Sunday, March 18, 2012

Some One is Missing...

Some one is missing!!!
Do you know the feeling when you love some one and they are not with you.
Well that is just how I feel. Beary sad.
Golly and I had been playing out side, climbing trees all day. When we came in for lunch, Granny said to Golly. " Golly, can you remember when no body loved you, and then we found you, and now we love you very much, and always will."  "Well now there are more people who love you, they wanted to ask you if you would like to go and live at their house. They have children that love Gollies to bits, plus they have a whole family of Gollies. They thought you might like to live with a big family of Gollies."

Wait up Granny what are you saying.... Golly won't sleep with me.....

Granny said that Golly wouldn't sleep with me, but we could write letters and send pictures to each other.
Golly said he loves children, and he really likes other Gollies, and he decided to go.
I was so up set, I hugged Golly tight and told him I would never, never stop loving him.
And I am real sorry for shutting him in the cupboard, and all the squabbles we had.
So I hugged him more and I told him I would write often.
Granny had to get tissues to dry my eyes, then we both gave Golly squishy hugs and kisses to last a long time.
Granny said if he didn't like it he could always come back to our home.

Sob.... Sob.. Sob.... when I went inside.

Granny told me she had some thing to cheer me up. I thought nothing would make me.. FEEL..BETTER.
She came out of her bedroom with a letter she got today saying
Greetings from CAMP GOOD BEAR.
Ooow. they was news about the camp I am going on...
It was so exciting I can't tell you all about it today, but the fun bit is this....
It gave us a list of clothes we have to take.
"Toothbrush, toothpaste, brush/comb/. jammies, bearing suits, sunscreen, perhaps their favourite blankie and pillow (we do have little" homesick" cubs that first day or two and having their blankie does help)."

Well guess what, Granny said I have a little present for you. 
Da Da... out came these smashing budgie smuggler bear suits. I love the red colour, I could see my self surfing in those bear suits.
Have a look how smashing I look.
I wish you could see me Golly, I will have to send you a picture.

I wonder what Golly is having for supper.
Do you think it will be toast and peanut butter like me. I hope they know he doesn't like his warm milk too hot. " Granny they won't give him his milk hot will they".   Granny says they will look after him well and stop worrying.

 Granny says she has another surprise for me, if I stop crying tomorrow.
Something for camp. I will try not to cry, but sometimes my eyes just leak....
See you all next week.

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My thought for the week.
"Some people come into our lives and quickly go,
Some stay for awhile, leave foot prints on our hearts,
and we are never ever the same."


  1. Oh Wilbur, please don't cry. Golly needed you & Granny that day that you found him but isn't it wonderful that there is another family that loves him too. Just think how that makes him feel, very much loved.

    You got your letter from Camp too? Isn't this exciting. Oh, that red bearingsuit makes you look so handsome and muscular. Red is your color.

    Cheer up, my friend, let's start planning what we will take to camp. Do you have a camera?

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence (your bestest friend in the whole wide world)

  2. Awww, we're so sorry that Golly's gone, it's always hard when one of the Clan leaves too... But it's nice when they write and tell you of all their adventures, so you can look forward to that. We hope you have loads of fun at camp, Jack's off to Ireland with LT on Friday, he's the travelling bear of the hug. We can only imagine what he'll get up to...

  3. Oh, poor Wilbur... it´s so sad! I know: missing someone you love is one of the biggest pain people (or bears) can borne. But Golly isn´t so far away as you tought, cause he´s allways in your heart...
    loving hugs

  4. Wilbur, we know how much you're going to miss Gollie. We will too but he's going to be happy with his new family and he'll write often. Guess what?!? We got out letter from camp too. Isn't this exciting? We don't have bearing suits but will by the time we have to pack for camp. Will they be teaching us to swim do you think? You look very dashing in yours. Prudence is right. Red is your color.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. We are sorry Wilbur. Please don't cry anymore. It makes us so sad. Maybe you can write Golly a letter. you and Granny made Golly very happy. Now Golly is going to live with other Gollies which makes him so exra extra happy.

    Wilbur you sure do look beary handsome in your bearing red suit.. Be sure to bring your shoes to Bear Camp because we think you look so beary special in them.

    When you feel sad tell Granny you need a hug.

    We love you
    Sissy Bear
    Blossom and Sweet Pea

  6. Dear Wilbur:
    I am a new friend. I'm very good friends with Prudence Clearwater and she told me you are very sad about Golly moving to his new forever home.
    I think Granny is going to keep you very busy and camp is coming up, too. You look handsome in your new bearing suit.
    Miss Susan

  7. Dear Kay,

    Ohh..Kay this story and pictures are so lovely.
    I love your bears and dolls so much!
    You make them with you heart...

    Love from Marijke

  8. Oh wow a bear camp that sounds like a lot of fun! I'm sure you'll hear from Golly really soon! xx

  9. I love your beautiful outdoor photos Kay!! It's such a joy to visit your Blog!
    Lotsa hugs,

  10. Hi, my bestest friend in the whole wide world. Are you feeling better today? I am so worried about you and it hurts me that you are sad. Just remember that you and Granny are so important in Golly’s life. You gave him a wonderful home, an instant brother and a Granny.

    It’s okay to cry, Wilbur. But when you feel sad why not sit done and write Golly a letter. I bet he would love that – getting his very own mail.

    I’ll make you laugh – I was climbing up to the sink in the bathroom, I was stepping on the toilet and I slipped – SPLASH! Boy, that toilet water is COLD. Mom came running in and we started laughing so hard we both got the hiccups. (o:

    I love you Wilbur.


    That picture of you in your bearthing suit – you could autograph it and I bet all the little girlie bears would buy it. (o: I would (blushing).

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