Sunday, November 13, 2011

WILBUR said;
The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the bee's were buzzing and the ducks quaking.
Granny and me went to Brown Hill Creek reserve to see the ducks.
It was such a beautiful day, I thought I might go yabbying, or fishing.
 If I could grab that branch I could swing myself out and dive bomb into the river and swim.
Granny yells." NO! NO! don't do that Wilbur, I didn't bring a towel."
OK that is fine I will try and catch Yabbies then. I sat in the sun, and watched the world go by.
 Well it gets a bit boring for a bear, if you don't catch anything in the first five minutes, so I went exploring.

Wow!!!!!! Where does this tunnel go. May be it is the secret tunnel to the pirates ship.
I had wobbly legs so I went looking for more adventure.

 This bridge looks exciting, What is over the other side.
I love these pretty ducks.If I sat on a rock in the middle of that big roaring river do you think they might come up to me?

Here ducky, ducky
"Granny they won't come close!!" "Can I have some bread please?"
What, I DON'T BELIEVE IT." You came to the park without any bread???"
Can you believe it there would be NO one that comes to the park with out bread.
Here duck, duck!!!! Just no luck with the ducks.

Oh man, I have to put up with a forgetful Granny.

We both found the swings, I was flying so high, I felt like a bird.
"I'm whispering"
Granny was toooooo Heeeaavy to go very high.
Then we found the game 0 and X 's es, I got the cross row first. 
I'm the Winner.
"Did you hear that Granny I won. Ha, Ha."
Wow, I could get quite used to the playground. The ducks wouldn't come up to me so I found one to ride in.
Then we saw a Kangaroo see saw. It was a bit big, but it was fun.
It looks a long way down to the water. "Granny do you think there would be a fish in there."
We were going home when Granny frightened me by jumping out behind a tree and saying Booo!
So I frightened her by popping out this hole.

Oh look what I found.I climbed this tree and found a hollow, I think something lives down there.
May be a bird, may be a possum,  may be a fairy, may be a BAT,,,,, I hope not. I can't hear humming so it wont be bee's.
May be a DINOSAUR!!!!!!
OOH! I'm going home before I find out.
I don't want to know ; I've got the heeby geeby's.
I will have supper of warm milk and peanut butter on toast.
See you all next week I'm pooped!!!!!!

Roses for you all this week.

"If ant's are so hard working why do they always
turn up at picnic's."


  1. What a really great bear adventure!
    I´m also very excited what a fantastic weather you have in November!!
    I´m very glad you leave the park before a dinosaur plops out the hollow!
    Hugs Melli
    PS: Sorry for my very bad English. I learned it at school but that was about 10000 years ago!

  2. watch out Wilbur, don't let your paws wet.
    and thanks, Kay, those roses are wonderful. I am glad that the weather at your side is brilliant with lots of sunshine...

  3. Hi Melli,
    You must be very old if it was a thousand years ago that you learned English. Ha Ha You do very well. Thanks so much for your comment.
    Wilbur and Granny

    Hi Susana,
    Yes the weather in November is usually nice. Lots of sunshine and flowers in the garden.
    Come and live down here for the summer.
    Wilbur and Granny

  4. Whew, that looks like a really grand adventure for a bear, and lots of new friends to make. Can't believe granny forgot a towel AND bread though, we think you need new mates to take you to the park!


    The Thistle Patch Clan and Jack

  5. Katy, I know Granny is getting forgetful, but this took the cake, forgetting the Towel and the bread. She will forget to take me next. Perhaps us bears need to go on picnics by ourselves. That way we would never forget ANY THING.......

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    We loved reading about your adventure in the park and seeing the pictures. That big hole in the tree was scary and we're glad nothing came out of it while you were there. Your granny and our mom sound so much alike. Our mom is always forgetting stuff but she would probably remember to bring the bread if we went to a park where there were ducks.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Hi Wilbur,

    What's Yabbies? Looks like you had a grr-eat adventure.

    I was busy with M, yesterday we were at a craft show and this weekend I have been working at M's stall at the online craft show.

    See ya next Sunday.


  8. Dear dear Wilbur,

    Ohhh...what a great adventure..
    it's have a beautiful day!
    And the roses of the end of this post are so beautiful...thank you lovely Wilbur.


  9. Thank you Maddyrose, Prudence, and Marijke, for you lovely words. It was a beautiful day. Perfect if it wasn't for Granny forgetting things.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  10. Poor Abby. When I'm awake, she is usually up with me. She saw this post and went off wailing that "why don't I ever get to go to the park!" Sometimes....just sometimes...goodness!!

    Now I've gone and made her promises I will have to keep.
    I wonder if just giving her a ride in the wagon would work. NO. guess not...

  11. Abby my dear, just get your mum to take you to the park, I had the best time. If it wasn't for Granny leaving the bread behind, it could have been even better.
    I want to know, What do you think lived in that hollow of the trees? We don't have squirrels in Australia .
    Hugs Wilbur.

  12. I just like your toys! :)But my name is Violetta.

  13. Violetta, It is so nice that you enjoy Wilburs adventures. Thank you.

  14. Браво!!!Классная прогулка!!!Медвежонок развлёкся!!!


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