Sunday, February 5, 2012

SHHH!!!!! Don't tell Granny what I'm doing.
It is a surprise.
Can you remember we made these hearts last week. WELL Dear Maddy Rose  from the blog Santa and the Mrs. gave Granny the recipe, and she must be better than me, because the sanding is driving me nuts.... did you hear me nuts...
Maddy Rose must be such a patient person how does she sand all those Santa's that she makes.
Then I had to paint my smooth heart. The other two I will just call rustic heart. (Now there is nothing wrong with rustic hearts they love just as well. Well I say they do.)
After it was dry, I painted glue all over it, then sprinkled it with Sugar.... NO, NO, I was only joking.The ants would have a lovely picnic if I put sugar on it. It is crystallised glass. So it looks like sugar.
Now to choose a ribbon. Oh dear I hope Granny doesn't mind me getting her ribbons in a mess. I will say the next door neighbours cat did it. Well for the final thing you will have to wait. I have a few more touches to put on it before I show you my final art work.
I feel like a milk shake that I had last week. "Granny can I please have a green milk shake." She shouts back
"No Wilbur the milk is getting low, you will want it saved for your hot chocolate tonight." As if she knows what I wan't. I wan't a milk shake now. "Granny can I have 1/2 a milk shake." "  No Wilbur, did you hear me we are short of milk."  She is being very hard to get on with at the moment, especially when I have been working so hard. "Granny can I please have a 1/4 of a milk shake"  "OK if that will stop you pestering me."
All that work for a 1/4 of a milk shake.

Can't wait for the full glass of hot chocolate tonight.
Of course the peanut butter as well.
See you all next week.

Big bear hugs and welcome to PEA, Misty and Tiffany.  They all live at
Check those rascal bears out. She has a lovely blog from her kitchen as well.

Big bear hugs to Jasmine, we love having you follow us Jasmine.

Bear hugs also to Susan from
She has lovely flowers and things she has done, to make her house a home. Go and have a peep.

I'm being naughty because Granny didn't give me a big milk shake. Our thought for the day is:...
Kitchen pickers
Bigger knickers ha, ha, ha.


  1. Hi Kay and Wilbur,

    The love hearts are beautiful and just in time for Valentines day.
    Do hope that you get your milkshake soon.

    Happy weekend

  2. Wilbur We are sure granny will give you the biggest milk shake ever, when she see's how hard you worked to make the pretty heart.

    Wilbur we were wondering what makes your milk shake green? We sure hope it's not spinach!YUCKY!!

    Your thought for the day made our Mama laugh. I wonder if she needs bigger knickers. Hehehe

    Sissy and Blossom
    Sweet Pea isn't here, he's in the dog house not because he's in trouble, It's because he thinks he's a dog. Maybe he needs his head restuffed!

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    BEE-U-TEE-FUL surprise for Granny. I don't think she will believe you about the kitty, and you don't want to get kitty in trouble, do you?

    I don't get the "kitchen pickers" part.

    Heaps of Hugs

  4. Wilbur you are a wunderful bear, it is very nice, that you are working so hard for making this great "sugar"-heart - and i hope you will find the best ribbon.
    And all this for 1/4 cup of milk, you are realy wunderful.
    Greetings Iris

  5. Hi Wilbur,

    We think your hearts are perfect, even the rustic ones. Our hearts aren't smooth yet cause they're still not dry and we can't file and sand them until they are. Mom uses files and sand paper when she makes a Santa. It's really dusty work. We can't wait until we get to make a lot of dust.
    Next time you want a shake you should ask for a banana & pineapple smoothie. Next to peanut butter & honey smoothies they are our favorite. You don't even need milk so you can save the milk for your hot chocolate. Mom puts yogurt in our smoothies cause she says yogurt is good for the digestion. Hey, who cares about digestion?!? We like them cause they're delicious.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  6. Oooh, sparkly hearts with fun ribbons, sure granny won't mind the mess...


    The Clan and Jack

  7. So what are these hard to sand hearts made of? Just like ironing, I try to avoid sanding when at all possible.

  8. So precious and sweet is this post.

    I love bear hugs too.



  9. Hi Wilbur, I love those hearts of yours.They are beautiful ♥♥♥ And I bet that milkshake tasted like heaven after all that hard work.
    Hugs, Thea xoxo

  10. Hey Granny and Wilbur, it's me again and I'm here to tell you you've been tagged for the Liebster blog award. Hope you don't mind.

  11. Oh Wilbur, we really love the way your hearts turned out and maybe it's a good thing it's not sugar on them cuz you might be tempted to keep licking them! hehe Geez, Granny only allowed you a 1/4 cup of milkshake? Me and Tiffany would have had a sit in to protest that!!!! We bears NEED our milkshakes and hot chocolate and cookies and cakes and....

    We love coming over to visit you and see what you're up to:-) Bear hugs from Misty & Tiffany xoxo


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