Monday, June 13, 2011

Making the most out of nothing

It is a holiday weekend, and I want to go some where.
Granny says, NO. We need to get some jobs done,
so guess where I landed. In the washing basket.
I was supposed to be handing up pegs, but I thought
I could do my gym work out.

before I started I thought a swing in the sheets would be good.

Wooo Hooo Granny, look how high I am.
All she could say was get DOWN, you are up far too high.

Weeee I can hang upside down.

I think push ups will make me strong. 8 9 10.
Wow I did it.

I can do hand stands, watch me Granny.

I need a rest so I will stay here until she finishes hanging out,
Then I need cookies and Milo.
I'm just exhausted.


  1. Oh Wilbur, you are such a funny little guy. I can't wait for Prudence & Sissy to meet you. They are at Camp Good Bear for the summer but will be back home in August.

    You and Granny have a fun "hangin' out this evening. Don't forget to have some honey & peanut butter.


  2. Granny, your bear is very cheeky...but he looks very fit!!!

  3. Hey, thank you for the side bar pic Kay...that is really thoughtful of you...I am sewing today, hopefully I will be adding some Enchanted Things soon to the

  4. Hey Granny, you sure Wilbur isn't suffering from A.D.D., he's certainly a very active little soul!

  5. Well Sandi I will have to check on him this week to see if he over active. May be I need to cut out the red cordial.

  6. When I'm exhausted, I go straight for the cookie jar too :-)

  7. And I love to read Wilbur's adventures with Granny - you are a treasure, Kay!


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