Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Christmas Decorations  At Last.
Wilbur was so happy Wednesday, the day finally arrived when Granny said we could get the decorations out,or rather DOWN, from the high, high cupboard. Then Granny had to get up and down the ladder many, many times.
I could not wait to open the box????? What is down the bottom.
Well ,you SEE, Granny's and my tree, is really a memory tree; so it probably would not win a contest for the most beautiful tree. BUT. We love it because of all the memories.
Granny carefully unfolds from the tissue a few little decorations that were her mothers. Can you see the little birds, and the funny red snow man that has seen better days. A little boot ,and a glass pine cone.
Granny just loves them because she can remember them on the tree they had when she was little girl.
Hmmmm!!! that must have been a hundred years ago!!!!
Then there are all the things her grandchildren have made for her, and some neighbours children; she knows where every one came from. See that lanky green elf, a 90 year old lady gave that to Granny.

Then of course there is the Christmas BOWS. Now, not many people would put these poor old bows on their tree. Granny does every year, because it reminds her, of the year she had to move from the family home, and didn't have any money, but still wanted to give the kids Christmas. She tells the story, that she went to a nursery , found the part where they throw out all the plants that were dying ,or looked a bit sick, and asked the man if she could buy it. He said " yes; although I can't guarantee it will grow." So she took it home, and watered it,and looked after it with much care. It was a funny shape, but that did not matter one little bit. Not having enough money to buy decorations, she bought the cheapest reel of ribbon and put bows all over the tree. She said it looked very pretty.  So every year we put some of those ribbons on the tree. Not to feel sad about the past; but to be grateful about where we are now.
All these little lead light bells have the name of every grandchild on, so they always have a special place on the tree.
Then of course no tree would be right with out candy canes.
This Nativity Set was Granny's mothers, she tells me the camel is a ring in. Well, I like it,so it stays.
OK ;WHO is this big White Fairy Floss Where did HE come from. Out of that BIG cupboard.
He looks kind of friendly so I guess he can stay.
HELP!! we have Two masked bears in our midst. I don't want them pinching MY stocking.
WHERE did they come from. They had big boofy heads, I said Granny they have to go....
I'm scared of them. They won't even look me in the eye.
My stocking is hanging right in the middle of the fireplace.
Do you think Santa will stop?
This big Santa that Granny made sits on our sideboard.

Then we always put out this Nativity set. Granny likes rustic; I think that is because she is a bit rustic.
Or old, or rusty, No! probably grey, and creaky is the word.
We both still love it no matter what. I keep looking in that little manger and wonder about that baby all those years ago.
It is dark now, and I wanted to have a look outside of our window to see what Santa looks like in the dark...
I'm happy, but Granny said, she washed her window last week and they still look a bit dirty.
I tell her, if people are looking at the Santa, they won't be looking at the dirt on her window.
What do you think ?

Oh! I do love it at night when the lights are turned on, can you see me climbing the ladder, I'm still working and putting the last bit of tinsel on.. Granny is calling out for me to go to bed.
It was a great day, I can go to bed and dream of all the beautiful decorations, and be thankful for everything we have.

See you all next week.

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  1. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh, what a wonderful story you shared. Christmas is about the Nativity. Traditions are the next most important things - the treasured memories that we hold in our hearts. Some are sad others are happy and still there will be new ones this Christmas.

    We love the story of your Christmas tree and your traditions. Thank you, Wilbur.

    Heaps of Hugs

    I am so thankful this Christmas that we have become friends. Kisses & Hugs.

  2. Dear Prudence, I'm glad you liked our Christmas story, we had lots of fun yesterday.
    Just think how lovely it is to have friends,especially you. My first Christmas on the Internet. what do they say LOL... (I used to think that meant lots of love until my grandson corrected me.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  3. Oooh, we like exploring all the different Christmas decorations from around the world - we HAVE to like it because it's all we're getting until it's time to go down to LT's mum and dad's house (well, except the handful of Christmas koalas and kangaroos that LT brought back from Australia a few years ago) Hmph. Anyway, play nicely with the Christmas bears and critters, we're off to play with the koala dressed as a reindeer...


