Sunday, July 15, 2012

Camp Good Bear

Here we come!!!
The day has arrived for me to go on an aeroplane.
I had a lot of stuff to cram in. Granny is bigger than me so she had to sit on the case to make it close.
Here I am going out the door. 

I hopped into the car seat and said to Granny put the peddle to the metal. I want to get there fast. 
Well I ask you, I don't think Granny would drive fast for any beary person. Drats....
Airport here we come. Big kisses good bye and away I flew.

I have been waiting for months for this day to come. Can you see me, I'm in the third window past the wing.
I feel like I am floating on clouds, and I pinch myself to see if I am dreaming because the air hostesses are HOT.
I took a picture of the seats to show you. See they have TV's and every thing.
It took along time to get here, but at last I will see my mates. Wooppee...
I think they said the boys cabins were to the right of the tree. I want to be there to welcome Sweet Pea. 
Us boys need to stick together.
Of course I want to see every one. Oh I see a camp mother she will tell me where to go.
I'm in sunshine and the bunks are comfy. 
They even had a Welcome sign out for me. 
Now I am just letting you all know I wont write to you every week. I told Granny she might have to wait for pictures and news about every 2 weeks. I'm sure she will give every one the up dates.

I wonder what will be for supper???? I hope they have peanut butter and honey on toast.
I will just have to wait and see. 
See you all in a few weeks, after we have some adventures.
Hugs Wilbur.

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My thought for the day.
"It isn't what children know that bothers the parents- its how they found out!"


  1. Have a great time Wilbur, I cant wait to see your camp snapshots....stay out of the poison ivy...

  2. Have fun at camp Wilbur. The girls are going to be thrilled to finally be able to give you a hug fur to fur. Bellamine insisted on packing peanut butter and honey and crackers just in case so if you need an in between snack check with her.

  3. Up, up and away, Wilbur - you jetsetter! We can't wait to about your adventures on camp. Make sure you have a great time on behalf of all the Aussie bears who couldn't go, and remember everything to tell us when you return home,
    Hugs from Kayzy's Critters. :0)

  4. Hey Wilbur, we hope you have a great time at camp with plenty of pillow fights and midnight feasts with Sweet Pea!


    The Clan and Jack

  5. Hi Wilbur,

    Aren't you lucky! flying away to Camp Good bear - hope you have a fun time and we all look forward to seeing your photos.


  6. We've seen you waving behind that window... ;O) Have a great time, dear Wilbur, with loads of fun and lots of new friends - and don't forget to take many, many pictures.

    Flutterby + Birgit

  7. Sunday Evening, July 15th.

    Hi Miss Kay,

    We just got home from taking Prudence to camp. Wilbur is having the grandest time. He has already taught Sweet Pea how to fish. They are more like brothers than friends, that only took a few minutes.....

    I know you are missing Wilbur, we are missing our Prudence too but they are having a wonderful time. I was surprised that nobeary was suffering from homesickness. That is a good thing.

    Prudence's Mom

  8. Hi everyone! Have a fabulous time at camp, Wilbur!
    Miss Susan

  9. Hey Kay and Wilbur!
    You are having such a great time together! What an amazing story:) Keep it up:)

  10. Hi Wilbur i hope you have the good time at your camp.Big bear hugsxxx

  11. Finally, it is so far!!!
    You can go to the camp! We rejoice with you and wish you great holidays and many, many photos for us!
    Hugs Melli

  12. Wowwwwwwwwwww Wilbur finally the time has come!! I hope you will have a beary good camp!! Make lotsa new friends!!!
    Give Momma big hugssssssssssss and please come back safe, bearcause we cannot mis ya ♥
    Hugs from Holland, Thea x

  13. Dear Wilbur,

    It's great to hear that you had a good flight! Enjoy your camp stay and I hope you will make many new friends.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your adventures there.


  14. wonderful i love it

    love greats from sylvia by the mäsywi-bären

  15. I sure hope Camp-Good-Bear is beary nice and has lots of beary good tucker ... that's important when you're far from home.

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  17. Hi Wilbur's Granny. Sweet Pea just called me and told me Wilbur is his best bearbuddy in the whole wide world. Wilbur taught him to fish and was so patient when Sweet Pea made mistakes.


  18. I'm certainly glad you don't mind flying, Wilbur!! I wish I were as brave as you!! Enjoy!!
    Big hugs from Virginia, USA!

  19. Привет, Уилбур!! Счастливчик!! Такое интересное путешествие у тебя: полет на самолете, лагерь...)))!! Желаю тебе прекрасной погоды, добрых друзей и много вкусностей...;)))надеюсь увидеть твои фотографии с отдыха. Обнимаю, Мишель. Привет из России

  20. Дорогой Уилбур, позвращайся скорее! Будем ждать от тебя новостей и фотографий!Повеселись там от всей души и сьешь побольше меда и замечательных друзей))))Все наши мишки передают тебе привет))))

  21. Hey WIlbur, that was a 'xciting journey. You were on an even bigger plane than I've been on - cor!

    I hope you have a good time, but you mustn't make me jealous.




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