Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Day of Fun and a Few Quarrels

 A Day Of Fun And A Few Quarrels

Granny was gardening because it was such a sunny day. So we were playing hide and seek in the garden.
WELL it WAS, such fun until I could not find Golly. He is so, so hard to find because he is BLACK.
Golly was hiding in the cupboard where Granny keeps her  spray.  All I could see was two tiny white dots that are Golly's eyes. He was so hard to find I thought it would be fun to shut him in.
So shut went the door, and I ran behind the bushes to see what would happen. Well what a whoose  Golly was. He was yelling" Let Me Out" "Let me out, Wilbur I won't play with you ever again." 
No way was I going to let him out,..... no way. Now I tell you a secret. If he was not a whoose  I might have let him out, so I just sat behind the bush. All I could hear was him banging on the wire. Eventually along came Granny and said in a very cross voice" You boys, you will be the death of me, now Golly get out of there."
She opened the door and out he popped. "Come inside both of you at once."
We were not allowed to play outside for the rest of the day, so we got the trucks and trains out.
 OF COURSE GOLLY HAD TO HAVE FIRST PICK. Spoilt brat. So he had the train; I really didn't mind. All was going well, when Golly was saying "Look out Wilbur,  the train is going to crash into you.
"Don't do that Golly, I don't want to crash." You are messing up my play. Grrrr annoying little so and so.
So he went away and did his own thing. I found a bunny Granny has not finished making, on the table and thought it would be so much fun to take bunny for a ride on my truck.

Until you know who, comes from no where and crashed the truck with bunny on. Oh dear....
Granny was not a happy chappy, when she found out we were playing with her unfinished bunny.
He didn't even have his tail on.

Oh well sometimes play is fun and sometimes if we don't listen to one another it goes wrong.
We had peanut paste on toast and a glass of hot chocolate for supper.

Then Granny read us a story about Bush Creatures. 
Do you all know what a Poteroo is? Well it is a tiny little animal a bit like a kangaroo.
We learnt about echindna's and snakes and lizards, all kind of things that live in the bush. 
Lights out. Time to sleep, I can still see golly is not asleep, his white eyes are still showing.
I give him a hug just encase he is frightened.

See you all next week.

 Thanks to all my friend for commenting on my blog.

 Thought of the week:
The poorest person is not one who doesn't have a cent,
but he doesn't have a dream.


  1. Hello from good old Europe !
    Just remind, dear Wilbur and Golly, that friendship is one of the sweetest and most valued things in the world. Friends might quarrel from time to time - that's life - but they must know that they love each other and they can count on each other nevertheless.
    I'm happy you "made peace" before you went to bed. You're good boys ! Big hugs to you and grandma from France

  2. Hi Wilbur, Hi Golly;

    Hey, you two play nice. Wilbur, remember Golly didn't have anybeary to love him when you found him crying in the park. Locking him up wasn't very brotherly, you know, some of us are ascared of dark, spooky places.

    Glad you two made up. Pleasant dreams, to Granny too.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. (Hey Kay, you have a ton of blank space to delete on this post at the bottom, or people won't see where to comment)

    Hey Wilbur, that was mean of you to shut Golly in, how would you like being shut up where you couldn't get out! Serves you right for being crashed into, and for being caught with the new bunny!


    The Clan and Jack

  4. welcome to the world, someone is hopping out. i guess the next day, you can bring Wilbur and Golly out for special training in running, otherwise they will left behind.
    to the real world, i think small kids ( of course we big kids ;P ) would love to hear your blog story: Wilbur the bear

  5. Hi Wilbur & Golly,

    We're glad the two of you made up before going to sleep. Mom says we should never go to bed angry with each other. One time the twins tossed Sampson into the baby doll's carriage and he couldn't get out and was yelling for us to rescue him. He's so small his voice isn't very loud so we pretended we couldn't hear him. When our mom found out she was angry with all of us. We felt pretty bad afterwards cause Sampson was angry with all of us too. Good thing he didn't stay angry for very long. Tell your granny that we like the looks of the new bunny, even without a tail.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Wilbur We think you just had a day of making not such good choices. Mama said we have lots of those. Being a good little bear is so hard sometimes. We know you love Golly because you gave him a hug!

    Tomorrow is another day and we think the two of you will be great friends again.

    Blossom and Sweet Pea

  7. Sleep well, you two dear ones - you've had a very eventful day.

  8. So jetzt hab ich es auch mal hierher geschafft und muß sagen eine tolle Seite. Habe sie auch gleich gespeichert, damit ich nichts mehr verpasse. Wünsche alles Gute und weiter so.
    -- Dirk --

  9. Hiya Wilbur and Golly,

    Some days we don't get along either and Mama Pea gets tired of hearing us yelling at each other or being mean to each other but we always make up at the end of the day like you and Golly did:-) It was funny though, how you closed Golly in that cupboard! hehe Wonder if that's why he kept crashing the train into you, to pay you back. Oh well, we're just glad you two are friends again.

    Lots of love and hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  10. Hi kay,

    I love your creations! I'm happy to inspire you to make a felted egg :o)

    Thank you so much for the sweet comments on my blog. I appreciate them all.


  11. Hi Wilbur and Golly,

    What a fun day you had and sorry about the quarrel. So glad that you are now friends again.
    Wishing you a happy weekend


  12. EVERYONE should have a Golly in their lives..don't you think? We have a and there..I need to ask Mom about that..I love hide and seek but mostly I love giving those dollies a bad time..(they irritate me but don't tell...ok?)


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