Sunday, March 2, 2014

Where is the liniment

For those of you who don't know our Auzzie slang it means I'm pooped.
Oh no... that is slang too. I'm jiggered... No I don't think that will be in the dictionary either.
Well I will just say I'm worn out, exhausted, no energy.
Yep, that is me. 
Where is the liniment???
Granny has been chopping down her Yew tree because it got toooo... big.
That's OK. She got help to do that.
It is the chopping up of all the branches to fit in our bin. I think it will take for ever to get rid of . We sawed and chopped and snipped for ever.
Blood sweat and tears went into cutting up this tree. 
Not only did we cut it up. You know who!!! had to jump up and down in the bin to make more room for even more wood.
See sometimes it is good to be portly, you can squish it down a lot.
Drat's  do you hear that, Granny is singing out to me that she needs to tell you some thing.. "Why can't I tell them Granny".  She is hassling me she wants a turn, I should let her because I might not get fed.

Hi Every one this has to be fairly quick because Wilbur will get his knickers in a knot.
It was "Gallery Ones" 40th Anniversary yesterday. On display was works from teachers for the 40 years it has been running. I could go through the macrame, tie dying, leather work, pottery, glass work, patchwork, smocking, weaving, spinning, painting, smocking, china painting, beading, lace making, knitting, drawing, felting, mosaics, and teddy bears, and many more crafts that have been taught over the years.  

It was lovely to see the history and the various crafts that have been in fashion through the ages.

This patch work was stunning. 
Felting is what I love. 
Our Gallery today. This is where I teach every week.

Enough!!! Granny you have had your turn and it took too long.
"Sorry," I will be nice Granny? I would love toast, peanut butter and honey for supper, (Kisses and Hugs Granny) I will be good.

I HOPE to see you next week.

To all my followers. I took this photo of my Marraya today, because I wanted you to smell my beautiful perfumed garden. Granny says she want to stay out there all day it is so nice.

My thought for the week.

"When you criticize the younger generation,
just remember who it was who raised it."


  1. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    You sound to have had the same weekend as we did - lots of work around the house.
    Hope the liniment helped and you can now relax a little.
    I enjoyed seeing all the creations

    happy Sunday evening

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    Every once in awhile I let Mom write a post, it makes her feel important. HA, I have it all figured out -

    Granny, the pictures are wonderful. It's always interesting to see crafting from the past.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    Wilbur take care of those sore muscles.

  3. It sounds like you have been busy with the Yew. I'm glad you won the battle and hoped the liniment helped. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos of the gallery. So much's a feast for the eyes :-)
    Happy Sunday,

  4. Oh Wilbur, we hope you not only got all the honey and toast and peanut butter you deserve but also a good liniment rub and massage and a very big hub... You're a true gentlebear helping Granny with all this work. And please tell Granny we loved this little tour at the exhibition, so many lovely pieces to see.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Dear Wilbur, you are such a hard-working bear! What would Granny do without you? :)

  6. Oooh, hope you and granny get plenty of rest after all that chopping!


    The Clan, Boo & Jack

  7. Dearest Kay,
    Oh my; I felt pooped too and slept in till 11:00 AM... LOVE your Murraya paniculata and you're blessed for having that in your garden. We have to keep it inside our greenhouse for frost in winter time.
    What a mess for having to chop up a yew tree or any tree. But still a voluntary mess and not like in our subdivision where a very strong tornado did bring down hundreds of trees and also destroyed 2 homes completely out of 56 damaged. It was quite a sight returning from The Netherlands after 5 days of cleanup already had been done. We never got to see the full scope of this disaster but we sure feel for all people involved. Miraculously our home an garden did not have any damage; not even a limb was found... Glass house was still complete so we felt so blessed!
    Had to compose a transcript right after landing, next day... after only 4 hours on the mattress. Than one day later I had a professional video made in the studio by a friend who used to run the TV station. This was for the US Embassy Indonesia and another GPDLI organization in Jakarta for presentation during their 2-hour long program in relation to World Leprosy Day. I had to represent the USA... You bet I felt exhausted after having done this. It went well and via YouTube they could still present it to the audience and thus I was present.
    My Mom's 90th Birthday was an emotional event, with her dialysis on that very day. We went every time to the hospital during dialysis during those 2 weeks. She read on my laptop all the birthday well wishes to her and she got thrilled with so much attention from around the world. Well, the blogger community is a fine group of caring people; that I've learned in those 4+ years.
    The 65th wedding anniversary got celebrated by 51 family members and was very special too.
    Followed by a Mass read in their honor where Pieter and I attended, together with Mom & Dad as the rest is not attending Church... A sad fact but I guess that up from above, things will be blessed and also by my Great Uncle who did perform their actual wedding 65 years ago. He's long in heaven, since 1967 and I wish I could have talked one more time with him. Both of us have spent so much time in Indonesia where he was an advisor to several bishops over 30 years. He used to be a professor at the seminary in The Netherlands and than went to Rome to study Church law and from there to Indonesia, to Kupang/Timor close to your area... compared to far away Netherlands.
    Sending you hugs and good recovery from your sore muscles (no doubt!)... Oh, with all the water projects completed by Pieter's back breaking jobs before our trip abroad, we did not have a single drop of water in the Rose Suite and we had 11 cm of heavy rains with that tornado. We indeed are so BLESSED!
    Enjoy a calmer week and keep on teaching at the Gallery, that will be much joy for so many.

  8. Che orsetto forzuto sei!!! Bel lavoro con i taglieri!!

  9. Wilbur and Granny, you've been terribly busy, haven't you? Granny Kay, what is a Marraya tree? It sounds wonderful.
    Miss Susan

  10. Its a shame you had to chop down the yew tree. There's some interesting legends around the Yew. One is that they were planted on the graves of plague victims to protect and purify the dead,

    Ali x

  11. Oh YeW - What a Fantastic LoT of Wonderful Colorful words we learned - is Wilbur really allowed to say all those?! :) I think that tree is a tad more whacked then you! Wilbur seems to have had Quite the Wonderful day - all those amazing crafts pictures at the show were wonderful - and going to sleep now with a gentle whiff of your Gorgeous Garden - HuGs to You and Dear Wilbur - LuV, TiGGy

  12. Sometimes I wish I had kept up with the crafts I used to do but I didn't I don't even sew anymore. Nothing. I play the piano and blog...that's about it! Just reading about all of the different crafts there are made me remember how much fun it all was.
    You two take good care and get lots of rest. Honey is good for people too..Abby and I share it all the time. (She's already in bed!) G'night!

  13. Hi Wilbur,
    You have to be really careful around tumins with saws and clippers and things. They get carried away and before you know it .... disaster. Anyway, you seem to have got through it, but you should count your paws and ears just in case. You definitely need your peanut butter and honey after all that, and a good rub down too.


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