Sunday, September 28, 2014

I have got the Snishew's....

OH...dear...I have a cold....
I have a sniffley nose, so I need lots of tissues, plus of course my dear Granny made my favorite supper, and gave it to me in bed.
To cheer me up she even picked her first rose for the season. Granny says it smells wonderful, but I can't smell a thing.

I have something very special to tell you.
Can you remember when my dear friend Svetlana Mikhailova sent me a wonderful parcel with the most beautiful Lavender bear and two gorgeous children's books. 
 I didn't know the story of one of them, so Granny got it translated, and the lady made a book with both languages in.
Because I am sick and these books are special, Granny said I could read them

I can read the story in one book and look at the pictures in the other.
I don't know if you can see this to read. I think it is so special that I can see my friend from Russia's writing and read it in words I know. 
I will treasure both of these books for ever and ever...
I have honey milk and peanut and honey toast...
Granny said she put extra honey on it.

I will see you all when my sniffles are better, next week.

A big Welcome to my new followers.
This Clivia is growing in my garden, and it is just for you.
Welcome to Night Owl
This lady has a wonderful collection of Barbie dolls.

Judith makes lovely Christmas cards, Lovely Lacey needle keeps, dolls and anything crafty.

Irina makes lovely little bears.
Her blog is called The three Bears.

Svetlana makes wonderful soap.

My thought for the day.

"Blessed are those who can give
with out remembering,
and take without forgetting." 


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh my mohair, where did you get that dreadful cold? Somebeayr just have sneezed on you and now you feel miserable. I am so sorry.

    Take good care of yourself.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  2. Oh, poor darling! Listen to the grandmother and drink all the milk with honey, you'll see that you'll be better soon! I send you a big hug !!

  3. Poor Wilbur - our best wishes for a quick recovery. But we're sure with Granny's loving care you're going to feel much better soon. What a great thing that you got the Russian book translated - enjoy!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  4. Ach lieve Wilbur, wat vervelend nu dat je zo verkouden bent. kan je nu nog wel goed de honingmelk en de pindakaas proeven??? Welk lief van Oma om haar eerste roos aan jou te geven om je een beetje op te fleuren.

    En wat ontzettend lieffffff, de vertaling van deze prachtige boeken, zo kan je mooi nu je ziek bent op je gemak heerlijk lezen, geniet ervan Wilbur. En k wens je heel veel BETERSCHAP!!!

    Veel liefs

  5. I'm sorry that you are sick, Wilbur. You are in terrific hands with Granny and I am sure you will be better in no time and can smell that rose ;-) The book is just so sweet..enjoy the stories and pictures.
    See you next week,

  6. Oh Kay, that quote gave me a lump in the throat! Poor, poor teddy, but what a good Granny "K" you are to look after him so well. Wow..would love to see those books. A rose at this time of year, and you live in the Adelaide Hills!!Ours are just buds here on the "Plains".
    Oh how nice of you to mention my blog. You're a sweetheart.
    Judy xx

  7. Dearest Kay,
    What a labour of love to translate that Russian text for you to keep it together, for enjoying text and prints!
    Lovely post and I enjoyed your 1st rose.
    Wishing you many more with sunshine and no more colds in your household.

  8. Oh dear Wilbur,

    get well soon!!
    Ive had the same problem a week ago, no tasty food, no perfume, but it too shall pass :)

  9. Hope you get well soon Wilbur!
    Wish you all the best!

  10. Poor Wilbur buy hey he has a very good life being treated to breakfast in bed smelling one of the first rose blooms!
    One very lucky teddy bear!

  11. Hi Wilbur, oh, Granny takes such good care of you! The book is great too! Get well soon and rest a lot :-).
    Thanks for the welcome Kay, that is very sweet :-). Your clivia is beautiful, I have one inside the house, and it gets one flower. I love these plants. Hugs!!!

  12. Oh no, don't sneeze too hard or you'll blow the petals off those flowers! Feel better soon!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  13. OMG spoil yourself a little bit Wilbur. But I'm sure Granny will look after you......
    Those books are awesome, so the stories.

    Take care of yourself Wilbur....

    Hugs, Thea xxxx

  14. oh...oh...! poor Wilbur! Get well soon dear friend! Luckely you have Granny, peanutbutter, a rose and the translated books! Wow!

    Hugs lovely bear! xxx Pink

  15. Dolcissimi e divertenti i tuoi post ^_^ Li leggo con molto piacere! Kiss

  16. How nice. That bear sounds really special.

  17. Hi was nice to hear from Granny today..I've missed her and you. We are trying to catch up...Mom says I get in the way, but I know she doesn't mean a word of it. She used my blog for a test blog but promises me that she will start me another one..or fix mine. I don't mind. I am always right with her when she blogs anyway..I am part of the family you know! A BIG part of the family. I RULE that living room and those dolls with an iron :)

  18. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Sorry to hear that you have the sniffles - they have been doing the rounds over here too.
    The books from Russia look interesting.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend


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