Sunday, September 11, 2011

WILBER could not go to the footy
Do all you  people out there feel like me. Hen pecked!!!!
Granny said it was far to cold and rainy for me to go to the footy, she said I would not fit in her coat or bag,and she could see me having the sniffles if I went. So guess what ??? Squirt the little bear was aloud to go.
Granny said she could keep him warm in her coat. Well what a day they had. Granny's grandsons team won the GRAND FINAL. WOO WHOOOO!!!!!
I really feel so jealous Squirt got to be the mascot with the cheer leaders. The girls looked so pretty with their sparkly pom poms, and they had red jumpers on. Did you see Squirt had a red ribbon around his neck. Granny said he cheered so much that is what made them win. Just look at them celebrating. I do wish I could have been there.
 Squirt said this picture was after the game when they were having a rest. Do you see they have 2 girls in the team.? I'm sure I could have caught their eye if I was there. Oh well I had to stay home and read a book about how to Get Around Grannies so you can get in their good books
Can you see Squirts head, I think he needs to wash behind his ears??????
Well When Squirt came home he did sit on my lap and told me all about how exciting it was. Plus how hard the boys played. He even was telling me how slippery it was in the middle with lots of mud. Well may be if I went they would have made me the runner for sure,( and I hate having baths.)  So I suppose Granny was right in not letting me go. There is always next year.
I might come and be your runner next year.
I think I will have peanut butter on toast and warm chocolate milk while I watch the game on the television tonight. All Squirt can have for tea is honey and lemon drink he has a hoarse voice from cheering.
See you all next week


  1. Hi Wilber,

    Sorry you couldn't go to the footy. I know you would have had a good time there but you should be happy for Squirt. I bet there are lots of places you get to go and he has to stay at home. Next time it might be your turn to go.

    Bellamine and Wendy

  2. Hmm, we think you need to stage a revolt. Oh, and to hide Squirt next time...

    The Clan & Jack

  3. Thanks Maddy Rose for reminding me that I do go to places squirt can't go. I won't be in such a bad mood next time.

  4. OOOh Katie You have got me thinking now..Lots of plans going through my head!!!!!

  5. Grannies are always right! Being a wet muddy teddy bear would not be fun :-)

  6. Hi Wilbur,

    Well, I have to agree with The Clan & Jack. Our LuLu belonged to The Clan before Mom adopted her so we are sorta related now. Yup, I agree, ya gotta stash Squirt someplace that Miss Kay won't find him.

    Now about that game. Gee whiz - your Gran could have at least let you ride in the car. That way the Cheerleaders could have come over to see you.

    Next time let me know when you think you will be left behind. I have lots of tricks up my sleeve.
    Oh wait, I don't wear clothes so I don't have sleeves - let's just say I have some really good ideas.

    Heaps of Hugs

  7. Dear Prudence,
    I really wish you lived nearer,we could get up to a lot of fun together. I certainly will be thinking up some tricks to get in that car when they say I have to stay home. I can tell you I was mighty cross. Today I'm going out by a tree with my note book and planning tricks to get where I want to go.


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