Sunday, September 18, 2011

Wilbur at golly day.

 Well it was Golly day at "Bear and Friends" I thought I would tag along because gollies are Teddy's best friend. Well I walked in the door and all you could see for miles and miles (I think that is what Granny says)
There was one brave little raggy doll came to visit. I thought she was very beautiful. The gollies were very friendly to her as well. I hope they shared the afternoon tea with her. I made sure she had a drink of lemonade.
There were four gollies having afternoon tea at this table. They were VERY,VERY BIG.
I sat on a big gollies knee. They said I could join them. His knee was very soft to sit on. (You know some knee's are bony and hard and  uncomfortable) not this gollies knee. I could have snuggle up and  slept on his lap.
More and more gollies giving me cuddles 
I thought this buddy was very handsome.
Now I was going to pinch one of these cakes, but guess WHAT, they had a golly GUARD
watching over them.
So my friend Mei-li the panda and Itty bitty golly whispered secrets in my ear about how to get a cake away from the table with out guard golly seeing. We had a plan. Itty Bitty golly was going to do a dance in her pretty dress so he would watch her. Then Mei-li was going to snatch the cake because she was smaller than me, and was not quite so visible. Then we would all share it.

 Have a look at it. One pretty cake, that looked scrumptious and WAS SCRUMPTIOUS.
 We hid under the table and licked every last crumb up.
Hummmm! "Mei-li have I got any crumbs on my lips. I don't want any evidence showing."

Well that was one gastronomic golly day.
I don't think I will have any peanut butter and honey for supper. 
"Granny I have a tummy ache, could I please just have a glass of warm chocolate milk for supper."

I will see you all next week when I'm feeling better.


  1. It looks like a very fun day, and we think that was a very cunning plan to acquire a cake :oD


    The Clan and Jack

  2. Thanks Katy, We do conjure up plans all the time. Sometimes adult HUMANS don't listen to us bears.

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Looks like a fun day until you had to have that sweet treat. Sorry you have an upset tummy, ask Gran to give you a teaspoon of Tupelo honey in hot tea. That is a sure fix for not feeling good in the tummy.

    Rest, and get better. I get upset when one of my friends isn't feeling beary good. Stay away from those Panda's, they can't resist sweets.

    Heaps of Hugs

  4. The cakes look too pretty to eat. They look like real flowers. Mom made us lemon curd cakes yesterday. They were not as pretty as the one you had but they were yummy.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. Wow I have never seen so many gorgeous gollies!

  6. Dear Prudence.Thank you so much for your sympathy about my tummy.Tupelo Honey in tea sound good. Better than a tummy ache. Hugs Wilbur

    Dear Belamine and Wendy, Lemon curd cakes, now that sounds good. Maybe I wouldn't have a tummy ache if I had lemon curd cake. Hugs Wilbur.

    Dear Joolz, There were twice as many as I could get on the photo's. Talk about friends I had heaps that day. It was worth getting a tummy ache just to be with so many friends. I'm starting to feel better now. Hugs Wilbur

  7. I'm just sayin' that you are welcome to visit me on my patio..and I would LOVE to have a drink with you...IF Mom will let me..( I at the right place? You see, I'm new at this..and sort of get confused. Also..Mom hasn't had time to let me post..she says it's all she can do to keep up with just her main blog! Please don't tell her I told you. Ok? Shhhhh..)

  8. Abby you certainly are at the right place. You have done very well. I'm so pleased to get a note from you. We won't tell our Mum's and Granny's when we post then we can say just what we like. Mmmmm's the word between you and me Abby.

  9. Dear Wilbur
    We did have fun with you at Bears and Friends! And our success with the cupcake caper has given us the idea of trying it again tomorrow at Martin's birthday tea. Mum is making lemon meringue pie - yum yum! Do you think Granny will let you come? We need your BIG BEAR BRAIN for this operation.
    Mei Li and Natalie Golly (alias itty bitty golly) xxxx

  10. Hi Mei-li and Itty Bitty golly. We could have such fun at Marin's birthday tea. I think we could hide under the table and tickle their feet and they wouldn't know if it was an ant, spider, or what. As long as we had a box there to hope in when they looked under the table. What do you think?
    Hugs Wilbur.

  11. Golly! Those are some neat looking golly dolls.

    God bless and have a nice day. :-)

    BTW, Thanks for your recent comment on my Bounty Hunters post.

  12. Hi Ron, My goodness that was only 1/4 of them. When I went home I was dreaming that gollies were taking over the teddy world. In my opinion, teddy bears are much better huggers than gollies.
    Hugs Wilbur

  13. Wilbur, your cunning plan worked! We hid under the table and tickled Martin's feet after the pie was served. He laughed so much that he dropped his lemon meringue pie, plate and all (paper plate of course). We grabbed it and quickly hid under the little table in the corner. It was such fun - no one could work out where the pie had gone, and we had yummy pie for supper. Hugs, LM & LBG
    P.S. Mum gave Martin another piece of pie, so all's well that ends well.

  14. Oh Mie-li and Itty bitty golly, I'm jumping up and down with excitement. I'm so glad your plan worked. Did you lick the plate clean. Martin must believe in magic if he couldn't find the lemon meringue pie or the plate.
    Now listen you two, I will write all the tricks that work in a book, so we can use them again some time.
    Bye for now

  15. Die Puppen sind einfach tgraumhaft schön.
    Liebe Sonntagsgrüße
    Heike & Henry

  16. Hilarious, fancy having a golly guard for the cakes. Im so glad there are no gollies at our house!!!!


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