Sunday, January 19, 2014

I'm a hot furry sweaty bear.

Phew!!!! what a week.
Well you could say we had a very hot week and broke all the records.
I must tell you I didn't care about records I just wanted it cool.
It is very hard when you can't unzip your fur.
This is a picture of one of the beaches near us. A lot of tourists go there as well. 
Granny said it was tooooo hot to go in the middle of the day. So we only went once in the evening. The trouble was when we got home our house was still too hot.

The weather man said we had 5 days over 42 deg.  and some 45. At night it got down to about 30 deg. 

Now I should not complain.

Look at the terrible fires that were all around our state and the wonderful Firemen in all their kit, and the heat had to fight them. 
We have 4 that are still not out.
I don't think I will be a fireman, but I will shake a fireman's hand when I see one and say "Thank You." 
Because it was hot Granny decided to clean out the craft room. 
WELL you had to look out where you stood because you might have been chucked in the bin. 
Granny went to IKEA and bought a lot of pretty pink and white striped boxes.
The old boxes got chucked.. plus lots of things Granny kept thinking it might come in handy. I don't know what these Grannies are thinking some times.
These were some of the pretty laces she has boxes for silk lace, fine lace, crochet lace, old lace very old lace, cotton  lace, You name it she has it... As long as it does not go on me.   
We had buttons and craft books and beads and crochet cotton, UFO's. and lots more. 
At least Granny goes to a craft group and they are happy to take what you don't want and some one else does.
I really should not tell you... I am whispering  She hasn't finished yet.
Oh well it is cooler now and I am able to even put a sheet over me to sleep. 

I have just had toast, with peanut butter and honey for supper.
When I say my prayers I am going to ask that all that all the fires go out, and every one is safe.

Welcome to all my followers and my new follower Cvetik.
I think of us as a wonderful group of friends. 

My thought for the week.

"Some people are making such
thorough preparation for rainy days
that they aren't enjoying today's sunshine."


  1. Oh, we know all about the fur suit problem! When LT was little they used to go camping in the south of France in the middle of summer, and poor Elizabearth used to get taken too. Imagine those 40+C days without any air conditioning in a tent! Phew!

    We hope Granny doesn't accidentally pack you in one of those pink stripy boxes, that colour really isn't you, and as for being stuck in a lace filled one... *shudder*


    The Clan, Jack & Boo

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    It makes us so sad to see those horrible fires. We had snow yesterday and we would have so much fun, and have a good, old-fashioned snowball fight. Then come in and Mom would make us hot chocolate.

    Please be careful in that awful heat, take good care of Granny too.

    Heaps of Hugs,
    Prudence ♥

  3. It is awful to be too hot. It hasn't happened to me very often, but I love air conditioning when it is hot. We don't have it in the house, but it never gets really, really hot here where I live, we just sit in the shade and say 'phew' a lot. Firemen and women are so very brave.

  4. We were thinking of you hearing about the extreme heat and the fires in our news... we're not made for extreme hot days either. But we admire Granny for taking the energy to clean her craft room on such a hot day... chapeau! But take care of yourself, Wilbur, not that you get carried away with the stuff Granny sorted out... *grin* We need you here! ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Hard for me to imagine hot weather right now when we are cold and snowy outside where I live. We cozy up to the propane fireplace everyday! I loved the saying for the day, I think it is so true! I wish you cooler days ahead.

  6. Hello WIlbur!
    I am so sorry you cannot change your fur to a lighter version...
    However I am so cold now in my office, it -25 :)
    I would love to send you some of the low temperature to balance our weathers :)

  7. You have really terrible weather. Fires it is very terrible even if they it is far.
    Once my country house burned down. And it is painfully, it is hard to say farewell!
    I wish you good weather!
    At last the winter came to my city, snow dropped out and frosts came. Now it's -22 C

  8. Hiya Wilbur (and Granny of course),
    We would like to wish you a very belated Happy New Year. We've been following your toventures and engagements, and Christmas, and everyfing, and you've been having a momentous summer.
    Boy is that hot. Alan says he used to get that hot when he lived in Africa, but not very often. He went to the game reserve once in the middiddle of the dry season and the temperature range one day was 42F to 42C. It stuck in his mind because of the same numbers. When it was that hot he jumped in the warm springs to keep cool, and when it cooled down he jumped in to warm up - clever wasn't it?
    He says I have to sit on a radiator here with Zeke our new friend 'cos we're off to Indjar in a couple of months and that will be hot too. Here it's been windy and stormy and cool, but no snow - well not where we live anyway.
    Keep cool if you can,

  9. I hope it cools down for you soon. Take care x

  10. Hi dearest...very bad images. I' sorry. The fire is terrible. Now in Italy ther's a 10°, My hugs in your hert!!! W.L. NI

  11. Sometimes we don't know what is better. If we have hot day we dream to be colder and the opposite))))) in Moscow it's -18 below zero;-)

  12. Hi, Wilbur and Granny. I wish I could send you some snow! I will pray for the fires to go out.
    Miss Susan

  13. take care!

    and Wilbur, a zipper in a fur, what a splendid idea......oh...well.....
    Hugs! Pink

  14. Hi Wilbur and Granny hope it cools down soon. It been hot here in South Africa but not that bad. We hv a bit of rain that cooled us down hugs Halcyon

  15. It's sooo true that some folks plan so much for that rainy day that they forget to enjoy the now! It's still so unseasonably hot here in southern California. When will it end??
    Abby and Mom

  16. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    I have been seeing the extreme heat in some parts of your country - that is sweltering temps. Over we have unusually cooler weather - almost feel like Autumn at times. Good luck with sorting out your workroom - lovely pink and white stripe boxes.
    Happy evening

  17. Hi Kay! Always love your posts and creations! I hope it cools down for you soon! Take care!
    Bear hugs to you!

  18. How unfortunate you can't un-zip your fur Wilbur .... you must have been sooooo hot in that heat-wave. Yes! Firemen are such brave workers I would definitely shake their hand if I saw them. xx

  19. Dearest Kay,
    Oh my, the elements can be so harsh; too cold; too wet; too hot and wildfires that cause so much problems! We are finally done in the fight against ever getting water in our basement again. Leading all the water 'away' from our home now. So we trust that the hard work and back braking work for my husband Pieter will be rewarding to us. I'm in awe at his strength and endurance at his age of almost eightyfive... and than to think in September of 2010 he had a quadruple bypass. He's always been in excellent shape and never overweight in his entire life and yet he got a heart attack. We have changed our diet since and seriously follow up with a better life style. One never knows what lies ahead of us... and when.
    Loved this story about your lovely beach. We have to drive about 1½ hour to go to the nearest beach so that is not often, unless we go on a short vacation to Florida.
    Stay cool and guess you are now very organized and keep things neat and tidy!


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