Sunday, March 4, 2012

An encounter with BEE'S

Golly and I  had been outside playing with our neighbour. They are lucky children they have a little car. We had such fun racing around the lawn. We made out we were in the Grand Prix.

Look out we are coming fast. Golly is yelling, "Put the peddle down faster." Wwwwooow it was making me dizzy.
We came home and our tummies were grumbling... Granny was in the sewing room, so we thought she wouldn't know if we pinched the honey bottle and some bread.

Oh NO She is yelling out. " What are you to rug rats up to, I can hear you in the kitchen. What are you doing ?"
" Nuthin, nothing at all Granny really, we are doing Nuthin."   "OK be good kids."
We went out into the garden under the camellia tree, where it was dark and dirty and snaily, and it felt like our cubby. No one could see us in this dark cubby. We got a slice of bread from the kitchen as well.
"Me first "said Golly, so Golly went to up end the Honey and, guess what landed on his bread.
"Don't kick it off Wilbur it might get cross."
Just as I was going to get it off the bread, one landed on my nose.
"Oh dear, oh dear, Golly what are we going to do. I must stay still or he will sting me."

Now we are in big trouble one landed on the honey pot.

I am going to call Granny, I think she needs to come and rescue us.
Granny help we need you quickly".
Granny was yelling out "I can't find you, where are you"." Here Granny,under the bush."
She eventually found us because the honey pot was yellow.
"Granny help the bee's are getting us."
She scooped us up and took us inside real quick. Well the big.... talkin to happened. It was very big.....
We were told in a very cross voice not to pinch the honey in future, and to ask for some bread if we were hungry.
Well no honey, it is still outside in the dark; but we had Peanut Paste and went to bed feeling as though we had been very naughty. So we yelled out to Granny, "Sorry Granny ,we won't do that again."
Just a little warning to all you bears out there. DON'T STEEL THE HONEY, it is not worth it.
See you all next week.


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My thought of the week
"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."


  1. Oooh, that sounds like a very scary adventure with the bees wanting their honey back! We'll make sure never to try that!


    The Clan and Jack

  2. Hi Wilbur, Hi Golly,

    Oh, yuck, your cubby sure isn't a place where girl bears would want to hide. Snaily? It makes the mohair on my arms stand up.

    'Pleezzze' be careful, those bee stings are nasty and can make you real sick. What if you got stung and couldn't go to summer camp?

    The car looks like crazy fun. If your neighbor boy had 2 you could race. Giggle.

    Maybe Granny can find a car for your very own, that would be so much fun.

    Heaps of Hugs

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Riding in the car looked like so much fun but getting a bee on your nose was scary. You were lucky Granny heard your calls and found you before you were stung. Up until the bees came we liked your cubby. I think there was a lesson here. "Don't eat your honey outside under the camellia tree."

    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Hy Wilbur and Golly - seems that you make a nice couple LOL
    I love to read your adventures and I'm happy that you don't tell us only the "good" ones but also those , you make things you shouldn't do.
    Ohhhhhh you are so lucky to have Grandma to care for you!
    Hope you give her big,big hugs and telle her that you love her , every day!
    Looking forward to your next adventure I send you hugs and kisses from France !
    Have a good time, guys !

  5. Hallo Wilbur,
    da habt ihr aber noch einmal Glück gehabt, dass Euch Granny vor dieser großen, dicken Biene gerettet hat. Es ist besser, wenn man ein Honig-Brot in der Küche isst.
    Liebe Grüße
    Heike & Henry

  6. What a delightful picture story! Wonderful!


  7. Very Nice Story & Toy Also. Wonderful Thanks for sharing.

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  8. Hi Wilbur and Golly:-)

    That car you got to drive is SO cool, what fun you must have had!! Are you going to get your driver's license now?? hehe

    Oh noooo, not bees!!! Them things scare us so much cuz they are MEAN and sting badly! I guess they just wanted to share your honey but geez, next time tell them to go get their own. We're just glad you didn't get stung when it landed on your nose! Too bad Granny found out about you and Golly sneaking out some honey and gots to be careful not to get caught next time! "smirk"

    We always have so much fun when we come visit you:-) Lots of beary hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxo

  9. Goodness those bees looked enormous, I hope they dont fly over here to my house...!!!!!


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