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Hi the Clan and Jack. Did you get your Koala's and Kangaroo's up today,I would love a photo.
    I try and play nicely, I just didn't like those hooded guy's. They looked creepy.

    Christmas hugs

  5. Just lovely....I love the camel, I have a camel in my nativity too Wilbur..I think all nativities need a camel for the wise men to ride on...Have you ever ridden on a camel Wilbur?

  6. No; I will leave that to the wise men. Although I'm quite wise and I wouldn't go by camel, I would use a horse.

  7. Hi Wilbur,
    Your Christmas decorations are beautiful and becasue of the memories they bring even more beautiful. Your granny is like our mom in that they like the memories that different things hold for them. Our mom has a snowman cookie jar she got all excited about when she found it in a box of Christmas dishes. We didn't think it was so special cause it didn't have any cookies in it. We keep checking it and it still doesn't have any cookies. We love how your tree looks all decorated.
    Bellamine and Wendy

  8. Hi Wilbur,

    WOW, now I don't feel so stupid, I thought LOL meant lots of love too. It takes a teddy bear to always "assume" there is love in everything.
    (o: Aren't we glad to be teddy's? YES!!!

    I'm off to get a cookie and a cup of hot chocolate(with just a drop of honey). Giggle


  9. Oh Wilbur... thanks for sharing these memories! I had tears in my eyes, I laughed and I was thoughtful... A great christmas decoration doesn´t have to be expensive to be beautyful, it just have to bee full of memories and love!!!

    But now I got a question, (maybe I haven´t understand all because my bad English) ....
    Is this a photo of your christmas tree from last year or did you positioned your christmas tree just jet? Is this a normaly rite in Australia to positione the christmas tree so early in December? In Germany we postitione the tree not until the 24th of december. Sorry, for my silly question but I´m nosily now.....


  10. Bellamine and Wendy, Tell your mum life is not worth living if the cookie jar is empty. Tell her you will help with the cooking. Oh! may be not that might put her off cooking forever, and ever.

    Prudence, I think that is why our tummies are so round. They are full of love and Hugs. It wouldn't have anything to do with how many cookies we eat, would it?
    Hugs Wilbur

    Melli, your English is good. We decorate our tree early in Australia, and have our tree up all of December. So our twinkling lights are on every night. It is very pretty. Although nothing as nice as it would be in Germany, with the lovely snow.
    Christmas Hugs

  11. I loved hearing about your Christmas traditions Wilbur and your tree is very beautiful and special, with all the happy memories attached.
    Please give Granny a big hug and wish her a 'very happy Christmas' from me! xx

  12. Granny K from far away, I have given Granny a great big smoosh just from you. She says thanks, but now has to get the tea towel to wipe her face..Ha Ha.

  13. Aww so cute! I wish I could get my bears to help with the decorating!

    Hugsm Kelly

  14. Hi Wilbur,
    You did a great decoration for Christmas! Christmas tree is beautiful! I also plan to soon and decorate my house.
    Now can not wait snow.
    Do you have snow in winter or not?

  15. Hi Kelly,
    We love hearing from you. Tell those little bears to get their furry butts off the lounge and help you. It is fun.
    Hugs Wilbur

    Hi Bonetta,
    WE want snow, snow , snow. It has never snowed at our house. Now you know I don't like wearing pants! But just may be I woukld wear long john's if it was really cold.

  16. Kay! Those decorations are so precious!! Taking them out must be one of the best parts of Christmas!! I just loved seeing them!!
    Much love!

  17. You are so kind Donna. I just love unwrapping them and holding all the memories close to my heart again.

  18. What an entertaining post and such cute bears you have! Thanks so much for stopping by and have a delightful weekend.

    Christmas blessings,

  19. Hi Kay,
    Unfortunately there are not only nice people in this world. And with my post, I can make a lot of attention to it.

    I wish you a merry Christmas.

    Best regards


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