Sunday, July 27, 2014

SShhhh!!!!!!! don't tell the others

This is secret Bears business.
You see we are building a raft and we don't want the other teams to see our design.
I am having trouble with my crew. I just put it together to show them what we will be making, when Prissy Pants jumped in and would not get out.
All the others were yelling. "Get out Prissy, we want to get in."
Oh dear! the trouble a leader gets into.

Eventually we got to work. See this squiggly stuff. Well it is glue. I tell you GLUE .
So Don't get it on your fur or else you will be all stuck up for ever.
It is called hard as nails. Well it must go very hard, I do hope the bears don't go home with hard fur.
We stuck the container on to the wood. So I hope it floats well.
Boof  was inspecting the underneath, and kept asking what makes it float.
Well there are some things I don't know and I told him to just trust me.
(gosh I do hope it floats)
"Prissy pants and Weeny get out. the glue is not dry and you might make it shift. "
(What am I going to do with this mob.)
We made a bracket to old the flag. 
Some body needs to fly the Australian flag
We are nearly ready for the big day of racing. I wonder what the others are making???
We don't want the water to be toooo ruff, or else with this mob, some one might fall in. Heavens to Betsy I hope nothing like that happens.

I have all the bears tucked up in bed, hopefully they don't stick to the sheets.
So now I am enjoying hot Chocolate milk and toast with Peanut butter and honey.
Bed sounds good tonight.
I am having night mares. HELP...
See you all next week.

For all my followers. 
I hope you all had or have memories of a loved Teddy Bear.

My thought for the week. 

"A bear teaches us that if the heart is true, it doesn't matter much if an ear drops off."
"Helen Exley"


  1. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    Oh really do hope that the raft floats ok - and yes, you really do need to be careful of the glue.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  2. Great adventure! I had a teddy bear as a child that I loved so much, I still have it!
    Good week

  3. Hi Miss Granny,

    They say silence is golden, but Prudence is being too silent at camp, wonder what she is up to, or maybe I shouldn't ask. (o:

    The Mom ♥

  4. We see you're having your paws full with that mob... eh... beary fellows. It's not easy to be a leader and in charge - but you're doing a great job. Around here we're keeping paws and fingers crossed for a raft with an Aussie flag to win the race! And about your nightmares - make them stop with a second cup of chocolate milk... then you will fall asleep in the wink of an eye having nicer dreams... of other team members maybe? ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit (who both loved the picture and the saying... for different reasons... *LOL*)

  5. Dearest Kay,
    What an incredible raft-adventure story. And now on to the final rafting day...
    Sending you hugs,

  6. Hi Wilbur! WOW! what a great job! and maybe you have some trouble with your team but believe me, when all is done and you all are floating on the will be happy and have fun all of you and all troubles will be forgotten!!

    Stop having nightmares! it will float!

    Can't wait to see you all on that big adventure!

    Hugs and have fun! xxx Pink

    Hi Granny! no, never had a teddybear and never liked them (OOPS!) but that was probably because I never had one! Now I have PLENTY! and I LOVE them!

    Hugs to you Granny!!!! xxx Pink

  7. Zooooo Wilbur, dit is een prachtig avontuur en ik hoop echt dat jullie zelfgemaakte vlot blijft drijven. Kan me best voorstellen dat je er nachtmerries van hebt, hahaha. Maar alles ziet er degelijk uit en jullie zijn voorzichtig geweest met de lijm, dus alles gaat goed komen hoor.

    Slaap maar heerlijk verder Wilbur.....

    Liefs voor jou en natuurlijk voor Oma.....

    Veel liefs,

  8. Hi dearest. How are you? Oh...good, good adventure. Lovely the bears. Wilburn? All ok? KISSES dear, whit love. NI

  9. Goodness, what an exciting and adventurous time you are all having. I DO hope none of you gets their fur wet.. or catches cold! Bears DO catch cold, don't they? I mean, fur coats are nice..but when get wet they can get very heavy and cold I bet. I've seen those big old Grizzly bears fishing for Salmon and it sure looks cold and dangerous.
    Mom would get mad if I ever got wet. She won't even let me get dusty!! Grabs me and pats me HARD sometimes...says..."HOW IN THE WORLD DO YOU GET SO DIRTY JUST SITTING ON THE CHAIR PLAYING WITH THE DOLLIES! Then "SMACK" on my back side. I always yell but it doesn't really was I saying? NOT get wet! Okay?. Put your yellow slicker on like they do at Niagara Falls. :)
    Hugs and honey...:)

  10. I think it's good for your team that your Granny has brought you up to a good craftsman. With your expertise you will definitely win. I wish you good luck!

  11. Wilbur ist ja ganz schön mutig, ich hoffe er kann auch schwimmen??
    Viele liebe Grüße

  12. Awe!!!!! Whar a sweet posr!!!!!! Love the bears and the cute way they are working on that project!!!!!!! Adorable!!!!!!!!

  13. Wilbur, you are great and I'll cross the fingers!!!
    May I tell you something? I still have the teddy bear of my childhood sitting in my bedroom!
    All my best for all of you

  14. I'm just sure they will win the race! Just don't get glue in your fur!!!


  15. Aw Wilbur - That is an Awesome raft, and Crew! I had to giggle when I saw your dreams pic - You CaN Do IT!!!
    LuV, TiGGy

  16. We hope the race went well, everything floated and you wee all glue free at the end!


    The Clan, Jack & Boo


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