Sunday, January 20, 2013

Whooo Hoooo I'm Back. I have so much to tell you.

Granny had the best Christmas present ever.
A darling little baby girl called Summer came into this world. She is Granny's first great grand child.
Granny says her heart is over flowing with love for this darling little baby that has come into our family.
Ella and Adam are the very proud Mum and Dad.
Granny kisses her screen good morning and good night every day, because Summer is on it. 
Granny goes all mushy when she looks at these pictures that Summer Rain from Airlie Beach took of this precious baby.
Can you see that gorgeous little face looking at you. Granny said her heart was melting.

I want to tell all of my friends how much I missed them. Especially Shirley, she is a special friend, So is Purdence, Sissy, Belamine, Wendy, Flutterby, Wil and Fungus. Blossom,Sweet pea, Daniel, Harold and Clarissa. I must stop or I will run out of room.
I am telling every one of my friends I missed seeing them on the putter.
Can you see the big screen, well I will be able to see you all even better now.
We now have a laptop and I think I might take that over. Granny said we have to share.
At Christmas time I would check the mail box every day. Then one day the postie left me two letters that came all the way from America.
Look at that beautiful writing, from my friends at the north pole.
Then those lovely words from My DEAR.... friend Prudence
The cards are so pretty
They came right across the sea, in an aeroplane to my letter box.
When I couldn't talk to any friends I would go into the lounge and read my Christmas cards. I would read them over and over again.
I felt closer to them when reading their cards.

Granny says family and friends are the most precious things in life.
I think they are too.

I must go and have my toast with peanut butter and honey. Then tonight I will dream about my friends all night. Granny says she will dream about that beautiful little baby Summer. 

A warm welcome to New and old followers, because I missed you all so much.

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This is a beautiful site that is called 'Encourage one another"
You will love the short stories with a moral. Or something to make you think. I love it.
Take a look for yourself.

My thought for the week.
'In our youth we sew seeds, in our old age we cut corns.  '


  1. Dear Wilbur and Kay,

    So glad to see you back again, you have both been missed. You must be enjoying the new computer with the big screen.
    Congratulations on darling little baby Summer and the photos are adorable.
    Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and back again

  2. Hi Kays Kids and Wilbur,

    What fabulous photos! Congratulations and enjoy!

    You're very lucky indeed and Wilbur is lucky too!


  3. Hi Wilbur,

    We are so excited to see you and Granny back! We really missed you.

    To be a Great Grandma is a wonderful thing. Our Mama has 4 Great Grandsons.
    They are wild little ones but Mama sure loves and enjoys them.

    Your Granny is so right! Family and friends are wonderful blessings.

    Our Mama sure loves your Granny's thoughts for the week. they always make her smile. A smile is always a good thing.

    Big bear hugs
    Sissy, Sweet Pea, Blossom
    and Jason

  4. What a cute little baby! What an adorable name!!! Congratulations on such a magnificent occasion! This is truly an outstanding event and I want you all and expecially the little miracle to be happier and happier with every day of your lives!
    PS we all missed you badly:)

  5. Как хорошо!!! А я тут думаю, куда же вы с бабушкой пропали? Счастья и здоровья Вашей семье!!! Да, Уилбур, бабушка права, когда говорит, что семья и друзья являются самыми драгоценными вещами в жизни!!!

  6. I have miss you both and I´m glad you back, the photos are fantastic - so peaceful. And Granny has allways right , friends and family are better as all gold in the world - enjoy your sunday - with warm hugs Ines

  7. Welcome back. I can see why your heart melts when you look at Summer,she is so cute. Congratulations.
    So pleased you got lots of cards Wilbur,friends are so precious. xx

  8. Oh thank goodness you are back and all is well! Congratulations on the safe arrival of that gorgeous little baby. What a joy! and what beautiful pictures. xxx

  9. Oh dear, that's the Clan and Jack in a huff and not talking to you now!

    Granny, congrats on Summer, enjoy your family time with her, and have fun with your new computer!


  10. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh, a new baby - how exciting. We can see why Granny is so in love with Summer.

    Boy, it's good to be writing to you this morning, we MISSED you and Granny to pieces. At first we were worried but then Mom heard from Granny and we knew you both were well, just that stupid "puter" got sick.

    Have a fun day.

    Heaps of Hugs
    Prudence ♥

  11. Congratulations !!!!
    What a cute little baby.... You are very lucky.

    Hugs Ellen

  12. Welcome back Wilbur and Kay and thanks a lot for this lovely pictures.
    Hugs Iris

  13. It was a relief when Granny wrote us it was only computer problems that made you stay away from blogland - but it's so much better to have you back blogging. Blogland is not the same without you, dear buddy! Congrats to Granny - this was without any doubt the best Christmas present ever! What a cute little darling (*teehee* and Birgit, our snow-hater, says noone would ever go and name a child "Winter". LOL!)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  14. Beautiful great grandbaby and gorgeously done pictures!! congratulations.


  15. Welcome back Wilbur, we were missing you and wondered if Granny was alright. It seems she was very alright with the arrival of Summer. Congratulations to all.

    We hope you're not too baked over there. We've been hearing how hot it's been in some places in Oz. Can we have some of your heat please 'cos it's cold and snowy over here?



  16. Hi Wilbur and Granny,

    We are so happy to hear from you. We all missed you and Granny heaps and tons and more than you can even imagine.

    Our mom says to tell Granny the new little GGD is precious and the pictures are beautiful and her name fits her perfectly. She's getting really gushy here and it's getting a bit disturbing. What is it with babies??? They seem to make everybody act goofy. Humph!!

    As we started to say before our mom got in the way, Welcome back, we missed you.

    Bellamine & Wendy

  17. Ohhh...Kay this pictures of this little sweet baby are so
    She is tiny and sweet!
    I think you are so proud on this sweet little angel.
    Congratulations...enjoy this time sweet Kay!

    Love from Holland

  18. Congratulations !!! What a beautiful baby and what a nice name!!! You are really blest!

    Hugs Sharon

  19. Woohooo you're back!!!!
    First of all many congratulations with this sweet little baby. She is so precious and thanks for sharing her beautiful pictures. I'm sure granny is over the moon with her.

    And it's good to see you're back Wilbur. That splendid new puter is awesome and a laptop, boy oh boy, that's a super thing!

    Will you give granny big big hugs!!!!

    Lotsa love from a very very very cold Holland,
    Thea xoxo

    ps:send some of your Australian heath over here please!!! I NEED it.

  20. Dear Wilbur;

    My goodness! A new baby is very exciting news. I can see why Granny is so happy. What an adorable little girl tiny Summer is! I hope to see lots more of you and Granny in the new year.

    Ali x

  21. awe the sweetest photos!!!! so adorable Kaye!!! Lovely baby and a perfect name....wishing you a wonderful week!

  22. CONGRATULATIONS!!! what an ADORABLE baby...Lots of HUGS,Ece...

  23. Hi Wilbur,
    We're SO GLAD to have you back! With that new laptop and screen of Granny's there'll be no stopping you now.
    Hugs from Kayzy's Critters, and an especially big one from Shirley <3

  24. Dearest Wilbur..and Granny,
    Just a quick word to let you know how much we appreciate your comments on Mom's blog. You warm her heart just like warm her lap..(when she has time to sit with me and Mele for moment. Your warm thoughts and caring have been so wonderful..for all of us..

    (and Mona)

  25. I repeatedly showm this to my daughter.She enjoyed a lot.


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