Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cooking and The Brown Paper Pie

Granny and I made rum balls this week. The recipe made 110, so we have lots to give to friends.
Here they are getting their white chocolate on the top.
We had to ice holly on the top to make them look pretty.
A friend gave Granny this very easy recipe:
Buy 2 cheap dark fruit cakes from Coles or Woolworth crumble the two cakes up into a large bowl.
Splash some Rum, Brandy, Sherry or what ever you like over the cake crumbs. Melt 1 block of Copha and pour over the crumbs, and mix well.
Let it cool a little and then roll into balls with wet hands, so they don't get sticky. Leave on baking paper until they firm up. Then dip in melted white Chocolate. Ice holly on top. or put a little bit of glace' cherry.
How easy is that.
Then every year, Granny could not have Christmas without making hoards of shortbread's.
She make boxes and boxes full. All the family need a box each. She puts them in pretty celephane bags to give to friends, plus the grand kids eat a lot. Of course I don't eat any.....???? hmmm I know they are yummy.
Then their is the Christmas cake that has been soaking in brandy for a month.
I might get woozy, snossled, woooonky if I eat this cake.
Granny makes little one, big ones and some as big as my head..Ha Ha
Oh dear it is a busy week, but this part I love.
I write Christmas cards to all my friends, and Granny has a lot of friends she likes to write to. There are some people we only hear from at Christmas so it is special to write them a note. Then it is such a thrill to hear what they have been up to in the year.
I must NOT get INK on my fur Granny says.
Now there is the Brown Paper Pie.
Granny think we must be the only ones to have this tradition of the brown paper pie.
Every year Granny shops for a little trinket that is suitable for each person that will be at the Christmas table.
It might be a bracelet for a little girl, or earings for the girls, may be a pen for a man in the office or a little sheep if they were a farmer. Just something tiny. She wraps the parcels up and ties a very long ribbon to the 
Then all the parcels go in the pie dish, and the ribbons with each persons name comes out the top of the pie, to their place at the table. At the beginning of the meal we pull the pie. It's great fun.
Granny said her mother used to always do it, so that is why she still does it.
Now this pie is not the real one, because Granny has not finished buying for every one yet. Plus our pie needs to be much, much bigger. So I helped her wrap these make out presents, to show you.
May be you could tell me of some of your traditions. I would love it if it involved LOLLIES.

Granny is baking again I must go and lick the spoon.
See you all next week.
Hugs Wilbur.


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  1. I have never had rum balls before they look so good. Loved seeing all the goodies.

  2. They are yummy Joanne,I would make you a cup of coffee and a rum ball if you visited.
    Hugs Granny

  3. I have done the brown paper pie after you telling me about it,, I used a box instead as the family was large that was great fun....we called it the giving box......tradtions like that are wonderful...

  4. I'm glad you gave it a try. I hope your family continue the tradition.
    Wilbur want to pull the pie.

  5. ...mmm how delicious, Christmas is coming soon...

  6. yes Kristine, it is coming too soon. Do you know the saying, Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. Please put a penny in the old man's hat.
    My Grandfather used to sing that to us as children.

  7. Was für schöne Leckereien. Hmmm, die Kugeln sehen soooo lecker aus.
    Wir wünschen Euch einen schönen 3. Advents-Sonntag
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  8. Heike, thanks so much for stopping by. I would love to share the rum balls with you. may be one for Henry as well.

  9. Ooh, we think you're going to have some very merry fat friends this Christmas :oD Our cake has been getting dosed in brandy for nearly 2 months now, we'll be merry right along with you ;o)


    Katy, The Clan and Jack

  10. We're busy with baking cookies and fancy breads and candies. The rum balls look really good. Maybe next year they'll be added to our list of goodies to make. Only two more weeks and we'll be opening gifts and enjoying the holiday. Hugs

  11. kay, i haven't try homemade rum cakes before, sounds easy for new comers and short breads are my favourite. how lucky are being your friends, im feeling hungry now :P

  12. Hi Wilbur,

    Wow, Granny is quite a baker. Those rum balls look yummy, but don't eat too many or you will have a "hangbearover" and that isn't good.

    Have a fun day and give your Granny a hug from us.


  13. Thanks for your messages, Katy, Maddyrose, Susana, and Prudence, I do hope all that grog in the baking won't send me into a wizz.

  14. Oh I do love rum balls & that recipe sounds great. I don't think I could get them looking as good as Grannies though. I love the pie idea. All I remember as a Christmas tradition was the pudding with the three-pences in it (showing my age)& of course the mistletoe hanging in the hallway!

  15. Now Joolz, of course I can't remember three-pences, but Granny can. She still puts them in the pudding and then she swaps the money for a gold one. I think I will have to have lots of serves to get a bit of doe.

  16. Wow !! It all looks YUM your Granny is so busy how do you keep up with her?

    We had the same Tradition of the Three-Pences in the pudding. My brother swallowed quite a few in his hast for seconds :0) Love the idea of the Brown Paper Pie might have to give it a go this year.

    A Beary Merry Christmas to All

  17. Thank you so much for your comments Lyn. We love
    to hear stories of other family's.
    Hugs Wilbur and Granny.

  18. Hi Kay,

    Many thanks for visiting me and was great to discover your blog.
    You have been very busy with all your delicious looking baking. Looks like your sweet bear is helping out with the cards.

    Have a happy week

  19. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks so much for coming to visit us at out blog. We have been busy, but love every minute.
    We loved your bears and home made things.
    Hugs Wilbur and Granny.

  20. Wow all your baked goods look simply scrumptious! and that brandy cake, well it has it's side benefits huh? LOL

  21. Hi Jody, Thanks for stopping by. We can't wait to taste that cake with all the brandy in.
    I hope your treat tins are also full this Christmas time.
    Hugs Wilbur and Granny

  22. Dear Kay,

    What is this a very lovely post..
    It's Christmastime on your blog.
    And I love al this pictures and story about Wilbur..

    Lover from Marijke

  23. Yes Marijke, It is Christmas in my home. I have my stocking hung, the tree is decorated and the cookie jars are full.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  24. Yummy! thanks for the lovely comments.

  25. Ciao cara Adelaide,

    Le ricette che scrivi fanno ingrassare solo a leggerle ! grazie gnam..gnam....buonissimi dolci !



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