Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wilbur at
Teddy Bear and Friends

I couldn't believe my eyes, Granny took me to a meeting she goes to
called Teddy Bear and Friends. If I only knew what nice food they
had there I definitely would have been there every time.
The first thing I saw was a group of teddies having a party.
They asked if I wanted to join them. Now what would a proud bear
like me say. "Thank you very much I would LOOOOOOve to."
I kept thinking there didn't look as though there was much food.
What did I say FOOD.

Wow what was on this table? Little bears in cups. Now I think
there was a competition for the best bear in a cup. I know who
would have won. ME of course. It was a problem because Granny
could not find a big enough cup.

This must be a very important meeting , even pictures of
the Queen, and British things.

Now this looks like afternoon tea. I'm sitting very close
 to this big plate of chocolate cakes.
Hmmmm!!!!! I think I will come here again.
See you all next week
Love Wilbur.


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    What a wonderful afternoon you had and I bet that chocolate cake was yummy.


  2. How could you leave him at home next time Kay? You couldnt possibly now that he knows what Teddy and Friends is all about...exactly that...Teddies making friends...!!!
    He is a cheeky bear...

  3. What a lovely tea party! Glad you had a good time! x


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