Sunday, July 1, 2012

Getting ready for CAMP

I'm practising for CAMP.

Last night I had a sleep out, trying out my sleeping bag. It was a cold night, and it rained. Although I was under the veranda, so I didn't get wet. My sleeping bag was snuggley warm.
Mornin... The sun is up and it is a bit wet on the lawn. "Granny, I am excited, I want to show you how far I can cast my fishing line.
"Wow, did you see that. Granny did you see how far it went."
Now I am sure I would catch a fish with a good cast like that.
See it lobbed right up near that tree. I know I'm getting better. Granny said, keep practising.
My shoes are getting muddy and my paws have gone numb with cold. Not long now and I will be sun baking in the sun. In fact it will be in 14 days time. Yippee!!!!
I came inside and Granny made me sit in the laundry while she cleaned the mud off my shoes. 
She kept telling me to "Put the fishing rod down while I get those shoes cleaned". " Come on Wilbur just while I get your shoes shiny again.". "Nope... I want to keep holding it, I might forget how to cast if I let it go." I don't know Granny says it will permanently be fixed to my paw soon.

I Hope all the bears that go to Good Bear Camp are getting ready like me.

Can you imagine Me (Wilbur) casting out off that jetty!!!!!

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  1. Hi Wilbur,

    Don't worry about bringing your sleeping bag (you can if you want to) cause we have real nice cabins that are air conditioned and there is plenty of room to put all our stuff, and even a fishing pole hanger for your gear.

    It won't be long - I started to pack and I get so excited that I can't fall asleep at night.

    See you REALLY soon.

    Hugs ♥

  2. You're looking very well prepared there Wilbur, you'll be having fish over the campfire every night at this rate...


    The Clan and Jack

  3. Hay dear Kay,

    Wilbur is so cute boy...he will going to fishing...
    I love his story's...and I still love his shoes.

    Love from Marijke

  4. Oh wow that's not long to go now! Love the fishing rod!

  5. Right you are, dear Wilbur - getting a little practice is never wrong and we'd bet you'll catch a lot of fish. But maybe you should practice being away from Granny - or even better - enjoy her company as long as you can before camp starts and you should put down the fishing rod when she asks you to do so... ;O)

    Flutterby + Birgit

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    We tried to talk our mom into letting us get the feel of camping by spending the night camping in the yard but she wouldn't let us so we have to wait to do the real thing. It won't be long now. Only two more weeks and we'll all be together at Camp Good Bear. We're packed and ready to go. See you soon.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. I love that yellow plaid sleeping bag of yours Wilbur. I you have great adventures at camp.

    Ali x

  8. Practice makes PERFECT Wilbur. We really like your sleeping bag.

    If you catch some big fish maybe we can have a fish fry.

    Sweet Pea
    Sissy and Blossom

  9. Oh !!I would like to leave with Wilbur for his camp!! And go fishing with him!! They would be beautiful holidays!!
    Have a lovely week Kay !!

  10. You rock WILBUR!!!!! A bit of practice is always good.
    Are you nervous..? Granny will look over ya so everything should be perfect. I'm sure! Do not panic!
    Catch some big fish will ya, nice for a BBQ.

    Big hugsssss, Thea x

  11. wow i love Wilbur and this little history,s .I hope you take the little fish.thank you very much for your blog.hugxxx

  12. Hi, Wilbur! I'm so excited for you, getting ready for camp and fishing and sleeping out, what fun!
    And you're going to see Prudence and your other friends.
    Miss Susan

  13. Wilbur is a busy guy! I love the little itty bitty dog saying hello to a much bigger one!


  14. Hi Wilbur, you are lucky to have a snuggly sleeping bag, and I hope you didn't wear your muddy boots inside it. Alan says that people climbing big snowy mountains bring their boots into their sleeping bags to stop them from freezing, so if Granny complains you can just tell her you had to stop your boots from freezing.

    Hugs, Jock

  15. Hi Wilbur,

    How much fun you must be having, getting ready to go to camp. How brave you are sleeping outdoors.
    Glad that you are getting in some practice.

    Happy weekend

  16. Дорогой Уилбур!! У нас в стране сегодня ДЕНЬ РЫБАКА!! Хочу поздравить тебя с этим праздником!! Удачной и захватывающей тебе рыбалки!! )))
    Обнимаю, Мишель)


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