Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bearants Day at Camp

First Aid. 
Prudence and I have  organized a demonstration, 
For Bearent's Day. 
Prudence and I had long talks about what we would do for Bearents Day.
Because of the mishap with Boof last week falling out of the raft and nearly drowning. I took them all through the paces of mouth to mouth resuscitation.
Plus making a sling if some one sprained their wrist, and what to do if there was a snake bite.

Prissy pants said she would run.
I told her that was just the wrong thing to do. You had to keep the patient quiet and ring an ambulance. Always bandage from nearest the heart down to the bite,  just to keep the leg still. Don't wash the bite or suck the poison out. Every one yelled YUK!!! YUK!!!..
The ambulance men will be able to tell what sort of snake it was.
If you can identify the snake even better.
Teeny said I would identify it by telling them it was long and slippery and scary...
Boof was not going to be a patient again he flatly refused!!!
So he was the demonstrator.
He did a great job of bandaging.
All the Bearent's were very proud of their little bears.

We thought about what to serve for afternoon tea. It was agreed that every one liked toast, Peanut butter and Honey, so they thought their Bearent's would like it as well.  
We made lots of plates because every one was hungry.
I am not sure how many pieces were popped in the bears mouths before it got to the plate.

The campers were all happy to say good bye to their Bearent's because it is only another week and they will all go home.

Now you all know I live in Australia, and that is a long, long way away. So!!! My Granny could not come all that way. Bless her she sent me a special letter to tell me how much she missed me.
To tell me their is a special surprise for me when I get home.
A parcel has been delivered by the Postie with my name on it.
I can't wait to see what it is!!!.
See you all next week.

Spring must be coming soon, although it still is cold in South Australia.
I thought I would cheer you all up with Spring Blossoms
Especially to Welcome our new follower 
Natalie Korol. We hope she enjoys reading our stories.

My thought for the day.
" People who say it can't be done,
should not interrupt people doing it."


  1. Sounds like you're having a lovely time Wilbur. First aid practice is always a safe thing to do.

  2. Hi Wilbur, what a great story and thank you for teaching me how to handle with snake-bites.........brrrrrrrrr........I'm the running type!

    Now help me please, what does Bearent mean? Can't find it in my dictionary......

    One more week before you all will go home again! Have fun! and I read there is a present waiting for you?! Hurray!

    Hugs dear friend!

    and thank you Granny for the lovely picture of the blossom!

    xxxxxxx Pink

  3. It appears that you have learned some valuable skills at camp, Wilbur. You are also a great teacher. I am glad you had a successful bearants day and wish Granny could have attended. I am looking forward to seeing your surprise when you get home.
    Enjoy your final week at camp!
    Lisa :-)

  4. Hi Miss Granny,

    This time next wee our kids will be home and probably taking our ears off with all the camp stories.

    They're growing up, this year they really didn't miss us, but that is good, it helps the others.

    Hugs ♥
    The Mom

  5. Hi Wilbur,

    It looks like you're having fun, what with scone making and falling out of rafts and chasing snakes and .. oh, oh, stuff. Watch you don't bun gage up too many bears.

    As far as Straia being cold, Cold, COLD, you don't understand cold - but then really neither do we 'cos it's not very snowy here in the wintertime.



  6. Although it's of course impossible that your Granny could visit you at Bearants Day it was still sad that you couldn't meet her - but at least you got her letter - with exciting news! A surprise for you! First Aid was a very good choice and another good team lesson - and we really liked your choice for food... ;O) Enjoy your last week at Camp, dear Wilbur!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. Hmm, we think we'll just not go on holiday where there are snakes, so we'll not have to worry about that!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  8. Dearest Kay,
    Another lovely story about Bear Camp...
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead.

  9. Well done, Wilbur! Excellent first aid lesson, and very helpful to Aussie bears who will start to venture into the long grass now that Spring is on the way. Enjoy your last week of camp - all the Critters send their love, especially Shirley, Joy and Babette!
    Hugs from Nana Kayzy :0)

  10. Hey Wilbur! What a great story! ENjoy your stay at the camp- I am sure these memories will be treasured by you forever:)
    The thought of the day is genious! I will keep that in mind:)

  11. Hallo lieber Wilbur,
    ich habe Angst bekommen als ich das Foto von der Schlange sah!!! Bei uns gibt es keine Schlangen! Ich hoffe das niemand im Camp gebissen wird.
    Eine schöne Woche wünsche ich dir und deinen Freunden!
    Liebe Grüße

  12. I wonder what's in that parcel Wilbur?? Don't forget to let us know won't you. I think you've been very brave going that far away from Granny for your Bear-camp and learn all those sensible things like what to do if you see a snake. .

  13. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    glad to hear that camp is going well.
    I am looking forward to spring here too - won't be long.
    Enjoy the week

  14. Love your stories, the snakes not so much ;)
    Thanks for visiting my blog and your kind comments.
    Hugs, Delane


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