Saturday, October 18, 2014

Andre' my little bear.


I would like to introduce Andre' to you. He is a 19 cm. little bear that is weighted so he can stand on his own.
He is made from woven back synthetic, in a very, very soft pile of a pale grey, or may be a little touch of very pale blue.
He has glass shiny eyes, and a little clay nose. 
The face has been sculpted with scissors and needle.
With shading around the eyes, and ears. 
He has ultra suede paw pads and is lock nut and cotter pin jointed.
He comes with his own violin. 

If you are interested in Andre' please contact me. Either message me on Face book or my email address is on the side bar.

Andre' is $80.00 Australian dollars. Plus postage. I will only send insured postage.
I accept Pay Pal, Money Order or Direct credit

I hope he serenades you with his music. 


  1. So sweet. Maybe he and Wilbur can start a teddy band since Wilbur plays the banjo.


  2. Blogger doet weer eens vervelend want ik schreef net een berichtje en opeens is alles verdwenen.?????

    Maar ik probeer het gewoon opnieuw.....
    PRACHTIG geworden Kay, je nieuwe beer Andre' je kan inderdaad op de foto zien dat deze beer heerlijk zacht is. Erg mooi hoe je het hoofdje met schaar en naald hebt vervaardigd. En deze lieve beer is nog muzikaal ook, heel erg MOOI!!!

    Wens je een fijn weekend,
    en een knuffel voor Wilbur.............

    Veel liefs,

  3. Hi Kay! what a beautiful beautiful bear! Great job! Love the violin too!
    Hugs!!!! Pink

  4. Liebe Kay,
    Andre ist ein wunderschöner kleiner Bär und er wird sicherlich schnell adoptiert
    Liebe Grüße

  5. Such an endearing face! Andre is a lovely bear, Kay.
    Hugs, Delane

  6. Oh Andre' is a handsome bear! I love his color and his musical talent will make him even more of a catch. This hasn't given Wilbur any ideas to change instruments, has it?

  7. Little Andre' is such a darling... we're sure he'll find a new home very soon... and there will always be tender violin sound in the air... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  8. He is very cute little fellow! ))


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