Sunday, November 20, 2011

 November is Purple
and it Heralds Christmas.
Granny loves November, because her world goes purple. The Jacaranda trees in the street are ablaze with colour, and she ooo's and arrrs, every time she goes out the door.
This is a picture of our street in November.
She even put a purple bow around my neck, and put a hat on my head that she "Thinks" is purple, I think she is colour blind. Don't you think it is blue? Oh well we do have to make excuses for Granny sometimes.
These petunias, are really mauve not purple but near enough. Then there are the agapanthus, the lavender.
Granny said it was  toooo many pictures to take them all.
Oh I hope those ducks don't come and bite my you know what while I sit here.
When I look out of my front window this is what I see. Now what words start with"P"  peanut butter, pumpkins, peaches, pashing,(Ha Ha) Pushing (the broom that Granny rides on when she is mad.) please don't tell her I said that. 

Granny got a lump in her throat, (now that is what she said.) how do you get a lump in your throat unless you eat something. Well what made her get this lump thing, is because two little dancing fairy girls picked these flowers and gave them to her. She loved them.
OK someone has to watch out for the Postman. I would rather be out there with my green scarf on.

At TEDDY and FRIENDS yesterday the theme was chocolate bears or Bears EATING chocolate.
Well, I was not going to stay home for that meeting. 
This is a basket full of Humphrey bears, that are chocolate colour. NO! I don't think I will sit with them.....
Now these are insy winsy chocolate bears.I won't sit with them, they would just annoy me climbing all over me for the entire meeting.

This chocolate bear looks very impressive, look at all his badges! To tell you the truth, I think he has got a biscuit tin just making out it's chocolate. No I won't sit with him.

OK; I have found a very, very good friend I would like to sit with all day. She is into sharing so that's good.

I had a wonderful afternoon, and I don't know why I am not very hungry now it's supper time.
I told Granny, I will only have half a slice of peanut butter for supper.She thinks I am sick.
"I'm not telling her why". Don't you tell either. Promise!!!!.........

See you all next week.


You can never have enough friends.
Robin and Gabriele from GJOYFUL Bears have joined Wilbur's followers.
Have a look at their site GJOYful
They have lovely bears.


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh, your secrets are safe with me. But the remark about the broom - be careful little friend, be careful.

    Such lovely pictures, and so much purple. That is M's favorite color too.

    Have fun & have a great day.


  2. Dear Prudence.
    You are so kind to write me notes. I'm glad you can keep a secret. About the broom! Every thing was happy today, she didn't ride it once.
    Big Hugs

  3. Hi Wilbur,
    Did you know that purple is Wendy's favorite color too? It is pretty and it's no wonder your granny loves it so much this time of year where you live. We on the other hand have mostly white to look out at and it's too cold for us to go anywhere so we stay indoors and play and eat lots of peanut butter and honey on muffins or toast. We get to have chocolate only once a week. Looks like granny needs new glasses as your hat looks blue to us too.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Wilbur,

    Don't let your Gran read that, you know Christmas is is just around the corner and you don't want to be on the naughty list.

    If you need help, I will put in a good word for you. We are best friends - and best friends help each other. (o:

    I love you, Wilbur.


  5. Dear Bellamine and Wendy,
    What is it that these oldies like purple, I don't get it!!!!!! As far as glasses are concerned, I think she does need a new pair. My peanut butter is never spread thickly enough. I keep telling her that I need more on the toast, she just says that is enough. OBVIOUSLY she can't see.
    I would love to make a snowman at your house.

  6. Dear Prudence,
    I think she needs glasses, so hopefully she won't be able to read it.Ha, Ha.
    That is a job I will do today, write my Christmas list. Goooooody.

  7. Oooh, we like all the purple, jacaranda trees are so pretty (we get less excited by lavender as we can get that here :oD ) We can definitely understand not wanting to miss the chocolate based fair though, we're have been right on in there!


    The Clan and Jack

  8. Remember those flowers were for 'princess' granny Kay.......xx

  9. To the Clan and Jack,
    Some of me says I wish you were here to share the chocolates and just a little naughty part of me says, I'm glad you were not here, all the MORE for me.

  10. To my two little fairy's thank you so much for the flowers, and I know you were so kind in saying I'm a princess, and I did TRY to dance like a fairy. Some how I think I failed the dancing class. I love you both.

  11. Hi Wilbur, wir glauben Dir gwerne, dass Du einen wunderschönen Nachmittag hattest.
    Und Eure Straße sieht mit den Lila blühenden Bäumen wundervoll aus. Solche Bäume kennen wir garnicht.
    Und pass bitte auf, wenn Du auf dem Gartenzaun herumkletterst, damit Du nicht runter fällst.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  12. Ohhh...Kay this post is amazing!
    This lovely tree's with purple is so lovely!
    And Wilbur with his hat is so cute.

    Wishing you happinessssssss..

  13. Hi Henry, I did hang on to the fence very tightly.Granny tells me not to climb so high when I climb trees.
    Yes my street does look pretty at this time of the year, Granny is happy, she loves it.
    Hug Wilbur

    Dear Marijke,
    We are so lucky to see such beauty at our front door. Although Granny gets me to help her sweep up the dead flowers when they drop.
    Well she sweeps and I hold the dust pan.


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