Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who Likes Collecting Crab Apples?
 I was up the tree collecting crab apples, sometimes I get a sling shot and try and hit a tin on a post with them. Not today.
 I slipped and came crashing down through the leaves right onto the ground. It hurt so much I was crying.
Granny said she would patch me up. I had to sit on the bench while she bathed my head and put a band aid on it
Then my arm was so soar that Granny said may be I sprained it. So I had to wear a sling to give it a rest.
I was feeling quite proper poorly. I had a head ache.
 I was saying to Granny please tie my shoes up, I think that Is why I slipped out of the tree.
All she could say was don't worry about your shoe. It is you we need to fix.
 I had to count how many apples I had left. Not many.
Granny gave me Noddy's book to read. I read .In there they had saucepans for helmets. Now that is a good idea. Next time I climb trees I will wear a saucepan.
 I can't believe it ,my friend Shirley came over and said she would help me read stories, until I felt better. How sweet of her.
Granny made us warm milk and honey scones.
I felt much better after that. 
I don't think I will climb trees for awhile.

See you all next week.

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My thought for the week.
"The perfect example of minority rule, is a baby in the house."


  1. Ohhhhhhhhhh Wilbur - can't you pay more attention next time, please?
    Hope you don't have hurt too bad and grandma wasn't too afraid!
    Keep cool little Wilbur - you are not a monkey!
    By the way: Your helmet looks great!
    Slow a bit down with your stunts LOL and get safe through your days!
    Big hugs and hope you'll be better soon.

  2. oh boy, lucky you still got caring granny, the sling is professionally done.
    how great you got sweet companion sit by your side, take care Wilbur and Granny.

  3. Well Wilbur, we think scrumping for crab apples is bound to make you crabby... We hope your boo boos feel better soon though, Shirley's bound to make you feel better.


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh, please tell us that you are okay? Prudence is so upset, when we read what happened she ran upstairs and began packing, screaming "I have to get to Wilbur, he's hurt and I have to take care of him". I had to explain that it would take over a day (with time changes)for her to get to you in Australia.

    Hi Wilbur, it's me - Prudence. You stay out of that grab apple tree, do you hear me? I am so worried that you broke your arm. Remember camp is only a little over 80 days away. Be careful!

    Hugs ♥
    Prudence (& Mom)

  5. Dear Wilbur,

    I hope you will get better, soon. But I am glad that Kay and your friend took care of you after your adventure.

    Take care!


  6. Oh Wilbur we have aches and pains just looking at you. We are glad you are okay, even though you have bumps and bruises.

    I wonder if we will be able to climb trees at camp. Maybe Blossom will fall out of the tree and land on her head. Uh oh, mama heard me. I'm supposed to be nice to Blossom all week. It's very hard to do.

    Hugs Wilbur and be very careful if you climb anymore trees. We hope your headache is all better.

    From your friend
    Sissy, well okay,
    From all of us! even mama

    Mama said I have to include everyone! :o(

  7. Он такой славный, бедный упал и вывихнул лапку. Очень теплая и добрая история про мишку а в кастрюле он такой смешной)))))Спасибо за чудесный рассказ!

  8. Я обожаю ваших Медвежат ) Дружочки такие милые, добрые, волшебные!

    с любовью,

  9. Oh, Wilbur. I'm so sorry you slipped and fell out of the tree.
    Did you know that crab apples will eventually fall from the tree, then you can scoop them up from the ground, no climbing!!
    Please be careful, I sure hope you aren't in too much pain. Boy, you scared me!
    Miss Susan

  10. Hi Wilbur,
    Sorry to hear about your accident - we're aching with you here at Critter Cottage - but you are a blessed bear, with a loving Granny to care for you. Please look after Shirley for us - it's her first time away from home, although she does look as if she is enjoying herself very much!
    Hugs from Nana Kayzy and her critters

  11. Yum haven't had crab apples for years! Sorry to hear about your fall though Wilbur, hope you're feeling better now with all that TLC!

  12. Oh my, that looks painful! Get well soon.

    Happy St. George's Day from England.

    Ali x

  13. Hi Wilbur,
    We sure hope you're feeling better now. Climbing trees can be dangerous and you were lucky you didn't break something when you fell. We aren't allowed to climb any trees cause our mom says it would make her too nervous. She gets nervous a lot. Good thing Shirley is there to keep your mind off of your injuries. Tell granny to keep the warm milk and honey scones coming. You can never eat too many honey scones.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  14. Oh dear, oh dear! Bless your little hear, Wilbur. Sounds like you have folks from everywhere wishing you well. That should make you feel better.
    Take good care!!
    Much love from Virginia, USA!

  15. Wilbur..ohhh, I feel so bad for you! But you DID get a FEW apples didn't you? I am afraid to heights you know. Yes I am! The back of the couch is as high as I want to climb..and I pick my apples from a bowl. :) It sounds like fun if painful adventure... You look fine..and WHO IS that little girl with you??? Hmmmmm???

  16. Hi Wilbur and Kay,

    So sorry you fell from the tree and do hope you are feeling fine now.
    Wonder if you are going to make crab apple jelly/ yum!

    Happy Wednesday

  17. awww poor chap, I do hope your bumps are feeling better! I am sure you enjoyed your stories though! It is lovely to find your blog, my Bears send you a big hug. Catherine x

  18. Dear Kay and lovely Wilbur,

    Ohh..Kay your story and pictures are so lovely.
    And poor Wilbur did have an accident...
    I hope he will get better soon!

    Wilbur listen...I will give you a big his on your big nose
    here it comes...KISS and more KISSIS...

    I send you love Kay...

  19. Poveretto è stato travolto da un treno!! buona serata....ciao

  20. I just love your teddy bears and stories about them! great job:)

  21. going to push a "follow" button)))


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