Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Adventures.

Whoopie Do!!!
Adventures with my new hat..
Can you remember when I went to see Paddington Bear, I wanted a hat like his. Well Granny did make one; a brown one... what is wrong with her I needed a red one like Paddington.
So this week Granny dyed my hat.. Not dead, but red.
I love it, it has a gold band and little feathers in the band.
It is just right for adventure.
My Adventure today is snail hunting. Yes you heard me right I am going on a snail hunt. I want to see them come out of their little shells and see that slimey stuff that makes them slip along. 
I am waiting..... 
At last a snail. You do have to be very patient to see snails.
Granny doesn't like them in her garden, She says they eat her plants.

Look I found 5, now I am trying to keep still to see them come out of their shells. 
I have waited for ages, yelling"Granny How long do I have to wait."
She is no help at all. she just tells me as long as it takes.

Well it has taken too long, so now I will never know what that slimey stuff is that makes them slip along,
I was hoping to make a skate park out of it.

Oh well!!! at least I had an adventure, and I wasn't stuck inside with all that sewing and fluff and stuff.

Supper tonight will NOT be snails. I know French people eat snails.
No my supper is toast, honey and peanut butter with a glass of warm milk.

See you all next week.

Hi My beautiful followers.
I'm just letting you know I came inside and found a picture of a mumma snail and her baby. I still don't know how they make that slippery stuff.

My thought for the day


  1. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    My you look really dashing in your new red hat and yes, just like dear Paddington bear.
    What an adventure going out on a snail hunt - I know they try to eat some of my plants.
    Hope you are both enjoying your Sunday

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Your hat looks great. As for the snails? Well, you are a boy and boys like that kinda stuff - not me. I mean I don't scream and run away (you know that from camp) but wasting time looking for them just isn't my cup of honey. I would be looking for Granny's flowers.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  3. What a treasure you are! But you know you're beautiful with your new hat? Your grandmother is fantastic!

  4. Oh WOW what a beautiful hat and great colour too! Feathers!!!!! The adventures can start!!!

    You've got a lot of patience Wilbur, sitting sooooo long to find out what the slimy stuff is made off.....and did you know the slimy stuff can help against dry skin and against rinckles (that's for Granny) (and me) ...: )))))))

    I LOVE the pic of the snail with a baby on the back! We have a lot of snails in the garden.....I throw them in the garden of the neighbours.....don't tell anyone Wilbur?!

    Looking forward to your next adventure Wilbur! Almost can't wait!

    Biggest hugs! Pink

  5. Here's to world's best snail hunter!!! We're sorry you didn't find out about the slime thing and had to give up your business plan, but maybe it's better getting away from slime and back to milk and toast and plenty of honey. But you looked gorgeous with your fabulous hat - if you're going to wear this in camp the bear girls will lose their senses... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Wowwwwwwwwwww Wilbur, prachtig is je nieuwe hoed, mooi van kleur en hij staat je goed. Dat heeft Oma toch maar mooi weer voor jou gemaakt, zo lief!!!

    Weet je Wilbur je moet maar eens bij mij hier komen logeren, hier vind ik dagelijks wel 30 slakken, jaaaaaa je leest het goed en al helemaal als het net heeft geregend dan zie je ze overal vandaan komen.

    Wat Pink schrijft is waar hoor, je krijgt er een mooie gladde huid van, dus als je het slijm te pakken kan krijgen moet je het snel in een potje doen en elke avond lekker op je gezicht smeren. Dan wordt je nog VEEL knapper dan je al bent, hahaha.

    Prachtig de foto met de babyslak op de rug.

    Fijne week Kay en Wilbur............

    Veel liefs,

  7. Dear Wilbur, you look fantastic in this hat:)
    and I totally love you thought of the day! - genius!

  8. Dearest Kay,
    Love Wilbur's red hat; great job.
    And what an adventure with those snails. They're a pest indeed.
    Wishing you a happy week.

  9. Wilbur..they make that slippery stuff, prob'ly the way we put our shoes and sockies on. My Mom told me that. Ask Priscilla...she knows EVERYTHING!! Just ask her! Heh heh! She is our Guru of bears!


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