Sunday, June 16, 2013

Problem Solved.

Problem Solved.
I have had my problem solving brain working all week. I think I have cracked it. 
Can you remember Granny saying I couldn't carry the case it was too big. WELL. Have I a surprise for her. Yep... first of all I had to go to Granny's stocking draw. Some of them looked too fine and not strong enough. Soooo I found a pair of thick black ones she wears when it is cold. Next ingredient; a old skate board that was in the grandies cupboard. Now, not the largest case but the next size down will be my part of the compromise.  
 Out to the veranda. Now will those stockings tie around the case and the skate board?
I have got a bit of clearance. Yep... I have solved the problem.
 Now you all have to keep quite for awhile. I am keeping this a secret from Granny for awhile.
When she hollers.. you can't lift that big case I can tell her I can push it with ease.
                  Hmmm. I feel good when I have solved a problem.

Today was market day again and it was very cold this morning I could huff in the air and steam would come out.. It looked like I was a train.

    I met this Big, cuddly fat cat.
It must have been cat day, I met a lovely orange cat, she was sorta pretty, with flowers on her tummy.
 Hmm.. this doll was making eyes at me. I really liked those pigs. I wanted to be friends, so I told him I did not like pork, Just honey and peanut butter.  
                  I climbed  up on this table because I thought I might get a taste test of these cakes.
Guess What? They were not cakes at all. They were baby's singlets and socks rolled up to look like a cake.
                                                       I hope they washed the socks.
A lolly stall yummm... Granny said I couldn't drink what was in that bottle,it was adults drink.
I'm sure if I was thirsty she would let me have a sip. What do you think? 
This is a pretty wool scarf that has been needle felted.
A nice warm cup of tea is just what would warm Granny up.
At the end of the market I was so tired and worn out from a busy day so I had a massage.
This lovely lady had the most wonderful hands that made all my muscles tingle. I was nearly going to sleep until this. 
She changed from nice smooth massage into chop chop..??? chop,chop..
"hey lady, what are you doing, where have your nice smooth hand gone..., I want relaxation."
She told me my muscles would like it in the morning. Well I hope they do. That woke me up very quickly.
We are home again in the warm, and I will have to ask my muscles  how they feel tomorrow.

Toast with honey and Peanut paste with a lovely mug of warm milk is just right for supper.
See you all next week.


Welcome to Tanya from Russia. Tanya makes beautiful bears, You will find her at

My thought for the day.
"May your life always be like a pot of tea....
overflowing to warm the soul."


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    You are BRILLIANT! But mum is the word for now. Your secret is safe with us.

    You sure had a busy day at the market, and met new friends too. That nice lady was so sweet to give you a massage, I bet you had a beary good night sleep.

    How many sleeps 'til camp? I'm going to get Mom's calendar and start the count down. Yippee, summer camp here we come!!!!

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. Wonderful idea with the skateboard. Too bad it was so cold. I like markets very much.
    Sunny greetings, Conni

  3. Wulbur hatte eine tolle Idee mit dem Skatebord!
    Ich hoffe ihr hattet eine schöne Zeit!
    Liebe Grüße

  4. Wilbur, you are such a clever boy... what a great solution (although we would like to know what Granny thinks about that... especially when it comes to your use of her stockings). And what a lovely day you've had at the fair... and the massage... wow, lucky you!

    Flutterby + Birgit

  5. Well done Wilbur! I knew you would find a way. :)

    Kay, that is such a wonderful & inspiring quote! Thank you for sharing it. I am going to share it with my friends. Best wishes! :)

  6. Wilbur, you're lucky !!! a massage !!
    Pictures are so funny this week !!! I love your blog Kay !!!

    Have a lovely week !


  7. HI Kay and Wilbur,

    So glad that you have the suitcase sorted and great idea having some wheels to help.
    enjoyed seeing all your photos of the market and love the quote, so true.

    Happy week

  8. Oh Wilbur, your such a clever bear! What a great idea!
    Hugs Melli

  9. Well thought through Wilbur! The fair looked fun right up to the scary chopping woman...


    The Clan & Jack


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