Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Christmas Market.
Granny went to her last market of the year. It was the Marion Market. I thought there might be Christmas stuff there, so guess who tagged along. ME.
First thing I saw was a Christmas tree. Wow !I like this; maybe the man in the red suit will be around here some where.
There were lots of decorations, with sparkly stuff on them. (Quite pretty) 
Now this is more like it. Chocolate Cherry ripe, Chocolate apricots, candy mango. and every thing yummy.
I like this stall. I just thought I would stay awhile and sample every thing. NO! I get hauled off and Granny said I must learn manners and NOT be greedy. Hmmf.
I really like these people, they raise money to prevent cruelty to animals. Granny wouldn't let anyone be cruel to me, or any animal.
This stall is called" Material Treasures"
I am discussed Granny thought it would be good to buy a bag to carry me around in. "Carry me around"
what on earth is she thinking. A bear like me has only ONE form of transport and that is in Granny's ARMS.
Well I could get this box to put cookies in for Granny for Christmas, and then I'm sure she would Share MOST of them with me!!!!!!get the jist.
I know, I know Granny was trying to take a photo of the lovely silver jewellery, but I thought she would love a photo of me with a bright scarf on.
Now have I every told you about Granny's hands when she gets out in the garden... You wouldn't want to know! They get so rough that when she pats me at night if I have a dream, I think I'm getting clawed by a lion.
Definitely hand cream is on the list for Granny's present.
Which one!!! How can a bear tell. This one is called Heavenly Cream. Well that sounds good, I might think I am in Heaven when Granny hugs me.
This was Granny's favourite stall, it was all white and looked so pretty. They had lovely clay tags to put on presents.
Can you see the little fairy lights.

You guessed it. The best time of the day CUP CAKE TIME.
Can you guess what flavour I had.  Not hard to guess.  Caramel Chocolate of course.
 I found a stocking with Smarties in, now that looks OK.
"Granny save me!" This looks like a bush ranger. Made of all different wood.

I SAT on Father Christmases knee. Can you believe that.
He said I had to hurry and tell him what I wanted because I was toooooo heavy. He did have a lovely sack of toys ,and he had a very kind face. Some how I thought he would have been a bit bigger.
Never mind I whispered what I wanted in his ear so Granny wouldn't hear.

I came home as happy as I could be, I saw Father Christmas. I'm sure I will dream about him tonight.
Peanut butter and Honey sandwich and off to bed.
See you all next week.

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  1. It´s always such a pleasure to see and read your adventures Wilbur. I think you really had a great day but I can´t understand why your Granny thinks you´ve got to learn manners and not be greedy! You´re such a extremely honest and well-bred bear... I´m sure Santa has a big "GOOD" notice in his golden book behind "Wilbur"

    You selected fantastic presents for your Granny! I´m sure she´ll love it like she loves you!

    Have a great christmas time!

    PS: As always, sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand what I mean ;-)

  2. Well we think you might be too heavy for Santa's knee because of all the yummy things you keep stopping to sample ;o) Still, we like the look of the pressie list, sounds like the hand cream should be top of the list!


    The Clan and Jack

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Yes, we feel the same way about animals - ALL animals.

    Looks like you had a great day at the market. And you even found prezzies for your Granny.

    Have a good week, are you and Gran putting up your Christmas tree this week? Maybe you could post a picture. (o: As you know, we love Christmas trees here - good grief, Mom is out of control.


  4. Thanks girls for writing to me. I'm glad you agree the hand cream would be good. I'm looking forward to a much smoooooother year next year.
    Do you all think I will be in the Good Book for Santa.?

    Prudence we are putting our tree up this week, so I will certainly post some pictures next week.

  5. You certainly had a great day, Wilbur! I love checking out your weekly adventures. Granny is so clever with her blog, isn't she?
    Kayzy xx
    P.S. See you this arvo!

  6. Hi Kayzy,
    Some times I just have to give Granny a hand on her blog. When that happens, there are two of us that don't know what we are doing.

  7. Teddy Bears are loved and admired by kid's of all ages. Teddy bears have been around for more than hundred years. In these years, teddy bears have explored the entire world and gained popularity among people of almost every age group.

  8. Oh Jessica, how we love our Teddy Bears, and I know children and adults have been loving them for over 100 years.
    I hope you love me to Jessica.

  9. Hi Wilbur,
    Looks like you had another fun adventure. We don't live where there are many fairs so you're lucky you and your granny get to go to so many. I think our mom could use some of that hand cream. She has really rough hands cause paper mache clay makes them very dry. We can't wait to see your Christmas decorations. We love decorations and presents and candy and cupcakes and pretty lights and little animals like puppies and kitties and real bears and bunnies and..... We love Christmas.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  10. Hi Bellamine and Wendy, my two North Pole friends. I tell you PLEASE get hand cream for your mum. Think of the smooooth hugs we will get next year.
    Christmas Hugs


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