Sunday, September 2, 2012

Down memory lane

Down Memory Lane

Guess where I am????
This is a photo from the road of the ruin of the house where Granny's mother lived. I could tell you funny stories about getting over the fence. Granny tells me she is so glad no pictures were taken, because, after trying to get over and not succeeding she had to roll under. Ha Ha. Of course She had to carry me and roll me under as well. Phew!!!!
Well it was really a back to where their mother lived before she was married.
There was only one room left. It was the kitchen, so we all climbed in the window and had a look at the old fire place, and thought of all the cups of tea they would have had around the table. Plus toast and peanut butter of course. With warm milk from the cow.
Gore Granny you look drunk. Get a grip on your self!!!  I can see the hole in the back, may be there was a bread oven .
This is Granny's sister , now she can hold me nicely, not like Granny wobbling all over the place. I wonder if they had bee hives on this farm. I'm dreaming of honey.
Well what do you know we found a door that went out down the hay stack. Granny was carrying me and put one foot on the hay and down we rolled until we reached the bottom.
HA HA!!!!!
It was fun and a nice soft landing.

It was funny but Granny was covered from head to toe in hay, prickles, twigs and dirt.
This was our first stop and Granny was a mess already.
She had a nice felt scarf on, and prickles sure love felt and velvet jackets, they stuck like mud.

We found a very deep underground tank that they would have had for water. I had to be careful not to fall in.
We went down to where the sheds would have been, and found the old well. Another hole I didn't want to fall into.
Tho old rusty rake was still parked under the tree.
Off  to Tarlee to see the home that Granny and her sister grew up in. They had lots and lots of beautiful memories of that home. It used to have a picket fence when they were young.

Granny was such a mess with all the hay, so we went up to the cemetery and had a picnic lunch up with the rellies. They didn't mind Granny's prickles at all.  It is only a tiny little cemetery but well kept. 
This is Granny's Grandfather and Grandmothers grave.

On the way home we called into a Catholic Cemetery called Navern. It had the most beautiful little chapel and set in majestic gum trees. Very pretty.
I was pooped by the time I got home, it was a big day. I could have stayed and rolled down that hay all day. Granny says one roll  was more than enough.

AHhhhhhhh!!! Toast and peanut butter with honey for supper.
I will dream about hay stacks all night.
See you all next week.

We are lucky to have Karen. S. following us this week. 
Welcome Karen, we love to have you visit us.

My thought for the day.
You've got to love each brick an' stone
from cellar up t'dome;
It takes a heap o'livin' in a house
t'make it home."
(Edgar AGuest 1881-1959)


  1. Good morning Kay !!! what a beautiful day you had !! Roots are the most important thing of our life !!
    Have a lovely week !!


  2. What an amazing day out! It looked like a lovely farm. Hope you got the prickles out Granny!!

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh, is Granny okay? She isn't hurt is she? Gosh that must have been frightening. Not for you of course, I can just see you wanting another go at falling in the hay pile.

    Your "auntie" is very pretty, just like your Granny. And the house that they grew up in is bee-u-tee-ful.

    Thank you for sharing all those wonderful memories and pictures.

    Miss you.

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

  4. Hey Kay and Wilbur!
    What a beautiful journey you'va had! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful experience :)

  5. What a wonderful day you've had all together - so much fun and even adventure... falling down this well or water reservoir would have been terrible - my, would we miss you, Wilbur! Better enjoy you're toast and milk than fall down in dangerous holes... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. What a great trip out to Tarlee wonderful to go for a wander around your mums home...and to see yours again....I cant imagine how you felt looking at it, knowing all the things you did there growing up...cant wait to talk to you more about it...x

  7. What a wonderful sentimental journey this was. We are wondering is granny okay? We hope she didn't get any scrapes or bruises. Our mama is always falling down and getting all banged up. Better to fall and land in soft hay. We know you liked it Wilbur.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and such sweet memories.

    From all of us
    at Honeypot Lane

  8. Hi Wilbur and Granny,

    It must be wonderful to revisit your roots. One of the things about living a gypsy life style is that it's impossible to revisit homes from earlier days. My memories are of the people I was with. Granny I hope the fall in the hay didn't do any damage.


  9. Amazing stuff! Glad you weren't hurt Kay!

  10. Hi Kay,

    What a fascinating adventure! I enjoyed peeking into your past and hope you've gotten rid of all the prickles by now.

    I think it's a lot of sentimental fun to go back to visit places that you once knew in a different time of life.

    Thanks for taking us along for the journey.


  11. Hi Kay,

    Looks like you had a wonderful day and what happy memories seeing the house you lived in.
    Thanks for taking us along and wishing you a happy week


  12. Кау какой добрый пост. Замечательные воспоминания из детства..столько нежности..очень понравилось!сПАСИБО))))Как красиво у вас там!!!!

  13. What a great travel to the past and to Grannys roots... Grannys roots are your roots too Wilbur! Even if you found no roots in the hay ;-)
    Have a great week!
    Hugs Melli

  14. ¡Que hermosos paisajes nos muestras en las fotos!

    He soñado junto a Wilbur, imaginando una maravillosa infancia en un lugar como ese.

    Mi agradecimiento, mi abrazo y un tarrito de miel para Wilbur.


  15. Sounds like you had a lovely day, walking along memory lane with Granny and her sister. Take care of Granny, Wilbur - she is precious. I'm glad she has a gentleman like you to look out for her.

  16. Thank you Wilbur,
    that's a nice story, it's like travelling back in time - I try to imagine how live must have been in Kay's mother's home. But I am sure, rolling down hay stacks is just as funny as it has always been.

  17. Hi kay and Wilbur!!! that a beautiful day you've had!!! thank's for the beautiful picture big hugs.

  18. Hi Kay:-)

    I've been away from blogging much too long but I'm back now:-) I've really missed all of you. I love it that you were able to visit what is left of your grandparents' old homestead, no doubt many memories there!! Sounds like Wilbur also enjoyed the visit! hehe Playing in the hay is something I've never done but it sounds like fun so maybe the next time I see a haystack I'll jump right in! lol xoxo

  19. what a wonderful post!!!! lovely photos!


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