Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wilbur goes to the Quilt and Craft fair.
WOW!!! that bear is sure BIG.
You all know I'm a big bear, well just look at this guy. Granny said she is happy she doesn't have to buy Honey for him.

It was the Quilt and craft fair, and Granny said I could go because "Teddy's and Friends" were having a
 20 th birthday party.
How could I give up the opportunity to have birthday cake.
Sure looks yummy. with Jaffas on top.
 This is a friend of Granny's that makes Lace.Hu HUm You all know how I feel about lace.
Well Coral showed me all these coloured sticks and she puts them Here and There and Every where.
Then is comes out lace. I'm sure I could get the hang of it if I tried.
This picture is from the Lace makers Guild of South Australia.
Next we looked at the "Hand knitters Guild of South Australia.
Well you know who, just could not help herself, in  getting me to try on a frilly pink hat.
All the ladies thought it looked lovely. Phew!!!!!! Was I glad when Granny said
I could take it off. 
You know us bears,  we just have to do things...... to please our Mums and Granny's sometimes.
This was more like it. They had a Christmas tree that had all knitted decorations on it. 
Now I just new you would want me in front of it. (Come to think, you can't see much of the tree).
Oh well; I think I look very handsome.
Now this was more my style. They had machinery. Boy teddies are very good with machinery.

Look it has a light so you can see!A  wheel and a thigumy jig that goes up and down.
I was getting my own demonstration. I felt very important.
Granny kept saying don't put your paw under the needle, you will cry ; it hurts so much if the needle stabs you.
WELL just look how close the instructor has her hands to the needle.

The Australian Rug makers guild had some lovely fluffy rugs and baskets.
Now get this??????!!!!! they said it was all made out of rags.
I can't see Granny's old knickers going to make a rug. OH! NO!
Please get me away from here quickly.

This is some photos of "Teddy bears and friends"  stall that Granny helped out on.
They sold Raffle tickets for Animals Asia, and The Starlight foundation.
Plus they had lucky dips for the children.

These rabbits and Pandas made friends with me, we kept telling that cook to make honey biscuits for us
to keep us happy.
Bye friends, I had a lovely time at the party with you.
You know who!!!! some one that starts with G ... not me... Is getting tired and needs to go home.

 When we got home Granny made warm milk for me with honey in. YUM.
Plus toast with peanut butter.
I'm a happy camper, and off to bed.
See you all next week.
 Hugs Wilbur.

It is always lovely to have friends drop by
We were so glad to have Violetta Velichko to visit us
 She has a blog called Blooming Valley. Take a look.

"Kindness is the language 
which the deaf can hear,
and the blind can see."


  1. Wilber, Abby says to tell you that if you're so smart..go ahead. Lets see you make some of that lace!
    Don't pay any attention to her..she didn't have her nap today!
    I saw lace made once..and it's fantastic! You don't like lace?? Really? Shhh..don't tell Abby! She LOVES lace!

  2. Mona, tell Abby its a girl thing. She can like lace, for me it's tractors and cars and boy stuff. You know oily, dirty, sweaty boy stuff.

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    I see you know my bestest friend, Abby & Miss Mona. They are beautiful and have wonderful hearts.

    Well we all know about your sweet tooth - I see you found cake right away.

    Lace making is an art and it looks like you enjoyed watching some being made. (o:

    Loved the party pictures. What's better then being surrounded by "kin". (o:

    Heaps of Hugs

  4. Hi Wilbur,
    We've never been to a show like the one that you were at. We hope you had a good time and that you got to have some of that birthday cake. It looked good. We don't like lace but our mom does. She says she isn't a girly girl but she likes lace. It looks like you made a bunch of new friends.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. Hi my sweetest Prudence,
    When a group of us furry kind get together, we have a ball. Especially when there is cake involved.
    Of course I had to check out the cake first, that is where my nose took me.

    Hi there Bellamine and Wendy,
    It is always good to hear from you.
    I had the best time and made lots, and lots of friends. You know the furry kind.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  6. Oh man, we're glad we didn't have to share the cake with that big guy, he would have come away with a FAR bigger slice! Mind you, between us we reckon we could have taken him...

    We're not convinced by the hat either, and as for granny's knickers *shudder* The rest of the toys look fun, but yes, LT keeps playing with those sewing machine things, and the needles go at crazy speeds!


    The Thistle Patch Clan & Jack

  7. Wow Wilbur! That's quite a party! I hope you didn't get a belly ache from eating to much?

  8. Hi LT, I tell you the thought of Granny's knickers made into a rug, sent me into a spin I tell you.

    Ron, about that belly ache. I try very hard, to just leave enough room for warm milk and peanut butter on toast for tea.

  9. Hi Wilbur,
    thanks for the nice story and pictures about the fair. You looks so happy and we think, you had a wonderful day.
    Heike & Henry

  10. Hi Heike and Henry,
    Thanks for reading my story, I did have a very wonderful day.

  11. Hay Wilbur,

    Wauw...this is a great party!
    It's amazing those pictures
    And your friends are so lovely Wilbur.
    What a great post is this.

    Love from Marijke

  12. Thank you for your note Marijki,
    I had the best time with my furry friends at the party. I don't think I have any invites this weekend. I need to check my appointment book.

  13. Kay, the party sounds like so much fun!
    I especially love the last quote and dear picture.
    Hugs all the way from Virginia, USA.

  14. Dear Donna, I love that quote as well.
    Big Hugs across the water from the Land Down Under.
    Wilbur and Granny

  15. Abby here. Listen..about that pink ruffled hat. You wanna toss it over here? It's not that you didn't look "ok" in it...but I would rethink that entire thing if I were you.
    Oh..that about the needle? Well..that person was an "instructor"..and she sort of...oh heck! Just you wait until that needle goes through HER finger!! Then she will listen to Granny! Ho! *walks off nodding head up and down*
    Hi Wilbur and Granny. I'll sign off for Abby. She gets like that sometimes..all carried away. I have NO idea where she gets that behavior.

  16. My dear Abby,
    The next time Granny try's a pink hat on me, I will tell her straight away to parcel it up and send it to you. I don't know why, she forgets I'm a boy. I like boy stuff. You know get dirty stuff.

  17. Wilbur is a very outgoing bear, i love to follow his steps of traveling here and there. I am sure he's smart, he is so patient to learn, especially our fav. craft. You got a good boy, Kay!

  18. Oh Susana, I have got a good boy. I wouldn't trade him for the world. Although some times, just some times he drives me a bit silly.
    We are lucky to have such a wonderful hobby.
    Hugs Wilbur and Granny


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