Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Day in the Garden

A day in the garden
 Granny had a morning in the garden, and I wanted to help.
I was digging and found these worms. I thought fishing.... but then I thought I could keep them for a pet. "Hey Granny can I keep these worms for a pet." can you believe she said NO. They have to dig the garden. "Has she gone loopy, I can't see any shovels on the end of these worms."  "Granny they can't dig the garden they haven't got a shovel." 
"Wilbur they don't need a shovel, they dig by eating the soil and it comes out the other end and it lets oxygen into the soil."  "WHAT!!!!!". YUK!!!!!!. Have you ever heard of something so strange? Oh well, I sat down in a huff and I sure when pale with pain. I sat on a prickle. "Granny please pick me up quickly." 
 She pulled the prickle out (of guess where) and sat me near the beautiful Jasmine. It really smells so beautiful, it made me forget about the prickle. I dreamed of some one.
I do wish you could smell it. I would like to make a posy to send to a friend. I'm not saying who this friend is!!! I know she would love the perfume if it didn't die before it reached her house.

Its Supper time with beautiful runny Honey and peanut butter on toast.
See you all next week,

I'm sending all my followers this beautiful rose today, to say Thank You for following me.

My thought for the week:-
"Don't waste time looking at your hill,-climb it."


  1. Me? Oh Wilbur, I'm blushing, and I love Jasmine! Please be careful where you sit in the garden!

    I don't think those worms would make a good pet, do you think they know what love is? I honestly don't think so.

    Heaps of Hugs,
    Prudence ♥

  2. Dear Wilbur , I love Jasmin, you and Granny must be glad to have a wonderful garden. But don´t bring Worms into the house, Granny must be going crazy with you. I´m back from Tuscany/Italy and here is it not so warm, I need warm clothes again.
    Have a great time , hugs for Kay and you - thanks for all the nice comments to my tuscany Pictures and stories. Take care - Ines

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh my - I'm sorry to hear about your prickle but I'm glad you managed to forget about it with the flowers aroma.

    Say hello to granny for me and do let the worms stay in the garden just for good measure.


  4. Уилбур!! Прекрасных тебе дней в саду! Передай привет своему жасмину и вдохни его аромат и за меня)) Надеюсь увидеть фотографии и с другими обитателями бабушкиного сада. Будь счастлив! Береги себя и бабушку!!) Ты славный;***

  5. Wilbur, you put those stinky dirt crapping worms down right now! We're much more prickle savvy living in the Thistle Patch...


    The Clan & Jack

  6. Better let the worms dig the garden and make the soil good, so your beautiful jasmin can grow, dear Wilbur. And maybe you can pick just a few of the flowers, press and dry them and send them in a letter to... whoever you were thinking about (No names...of course not...).

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. Hmmm..boys will be boys, so they say! Worms! Well, I guess we need all of God's creatures to make the world to speak! :) I'm staying OUT of the garden..besides, our new gardener said for me to "Go back in the house little "girl bear"... *sniff*

  8. Dearest Kay,
    Thanks for your visit and you have noticed that we don't look at our hill but climb it instead!
    What a lovely garden you got meanwhile. It is such a joy to see spring develop. We still have around 30°C but nights are getting cooler.
    Hugs to you,

  9. thank you Wilbur for the beautiful rose,it's so pretty.
    I have a worm farm so you would have plenty to play with here,there's 1000's in their farm. Their juice makes good nourishing fertilizer for my veggie garden. Happy week jeanette

  10. I'm sorry about your Wilbur. But Granny is right. Worms are very important in a garden. Besides, I think they would be rather dull pets, don't you think.


  11. Oh Wilbur, I am so sorry your tooshie was in pain. I've never sat on a cactus with prickles before. who were you dreaming about Wilbur? Oh my,,Prudence is so lucky. Mama said jealousy and envy are not good for those who have it so I am trying hard to learn to be a better bear.

    Bear Hugs
    Your friend Blossom

  12. Ty 4 the Rose it's your post,oo

  13. Hiya Wilbur,

    Yuk worms......they are very needful in the garden, but I do not like them.
    I love to work in the garden to. We just had a huge project completed: a new terrace! But I'm not suppose to sit there untill next spring.
    You're so lucky to get spring very soon. I love the scent of Jasmine too. Are you ok now?
    I'm still not doc made a big mistake and gave me pills which really made eveyrthing more worse than it should. All I now gotta do is to wait for October 15 and do a new blood test!
    But I go and climb that hill Wilbur!!!! I hope to pop into my studio and finish the little baby bunny I was working on in August.

    Lotsa hugs from Holland, Thea x

  14. Hey Wilbur, who are you sending those flowers too? Could it be P......e? You soppy softie. Digging up worms is great fun, even if they do eat the soil.


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