
Hugs Wilbur


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My Thought of the day

"Our minds are like parachutes;
they work best when open."


  1. Great post you guys! You are very brave and adventurous bears, enjoyed reading the Aussie expressions.

  2. Dear Granny,

    Well, the boys sure are having a grand time at camp. Wilbur is a wonderful fisherbear too.

    I heard from Prudence and it's a secret until you get your letter, but Wilbur is to be a Bearscelor next year. The organizers want him to teach the boy bears how to fish. But don't tell Wilbur that we told you, it should be a surprise.

    Prudence's Mom

  3. Wilbur is having the time of his life, so much fun... and what a clever boy he is to teach the others how to fish and all this aussie slang... Much better than making daisy chains... *grin*

    Flutterby + Birgit

  4. Dear Granny,
    Wilbur seems to be cut out for the camping life and is doing a marvelous job of teaching the other bears how to fish. The girls love his accent and the stories he tells about living life as an Aussie bear. I think Wilbur will make an excellent bearcelor.
    Bellamine, Clarissa & Wendy's Mom

  5. a wonderful story, i like it

    hugs from sylvia

  6. Way to work together there boys, I'm sure the girls were all very impressed



  7. I am sure Sweet Pea will be writing me a letter about his catch. You boys are very brave to do all that hiking. I'm glad that none of you fell in the water. Although maybe that would have been a good way to cool off.

    Sweet Pea, Sissy Bear, and Blossom's

  8. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    What a fun fishing trip you went on and glad you caught one.
    Love the slang of you Australians - I have a little Australian slang Dictionary that we bought there one time, for the International Visitor.
    Hah! we actually use quite a few of them too.
    Thanks for your visit to me, and I appreciate the kind words you left,regarding my Mother.

    Happy week

  9. Hi Wilbur,
    It was so exciting to read about your fishing expedition - how clever to catch so many! Did you have them for dinner? When you come home, we want you to come and teach us how to catch fish in our dam.
    Hugs from Kayzy's Critters. :0)

  10. How darned cute!!! I also love your thought for the day Kay...:-)


  11. Great job, Wilbur! You are such a great fisherbear;)

  12. Hi Wilbur - I'm excited to read about you camp adventure - you are a lucky boy !
    Such fun and a hug of new friends, a new experience all day .......
    Thank you for telling about all you live throgh and for showing all the pics.
    Oh.......congrats for your success !
    Big hugs to you an your grandma from France

  13. Well well Wilbur,
    You certainly are having fun. It's good that nobeary fell in when you are fishing but it might have been kinda fun anyway. I'm glad you and the boys didn't feel it necessary to make daisy chains - yuck.

  14. It was so much fun reading about your fishing adventure. I almost felt like I was there myself with a line in the water waiting for them to bite! It does sound like you are having a great time. Camp does that to you - I always felt the same way too! Enjoy the rest of your adventures!


  15. Love all these pictures !!! and I love when you tell stories !!!!
    Have a great week, Kay !!

  16. Gotta love a good "Fish Story" !!
    What fun tales you weave!

    Lori Ann

  17. Кей спасибо большое за рассказ! Смеялась! Уилбур самый смелый и красивый мишка! Фотографии замечательный!!!Ой а в карты где играют...просто настоящие мужчины))))

  18. How cute this post is! I've been such a dud with the camp thing this year. I feel bad.
    The little bears look like they are having such a great time!
    Poor little Abby has a terrible Mum.
    Cute photo's.
    Thank you for your sweet comments. They mean a lot to me.

  19. I love this story!!! good fisshing!!!big hugs.


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