Sunday, October 2, 2011

OH for a quiet life........

Granny was on the go again, this early morning every Saturday and Sunday is driving me nuts.

Granny was telling me that I would have a good time because there would be different people at this show.
Some from interstate and every where. " SH sh sh Don't tell granny I don't care where they came from I just wanted to stay in bed.

Well in the freezing cold with my trusty scarf on I had to sit out the front and say 
ROLL UP, ROLL UP every one welcome to come in.
Granny tried to tell me I had the loudest voice, so that was why I was chosen.
Now as usual I have a few pictures to show you. This is :
These little creatures are from:
I thought that bird was going to peck my shoe.

Now get this. This lady was cool. She paints portraits of BEARS. Now I don't know what is my best side.
What do you think?  I think I would look quite handsome. The lady's name is Sue Bridle.
 All this reporting made me hungry, so my nose smelt out FOOD.
Can you see I'm trying to hide in the shadow because I would love some of that cheese cake.
Do you think Granny will see me.
I found this lovely lady called Pat Morris she has heaps of bears.
Then Granny called me and said I need to get in touch with my feminine side, and nurse a tiny baby doll.
HUM,  I sure don't feel comfortable with this baby. What do I do if she cries. Or you know what, wets......
Put her down quickly I said.
Now this is more like it, firemen and gollies. Gollies are always my friends.
 I am SO PROUD I rubber shoulders with the who's who of bears.
This bear is a Portabello bear, (Something like a prince) he looks very aristocrat. He came from England.
I really wanted to be friends with him, but some how he looked to proud.
 It was getting late and I was feeling a bit chilly so I snuggled up in all the mohair Teddy's Bits had hanging up.
 Just before Granny packed up for the day, we saw this lovely lady making lace. I wanted to play with all those colourful sticks. I was shown how to make lace, although I'm not sure if I will remember it.
I could see she was a nice lady who loved bears. Have a look at her jumper.

I have just had peanut bitter and honey on toast.
Now I'm
See you all next week.


Welcome Marie-Christine Twardy to our blog, I hope you have fun reading of Wilbur's outings and mischief
 he gets up to.
Marie -Christine has a lovely blog, I would love you to check out her beautiful bears. The one at the moment Wilbur is quite fond of.. You will find her at  

Welcome to Joanne Livingston from Desert Mountain bears. All bear makers need to see this wonderful site. Joanne is so generous with her tutorials and any knowledge she has she shares.
You will find her at.


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    My, you did have an exciting day. Isn't it amazing what we put up with - with our humans? As I always say "ya gotta luv em". Then I add (nobody else will), oh, I am so bad.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. Huh, fancy granny hauling you all over creation at silly o'clock, especially at the weekend, doesn't she know that's the day of rest for bears?

    We hope she got a portrait done of you to compensate, as well as a scone and a slice of cheesecake - we'd have taken nothing less...


    The Clan and Jack

  3. What an amazing time out! Love the bear portraits.

  4. Hi Wilbur! We're weary too, after the show, but was great fun, eh? Did Granny give you a piece of her apricot slice? Mum wouldn't share hers with us - she said it was too yummy and that it wasn't good for critters! What a poor excuse, but when she's in a feeding frenzy, she does become irrational. See you at the next gig.
    Hugs from all Kayzy's Critters xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Dear Pudence, You are so right, the bears of the furry kind have gotta put up with a lot. Granny is out gardening to day, I out my paw down and said NO WAY. I'm just cooling out today.

    The Clan and Jack, now you are my type of bears. Rest on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,and Friday. Saturday may be a ride in the car and Sunday a chill out, don't get out of bed day.

  6. Thanks Joolz for reading my exhausting blog.
    Hugs Wilbur

    Kayzy's Critters Yes we were pooped last night and I'm resting on the lounge, to get enough energy up to go and sneak another piece of apricot slice. Of course I will put honey on top. We will look forward to another gig. next year.
    Hugs Wilbur

  7. Hello Wilbur,

    Thank you so much for sharing your photos with us. It looks like much fun. Say, are you available for other teddy bear shows? With your loud voice and your looks, you are perfect for welcoming people at the entrance and attract even more people to roll up and come in. Some shows around the world might want to book you.

    Thank you very much for your warm welcome! I am so glad I found your blog. Your granny makes wonderful creations and I am looking forward to hear more from you from "down under".

    Best wishes,

  8. YOU are the most organized little bear OR your Granny is just a whiz! Mom bought a high chair and I can't even sit in it!!
    Ohhh...loost at all those pretties you are in the middle of..and LOOK! LOOK! (sorry, I had to call Mom to come look at your SHOES!) WOW! I am sooo impressed! are you? *looking down shyly at her socks*

    (I'm using Mom's blog!)

  9. Dear Abby,
    I love hearing from such a pretty bear. Granny is always on the go, and sometimes it wears me out.
    As for your socks, I love them. I need shoes, because Granny makes me help her garden, and sometimes there are prickles.

  10. I don't know wear you grannies get all your energy? My wife is a granny and is constantly on the go! I can't keep up with her...nor do I try to anymore. :-)

    Have a great week Granny :-)


  11. Dear old Geezer,
    I don't have the energy that Granny has, that is why I would rather stay home. I get in the door, have a bite to eat and I'm out like a light on the sofa.
    Hugs Wilbur

  12. Thank you for the photos! I like to visit your blog!
    Hugs, Conni


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