Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Japanese Garden in Adelaide

We visited a Japanese Garden 

It was a very hot day when we visited a beautiful Japanese garden.
It is a walled garden and when you go through the gates it is so peaceful.
The only thing that was not peaceful was the sun... and something else!!!!!
Can you guess?
I'm telling everyone Welcome to this beautiful garden!
Now this is the picture that I want you to squint your eyes and see what was NOT peaceful in this photo...
Can you see something that is sitting on that dome in the water. Well, it is a bird called a White necked Heron. and I don't like it.
That Heron was as fat as fat and was eating the big gold fish in this beautiful pond. 
I told him to move on but I don't know why, he just stood on that dome and every time a fish went passed he did a dive into the water and caught a fish. 

Now this is very clever, water drips into the bamboo and when enough is in it, splash... it tips up and comes out the spout.
I'm leaning over the pond to tell the fish to hide under a rock until the Heron fly's away.
Apart from that dumb bird it was very peaceful.
Hmmm. This is soft green grass to sleep on in the shade.
This is a Japanese Tea House. No tea is being served here today, I think it is far to hot.
Lots odd little waterfalls make a lovely trickling sound.
Arrrrr.... a good place to rest and ponder... You know, think.
Well do you know what I was thinking? 
My brains cogs were turning and I was trying to work out how to catch that bird with out hurting him.
I don't think my cogs were turning fast enough because I couldn't come up with any ideas
Well I'm thinking!!!!! What if I shared my toast with him? Do you think that would fill him up so he didn't want to eat fish.
He was swimming under those water lillies, while I was watching. 
Look OUT Bird!!! I hope you get a tummy ache.
This stature had a lions head coming out from the top. It was a wonder that didn't scare the bird.

Bye Japanese Garden. I hope all those fish go hiding.
Granny and I were so glad to get home and have a nice cold brrrrr... drink.

Then it was time for toast with peanut butter and  honey for supper.
No bed clothes on tonight, I will just sleep in my fur.
See you all next week.


A warm welcome to The Teddy Bear House. 
It is the most beautiful site. I hope you take a look.

Welcome to a lovely lady from the Ukraine. She has a site with great dolls and bears. 

My thought for the week.

"The easiest way to get a healthy body is to marry one." 


  1. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh, that naughty bird. Maybe next time you visit you should take some seed or grains for him. I wouldn't want to see the fishies get eaten either.

    Thank you for sharing your bee-u-tee-ful pictures.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

    Big hugs to Granny. ♥

  2. Awesome........what a beautiful garden. I wish we had them over here. You are so lucky Wilbur that Granny to you out for a visit.
    All my fish in the pond, exept ONE, are gone now too. Herons can be very nasty birds.
    Sunshine at your place, snow over here......yup, again......pfffff the whole world is white again.Seems we have nu luck this year....

    Big bear hugs to both of you, Thea xoxo

  3. What a beautiful blog you have! Japanese gardens are so beautiful and your photos amazing!xx

  4. Well that looks like a very fun place to visit when the greedy bird isn't around! Maybe you need to make a 'scare-bird' for the ponds...


    The Clan & Jack

  5. Wilbur, you're our hero... trying to help those poor fishies! ;O) Thank you for taking us with you in this beautiful garden, you know we suffer heavily from snow again and this was some kind of medicine for our eyes who are so sore of white. And we love Japanese garden culture very much, although we are big flowers lovers, but Japanes gardens are always a feast for the eye whery you can rest not only your body but also your soul. We hope your toast was delicious and you received an extra piece.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Hi Wilbur,

    We loved the beautiful photos of the Japanese garden. We didn't want to look too closely at the mean ol' bird so for most of the post we kept our eyes squinted. Those poor fishies.

    On those really hot days you've been having did you try the fridge thing we suggested?

    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Hi Wilbur,

    Thanks so much for taking us with you on your visit to the gardens. I've been to a similar one in Portland but Sebastian hasn't seen one yet. This will be his introduction and if the bird doesn't scare him away, maybe I'll get a chance to take him to visit one.

    You're the best!


  8. What a lovely garden! It looks so peaceful! Good on you Wilbur for trying to save the fish!!

  9. Wow !! Ilove Japanese gardens !! they are so....quiet !!
    Wilbur is very busy with this bird !!!

    Have a lovely week Kay and Wilbur !!

    Bear hugs

  10. We have a japanese garden that looks just like that where I live, it is so pretty!


  11. oh he is so sweet with his shoes and these pictures are gorgeous!!! wow!!!

  12. Thanks for showing us those beautyful and peaceful pictures. It is very cold in Germany this time but your sunny photos are warming ours hearts. It was so brave of you to save the poor fishes... or that you have at least tried! I´m sure the fish take seriously your warning and hide better in the future
    Hugs Melli

  13. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful . . . and so very serene!


  14. OH MY that was SUCH FUN!!! Loved visiting the Japanese Tea Garden you!!! Until spring arrives here I'll have to dream GREEN through you...
    Thank you for taking us with you...
    Bear Hugs,

  15. That big white bird was in the gardens when I last visited .... not nice to see him gobbling up those pretty fish. I see you wore your sensible hiking shoes which was a very splendid idea but I'm guessing Granny helped you tie the laces.
    So nice to get home after a day out in the hot sun and I do hope you didn't get sunburnt.

  16. Hi Wilbur,
    Whew! We've finally managed to get on the computer - Nana Kayzy's been hogging it all week! We loved your visit to the Japanese garden, and Granny took lovely photos of you there. That heron sure is a worry for the fish, so we asked the birds in our garden if they could fly off and have a word with him, to encourage him to go fishing in a bigger pond (like the Southern Ocean maybe) and leave the fish in the Japanese garden alone. Let's hope he's a reasonable heron.
    Big hugs from Shirley and all Kayzy's Critters :)

  17. Hi Wilbur - you are a lucky bear- so a wonderful garden, we got in Freiburg a japanese garden, too - but it is to cold , very cold and snowy here.
    I love the sunshine picture´s . Hugs to Granny and you - have a lovely weekend - Ines

  18. Hi Wilbur,

    What a beautiful garden. You sure got to have more fun than us at home school! We are still tired.

    Our Mama said that a heron came to sit on our fence one time. He was very big and scary.


  19. Dear Kay! What a wonderful garden! I love Japanese gardens, I even have one at home! Kind of.... European-Japanese....))))


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