Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm not sure what was wrong with Granny yesterday or today.
She is like a kid in a candy shop.... She was given two parcels yesterday,by two lovely ladies.
Granny opened the parcels up and you would have thought a whole candy shop was in it.
All I could see was old stuff!!!!!
You know; old lace, and a baby's dress. STUFF.....
She came home and took each piece out separately, and stroked it and folded it neatly.
I couldn't make out what she was doing. I thought she was MAD.

Well today when I went out to the lawn and saw a bucket of froth and bubbles and she was fussing over it, I thought may be I should call the doctor.

Well I found out she was washing her beloved lace in wool mix, to get it all nice and clean.

Granny was getting the camera out to take photo's of her lovely present.  she wanted ME to hold the sopping wet baby dress. UGH!!! is this what it feels like when a baby wets it's self????
When it is dry I am NOT putting it on.

See what is it with Granny, I told you I thought I should get the doctor.
She went and picked some roses to make the lace look pretty.  I thought that is why she was excited because it WAS pretty.

OK!! now that is enough pictures.
No there is more!!!!
and more....
and more.
What is it with lace that gets Granny's all excited. I haven't got it yet.

OK. she wants this bit of rag draped over me again, plus the roses. I'm getting an itchy nose I know I'm going to sneeze in a minute, all over her lace.
Then what!!!!!
I thought we had finished. Now comes the black lace.
May be I could use these bits for Halloween.

 Now this is getting silly. How much more Granny?
 She said this was the last one, it is all beaded and very heavy.
Tell me what do you want heavy lace for?
Granny has no idea what it is like to be in a candy shop.
Now this is what you DO get excited about.
This is what it is like, to be a kid in a candy shop.
Lip smacking good.
Will I have the green one, or the orange one, or the purple one.
OK that it, I will have them all. Try green, then orange then purple.

OH! Granny my tongue look a terrible colour, am I sick?

I don't think I will have any more.
See you all next week.

I picked a rose from my garden for you all today.
I hope you enjoy looking at the bears, and reading about Wilbur's adventures.
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Natali has lovely bears on her blog as well as cats.

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  1. Ooh, Granny got lots of fab pressies there. We can't imagine why you wouldn't want to wear that dress though...

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Your Granny had quite an exciting day with all her beautiful prezzies.

    You see Wilbur, us girls like pretty lace, and fabric and things like that. It's just part of who we are.

    I think it is wonderful that you helped show off all of Granny's pretty things. That is very sweet of you, and it shows how much you love Granny.

    I know for a fact that Granny would never make you wear a dress. Good grief, she knows that you are the bear of the house and would not "em-bear-ess" you like that. You know that too.

    Ah, the candy. No you aren't sick because your tongue is all different colors, you just had too many lollipops of different colors.

    Welcome to all of your new friends too. I know they will love reading your Blog every Sunday, just like I do.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Thanks Katy, Granny was so excited.

    My dearest Prudence,
    I know she would never "em-bear-ess" me with a dress. The problem is I'm frightened she will make me wear pants one day.

    Your Admirer

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Our mom loves the laces too. She says your granny is lucky to have all of those pretty pieces. We are more excited about your candies. We like the ones that taste like grapes or the ones that taste like cherries or the ones that taste like green apples the best.

    Heaps of Hugs,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. Hi Bellamine and Wendy,
    At least bears know what to be excited about.
    Hurray for candy I say. I hope you get some for Halloween.
    Hugs Wilbur

  6. Wilbur....I like lace and candy. But, I'm pretty old. Happy Halloween! Love, Donna

  7. Thanks for your comment Donna, I really don't understand this lace thing. Although I'm very pleased you are with me on liking candy. I'm excited about to day. It's Halloween, so that always means CANDY.
    Hugs Wilbur.

  8. Hallo Willbur,
    bei diesen wunderschönen Spitzen kann ich verstehen, dass Oma sich so gefreut hat.
    Danke, dass Du sie uns alle gezeigt hast.
    Ich hoffe, Du hast nicht alle Lollys auf einmal aufgeschleckt.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  9. Thank you Heike and Henry for reading my bog. I try very hard not to eat all the candy at once. The problem is I keep wondering what the next one tastes like. I would share them with you Henry, if you lived nearer. I know that would make your tail wag.

  10. The lace is very beautiful. I think Wilbur is like most of the boys. They are not interested in this pretty things ;o)
    Greetings Iris

  11. You are right Iris, Wilbur is not interested in lace at all. Just food.

  12. Wilber..your friend Abby here! I'm using Mom's computer.
    I should be writing you on my own blog but my Mom seems to have a bit of a time getting over :) HERE I am!
    Even though I am very young, I have learned that Mom's always seem to know exactly what they are doing. (shhhh..Mom's listening..and you know how THAT IS....) Anyway...always smile and say "how wonderful this and how wonderful that" It works and just gets you tons of Honey.

    Bear hugs to you...and love too.


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