Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photo's from camp.

Hi, Granny it's Wilbur...
 I'm still here Granny and I am having a ball.  We have had the best camp fires, and told lots of spooky stories at night. The girls get a bit frightened, but we soon tell them it is just a story and we all fall about laughing. 
I'm sending pictures of our Damper on a Stick bonfire.
Prudence loved the warmth of the fire on her paws. I told her she needed to sit by me to help me stir the dough.
Of course I had to show them how it was made.  I got a big bowl and put SR. flour, a tiny bit of oil and water. Then I did the bushy thing like we do in the Aussie land and got a stick to stir it with. Well you should have heard the shouts from the girl. (Oh no you must have a spoon, it will be too dirty, it will make it taste terrible.) They just don't get bush cooked food.( Although they did when we ate it. )
Right. oh, next we make it into a round by patting it out with our paws, next we wrap it around a stick, like this...
Can you see I'm telling them how far away from the flames to hold it? Then turn it every now and again, when you remember.
See that bear in the red coat he we watching a bee to see if he could find the honey. The little pink bear was warming her paws.

We were thinking all the time what do we want inside the damper... some said peanut butter, some said Jam, I made them laugh and said I am having kangaroo tail in mine it is just the right size. The girls were rolling around saying YUK.
Guess what we did have????
Honey of course. We took the damper off the stick when it was cooked and poured honey down the hole.
YUM, YUM.  Everyone loved it and wanted more. Did you see Prudence in the first picture well she kept telling me to cook more and more, So I told her to get stiring the dough.
This chubby guy thought he could eat three.

This little girl was a bit fussy, she kept asking for a serviette. "I beg your PARDON" a serviette on a bush picnic. I told her to go and take a dive in the creek to wash it off.
Daniel and Harold were telling her they would go and find a big leaf for her to use. So off they went and found leaves for Blossom and Sissy as well. You know Granny boys just lick their paws, don't they.

We have been for so many hikes and found lizards,
boy did those girls run a mile, especially Blossom.. I was telling them that lizards have been on this earth longer than bears. They couldn't believe that. 
 Our Bunk beds are great. Sweet Pea and I have teamed up and he is on the bottom and I'm on the top, because I'm older. We will be the best of mates for ever and ever I think.

Must go and have some  more fun. 
I love you heaps Granny, and I do miss you when it is night when I am in my bunk and think about you.
I don't get much time to think about you though.
Big Hugs

My heart is warm and fuzzy getting all those pictures and a letter from Wilbur, I have been watching the post every day. He did remember me after all.
If I hear more I will let you all know.
Hugs Granny.

You might like to see some of the lake where the bear camp is.

We welcome a great blog for new bear makers. She is sharing some of her tips.

Welcome to "The Crazy Horse Toys, at
She has a horse that is so funny you won't believe.

My thought for the week.

"If exercise will eliminate fat; how in the world
do some women have double chins."


  1. Gorgeous camp fire....Wilbur is having such a good time Granny, I wonder if he will ever want to come home...!!!

  2. Absolutely adorable, Kay! The pictures are wonderful and the lake is beautiful, too! xxxx, Janice

  3. Awww ...this is so cute. I loved the pictures with the little story. You have such a great imagination! :) Send those little bears Abby's love...
    Mona and Abby.

  4. Oh Wilbur, it looks like lots of fun - those girls though, they have NO appreciation for the great outdoors!


    The Clan and Jack

  5. Honey in stick damper Yum! I want to go to Bear Camp.

  6. Ooh Wilbur! Your ruffy-tuffy outdoorsy bear! Glad you are enjoying your trip. x

  7. Wow, was für ein tolles Lagerfeuer-Abenteuer die Bärchen hatten, eine wunderschöne Geschichte.
    Liebe Grüße Mona

  8. Hi Wilbur's Granny,

    What a beary wonderful letter Wilbur wrote, he certainly is thoughtful.

    It sounds like the little furs are all having a great time at Camp Good Bear. And Wilbur is teaching them so much about Australia.

    Wonder if Prudence will come home with a wee bit of an Aussie accent?

    Hugs ♥
    Prudence's Mom

  9. Hi Wilbur's Granny,

    Lovely letter that Wilbur wrote. It sounds like he's having the time of his life at Camp Good Bear and is teaching all of the others how to be real campers. Has he taught them how to cook a fish on a stick yet?

    Bellamine, Wendy & Clarrisa's Mom

  10. Wilbur look so happy in this camp !!! good hollidays Wilbur !!

  11. That's awesome!!! I'm glad Wilbur is having such a good time...My bears want to go to camp now too!

  12. Finally a note from Wilbur - and he's having so much fun... but what else to expect when so many bears come together. We hope he'll write soon again and of course that the fun in camp goes on and on...

    Flutterby + Birgit

  13. Hi Wilbur's Granny,

    What a sweet and wonderful letter Wilbur wrote. I know Sweet Pea just thinks Wilbur is the greatest. It sounds like Wilbur is a good friend to all.

    I hope he is taking good care of those wonderful shoes of his. :o)


  14. Hi Granny Kay,
    We're so glad Wilbur is having fun at camp. Ask him if he's taught everyone how to make billy tea yet? We can send him some gum leaves for the tea. Are you lonely without Wilbur? Nana Kayzy says we can give you lots of hugs at next Saturday's show, to keep you going till Wilbur comes home.
    Here's a HUGE HUG from
    Kayzy's Critters (and Kayzy) :0)

  15. Oh my God! Wilbur, I adore your stories, adore you and your Granny! :)
    Had great time reading this one :)

  16. Hi Wilbur, great Story ,perfect holidays - enjoy these days with the girls :-)))))) warm regards Ines

  17. OMG Wilbur is Prudence staying with you at Camp Good Bear!!!!!!!!!!!! That's terrific. I'm sure you will have so much fun.
    It's great for us to see and to know that you have a wonderful time.

    Happy hugs, Thea x

  18. Wow I loved seeing camp in Aussie Land. I have never seen anything like what you bears did with that dough. It is all so very interesting to this Yankee.

  19. Hi Wilbur,

    You look as if you're having a great time at camp. Everyone knows you put hunny in a damper. How else are you going to get enough hunny in your fur to keep away the hunger pangs in the night. Nasty little creatures those hunger pangs and you really have to keep them at bay, specially at camp.




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