Sunday, October 9, 2011


It was school holidays and Granny was going to be a doctor or nurse at the Teddy bears picnic, held at 
in Adelaide.
We pulled up with the car packed with bandages, band aids, thermometers cotton buds,
needle and thread. stethoscope, and every thing to fix bears.
I know Granny does a good job, but she really needed me to hold things for her, and to talk to the bears that needed to be fixed, so they were not scared.

It was a huge, lovely old house. I would have loved to play hide and seek in it.
They had great big steps that led up to the main door. This big house made me look quite little. and as you know, I'm not a little bear. I'm BIG.
It was a very rainy day, and we were all going to have a picnic on the big lawns. 
The rain did not stop all day, so I was pleased when they said we could have our picnic in the drawing room. (What bear wants to get their fur wet.) Play games in the ballroom and go to the hospital in the dinning room.
Granny said she needed to see if the stethoscope was working so she checked me out first. There were 4 of her friends helping at the hospital as well. The lady on the left was a friend that helped organise the day.
She looked very pretty in her long dress.
OK does this look scary. Things to look down your throat with.( I always gag. ) Thing to hit your knees and arms with to see how high you can kick.Cotton buds to clean your ears with.Medicine glass. OH how I DO NOT like medicine. Tape, bandages that you can't see. Slings that you can't see. Stingose just in-case bears go tooooo close the the hive when they were collecting honey.Needles and threads; but most of all, the most needed thing. Honey to give the bears, because they were so good.

The children were given a check up list to say there bears were healthy, and a prescription pad that said the needed snacks 3 times a day. Hugs often. Bed snuggles at night.

There was a wonderful face painter.
This is a picture of the children having a picnic in the drawing room. 

I needed to wander around and have a look at this place. Wow ! How good would this be to play cubbies in.

 Granny loved the garden so much, she took me back the next day when it wasn't raining  to take some photos.
Just look how long this rose arbour is. Can you spot the handsome one in the middle?
OK, Granny, don't get your knickers in a knot. I won't fall in the fish pond. 

I am quite disappointed, I wanted to stand on the top of the huge urn. Granny said NO way you might fall in, and she says she couldn't get me out. So I had to sit at the bottom and wavy.
 Arr forget-me-nots. I know you will never forget me.
We had a lovely day, sewing on tails of dinosaurs, ears of dogs and bears, torn necks, more stuffing needed.
Bruising on the head, holes in there backs, hip replacements, you name it Granny was busy.
The children were happy, although that was because I made them laugh.
I expect it could have been because their bears were mended and they had a lovely picnic.

Honey on toast for both Granny and me for tea. She was too tired to cook.
See you all next week.


  1. Yes Sandra, it was one of those special days that you won't forget.

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    What a fun day you and Granny had. The grounds are lovely and that house - what a great place to roam around and find super hiding places. Maybe there are secret passage
    ways & secret rooms? You are so lucky.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Oh, Prudence I would love you to be there with me. They did have secret passages; and servants stairs that were as steep as.... Rooms that just held the plates, a school room with old fashion desks, and guess what the children had to write on slate.
    Half of the house was underground so it was cool in the summer.
    Wow. Granny said she is glad she doesn't have to clean it.Her back would really hurt then.
    Big Hugs

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    That's a big house and a lovely place to spend the day. The picnic looks like it was a lot of fun. None of us have ever been to a doctor but it sounds scary what with the needles and all. Was your granny wearing the mask so nobody would recognise her?

    Bunches of hugs,
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. What an exciting day you have all had! Lovely pics. x

  6. Hi Bellamine & Wendy,
    Granny was very careful with that needle, she tried hard not to hurt.

    Granny K,
    It was a super day, I would like to go back at night to see if there are ghosts there.
    Hugs Wilbur

  7. Carissima amica e colega lontana, non puoi nemmeno immaginare quanto mi piacerebbe vivire in Australia,è sempre stato il sogno della mia vita !
    Forse avremmo potuto conoscerci e lavorare bears questo è solo un sogno !

    Grazie per commento e complimenti per tuo bellissimo lavoro.

  8. Ooh, that does look like it could have been painful with all those medical tools, the honey was definitely the best medicine there!

    Glad everyone had a good day, but think yourself lucky with the photos, LT's been known to perch me on the edge of cliffs, and today, in the middle of a waterfall!!!


    Jack (in Skye without The Clan)

  9. Jack I must say I would be scared sitting on the edge of a cliff. Was there a net at the bottom to catch you if you fell? How wet did you get in the waterfall? I hope you haven't shrunk any smaller.

    Thank you for your comments Rosarita,
    I would love to get to know you more, and I'm sure Wilbur would as well.
    Granny and Wilbur.

  10. What an awesome place! Looks like you all had a lovely day! I bet those bears were glad to get their operations!

  11. Some of the bears were feeling very poorly. They felt much better afterwards, especially after a spoon full of honey.

  12. Lovely post, granny. You do it so well, even if Wilbur does have to help you with it. The critters wanted to be there for that honey!
    Hugs from Kayzy and her critters

  13. Hi, Kazy's critters. You will have to wait for nest year, to get honey if you have medical problems.
    Ask mum if she could let you just have a little.

  14. Be careful Wilbur! I'll bet there are some big frogs in that pond that eat teddy bears for lunch!

    Thanks for your comment on my 'Addicted to Coffee' post.

    God bless and have a Great Day! :-)

  15. Are they slimy? I don't like slimly.

  16. I love your bear-stories very much.
    Greetings Iris

  17. Thank you Iris. Wilbur get into tricky situations often, I hope you continue to read his stories.
    Hugs Granny

  18. Oh dear! Now Abby wants to know why she can't go sit on the edge of our fountain...I mean "we do have two" and according to her...sitting on one should be allowed. I said NO! Now I feel like a meany! :(:( What's a Mom to do!

  19. Dear Abby, Try not let your mum think she is a meany! I know she doesn't want you to have to sit in the hot sun or by the heater for 3 or 4 days drying out, if you fell in. You are so pretty I wouldn't want your fur spoilt.
    Hugs Wilbur.

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