Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Cedar Trunk

An Old Cedar Trunk.
To store the mohair.
I need a friend!!!! Granny was given this old cedar trunk to store her mohair in this week.
So she promptly filled it to the brim, with all sorts of plains and curls, and swirls.
I dug down to the bottom to see if a friend was in the trunk for me.  Us Teddy Bears are made of mohair and I thought may be a friend was hiding in the bottom.
No such luck. Although is did feel soft and like bouncing on a cloud.

This is the old trunk

How much mohair and does any one want.!!!mmmm????

Granny says she never knows what colour she will feel like making tomorrow.
Well I didn't find any friends, but I did go out on the lawn , and guess what I found
I can't eat toad stools so Granny said  to come inside and help her bake.
It was called Apple and sour cream slice.
I did help stir.
It is a bit hot to eat just yet. May be I might burn my tongue.
Arrr... Just right with a nice cup of tea... 
It was all so yummy I was trying to lick the last bit out of the cup, when Granny caught me.
Hummmph!!! I got the telling off for not having manners. I told her that she wouldn't want me to waste any would she!!! ****###. 
That was not the right thing to say. "Manners need to be used at all times. " I could hear her saying with a high pitched raised voice. Then came the words that stuck in my throat.
"If you don't have manners you won't be able to go to camp."

Well I have just decided that is good to have manners all the time. Yes that is all the time.
(May be after camp I won't have as many.")

Peanut butter on toast and off to bed. Day light saving night, I can snooze for another hour.
See you all next week.

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  1. Such a beautiful cedar chest, Kay! I love the story, too :o) Hugs, Janice

  2. Oh was für eine schöne Geschichte und hmm so leckeren Kuchen und Tee. Ja da beginnt man doch gleich Hunger zu bekommen. Wünsche ein schönes Wochenende und einen guten Wochenstart. Eine Frage habe ich noch, kennst du eine Teddykünstlerin * Di Lawrence * aus Australien? Ich habe einen süßen Bären von Ihr, aber kann nichts über die Künstlerin finden. Eventuell kannst du mir ja helfen.
    -- Dirk --

  3. Oh no, not the 'No Camp' threat!!! We'd have been licking the plate too, does granny not know about 'Waste not, want not'? And the starving children in Africa that would love all those leftover bits?


    The Clan and Jack

  4. Hi Wilbur,

    Oh no, the dreaded words "or you can't go to camp". Those darn words will make you weak in the knees. Bearents do that all the time and it's not fair, I tell you, not fair.

    Okay, so we will both be very well behaved, perfect mannered bears from now till camp. (After camp - hahahaha)

    Heaps of Hugs ♥

  5. Yum! We had some of that apple and sour cream slice today - must get the recipe! Wilbur, you should know that Granny can never have too much mohair. She might even use some to make a new friend for you, so treat it kindly.
    Hugs from Kayzy and the critters on holiday in Bathurst xxx

  6. Hi Wilbur,
    Granny really said those words to you?? We've been extra special good cause our mom said, "If you really want to go to camp you'll be extra special good." She didn't say we couldn't go if we're aren't but why take chances?
    Bellamine & Wendy

  7. Hi Wilbur! It's me Abby! :) Mom is up early so she is helping me with this..
    Prudence's mom, Joyce, told my mom that it's a long time before camp and even if it was now, I couldn't take cake with me! Wanna bet???
    Oop! Mom just gave me that LOOK!
    Better go now.
    Abby (Abigail Ingalls)

  8. Oh camp for you!!! It's just a cryin' shame. I hate it so badly for ya I can 'bearly' stand it! Heeheehehe!

    What fun this post was and I so adore all the beautiful pics sweetie.

    God bless ya and have yourself a blessed and beautiful week now, ya hear!!!

  9. Thanks for the welcome! My that is a gorgeous trunk and I agree, you can never have too much mohair. I have a sweater that's part mohair and it's so snuggly and comfy. I don't suppose a certain greedy bear left any of that scrummy dessert for someone else?

    Ali x

  10. Oh Wilbur, mind your manners. We don't want you to miss camp. Sissy really has to work on being a good bear, Mama said that is absolutely required before she's allowed to go to camp. If she gives Blossom one more ride in the dryer she's not going.

    I wish we were there to have some of that cake! Your Granny makes such yummy things.

    Bear Hugs
    Blossom, Sweet Pea & Sissy

  11. So delightful Kay!
    The trunk is fabulous.
    Bear hugs-


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