Sunday, October 23, 2011

What do you want first, the good or the bad.
Well I will give you the bad first because there really is a good part to the day, and I like reading good things before I go to sleep
I know you won't be able to read this news clipping that got something spilt on it. I was so MAD, did you hear that MAD.....  Granny has a dear friend at the market that gets a paper from England.
Well! a lady called Viv Endecott was going to have a stall at a market in Bournemouth, Dorset..
She was going to sell my best friends GOLLIES , and she was asked not to sell them because  someone might take offence. Take offence! I take offence at my friends the Gollies,  not being able to give love and comfort to little children who find gollies warm, cuddly, comforting, and a friend to them as well as to all of us  fur teddies.
Can you believe at the end of the article they said "The golly was adopted by Enid Blyton in her Noddy books as a badly behaved and often criminal figure.
Can you believe a Golly being a CRIMINAL.
I have never EVER  heard of so much rubbish about our most loved toy the Golly.
I was crying so much the tears spilt on the page Granny wanted to copy onto this page.
Now I have got that off my chest I can tell you all about the GOOD news.

The good news is we had some little gollies at our market. have a look at the golly coat hanger.

Can you see I love all these guys so much.

Naomi, gave up running our market last month. We all LOVE her very much and say a big THANK YOU for all she did. Wow, her daughters a bit of a dish as well.
I told you there was GOOD things that happened as well. Smell those Christmas cakes, that was very good.
This little girl came and grabbed  me, and nearly ran off with me she loved me so much. I was sitting quietly
and a  full on hug and run, by this very cute little girl. Granny had to run after me and tell the little girl she could come back to the market next month and have another hug.
How do I look in a dinosaur tail?

Wow my little heart went boomity boom when I was given two Christmas presents so early.
Leanne gave me two teddy coasters for me to put my glass of  milk on. The other one is for golly when he joins me .

Then Margie gave me a lovely sign for me to hang up so Santa won't forget to stop at my place.
Now that warms the cockles of my heart.
I LOVE it.

So now I can go to bed happy, knowing all the little Dolls, Teddies and Gollies no matter what colour, will be cuddled and loved.
I have a smile on my face now.
See you all next week.

Welcome to our Blog we hope you enjoy reading about what Wilbur gets up to.
We picked this flower from our garden just for you both.

Tracey Feeger of
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  1. How very odd, I've never heard of a golly ban before - even Merrythought sells them!

    Nothing like a full on hug-and-run to perk up your day, and I think that dino tail would be very you for halloween... Cute wee goodies too!

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Mom says there are people who like to stir up trouble and love to hear themselves talk and like to bully other people. That's what those people in the news paper article where all about. It's sad there are people like that in the world. Just so you know, we love gollies too and we know they're good and need to get hugs, who doesn't?
    It looks like you had a splendid time again and you even got some wonderful pressies. Lucky bear.

    Hugs from your friends at the NP,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  3. Thanks Katie, the hug and run was great, although I was quite glad when Granny rescued me. I just don't know what gets into some people.
    Big Hugs

    Hi Belamine and Wendy,
    We won't talk about those silly people any more will we. We al just say 3 cheers for our golly friends.
    Tuckered out tonight. I can't wait to get into my snuggley bed.

    Big Hugs

  4. That picture of the sweet little girl is what being a teddy is all about. You do your job well.

  5. Hi Wilbur,

    Tis a sad world these days. Gollies have been around for ages - and are so popular and collectable. Sad, sad, world. We teddy bears are so kind and gentle....TEDDY BEARS RULE (sure wish we did).

    Christmas prezzies? Now? Wow, what a lucky teddy bear you are.

    So glad Granny ran after you after being bearnapped by a little kid.

    Heaps of Hugs, see ya next Sunday, Wilbur. Hugs to your Gran too.


  6. Thanks Joanne, I really could feel that little girls love. Although I really could not think of living anywhere else but with Granny.
    Hugs Wilbur.

    OK Prudence, If ruling the world was left up to the furry kind, we would spread love every where we went.
    I have my sign hanging on my bike which I ride most days. I'm sure I will get a visit from Santa now.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  7. Wilber is such a SWEETHEART! I am new to "Gollies" so have no clue what is going on. They certainly are little cuties though. the way..Abby is a real she comes so I gotta go.
    Abby's Mom

  8. Thanks for reading my blog Mona and Abby. I can't believe you are a hand -ful Abby. Furry creatures are full of love even though sometimes we muck up. I'm running a mile at the moment Granny is about to colour her hair. I DON'T want my golden fur altered at all.

  9. We have gollies here in the uk. I had one when I was little, made of printed velvet and I loved him.

  10. Hello Wilbur,
    Thanks for visiting...come over and read my Funny Friday post...the other one was supposed to be posted last Friday...I've moved it back there now.

  11. Hi Wil,
    I will come over every Friday and see what has been happening in your house in the past week.
    Does your mum spoil you?

  12. Well what a load of hogwash ... fancy banning gollies, some people must have nothing better to do than complain!!! All this "political correctness" is just going too far ... I think the world is going down right crazy!!

    Good to see you getting plenty of lovin' Wilbur and pressies too! Give your mum a hug and have a lovely weekend together.

  13. Thanks a whole bunch Sandi. I'm glad you feel like I do.
    We have just had fancy cupcakes with Abbey (Granny's Grandaughter). I guess that makes her my niece as I'm Granny's ..... who am I. It is all too hard to work out.

  14. Hay dear Kay,

    Ohh..I hope I can send you this comment.
    I am try for weeks to leave a comment on your blog.
    And everythime it fales...I don't understand this.

    But I try again....

    This Wilbur is such a lovely bear..
    He stolen my heart...everytime when I see this lttle guy, my heart gose boom..boom..
    And this goodies are so sweet!

    Love and happinesssssssssss..

  15. My dear Maeijke, you have done it!!!!! It has worked and I'm so happy to read your words. Granny and I look at your blog often, and Granny says she wished she lived near you to go to a work shop.
    Wow, I'm so happy I have made some ones heart go Boom... boom.
    I am blushing now.!!!
    Big Hugs

  16. i noticed that gollies are very welcome in your country and i love the story of Ann and Andy with a nice lady called Belinda, I like making those country dolls no matter black or white.

  17. Here, Here , Susana It was nice of you to comment on our blog.
    I seem to have lots of friends.
    Wilbur and Granny


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