Saturday, February 25, 2012


Granny and I went to the play ground this morning and  we were so surprised when we could hear sobbing coming from one of the little cubby houses. We went over to see what it was and there sitting in the door way was a little black golly. I felt so, so sorry for that little chap, and asked him his name. All we heard was sob, sob, sniff, sniff. Wedried his eyes and I  put my arms around him, and told him not to worryI would be his friend, and we would try and find his Mom.
Granny got on her phone and no luck at all. So we said to the golly ( because we didn't know his name)   "would you  like to play .".
 We went to the swings, He was all upset so I  let him sit on my lap to have a swing.
Hang on tight Golly, Granny will wizz us."Only go slowly Granny I don't want him frightened." 
This rocky horse was better not so scary.
Granny was watching from the bench and her heart took a leap when Golly got up on the fort first, and was reaching down to give me a help up.
We sat up there talking for ages, he was telling me how sad he was because he knew he was left at the playground because no body wanted him. I was telling  him about where I lived and about my snugly bead, and my toast and peanut butter. Golly said because he was black the thing he liked on toast was Vegemite.
He told me he was very hungry.
Then I ran over to Granny and asked if he could come and live with us. I said I didn't mind if we had to share a bed. I just couldn't let Golly sleep outside one more night.
Granny said Yes.
So I went over to a tree and sat down and told Golly to climb up on my back and I would give him a piggy back all the way home. I had Peanut paste on toast and Golly had vegemite on toast. I will show you another day. We just want to go to bed and talk.
See you all next week.

Big Surprises in a post package.
Thank you so  much Marie Christine from One Toe Bears.
I was the very, very lucky winner of her valentine Give Away.
We opened that parcel and what do you think we found?
The most darling little bear with a big pink heart saying he loved us.
Tears were flowing down Granny's face. We quickly got him out of that box he had to travel all over the sea in. All the way from Holland.
When we got him out guess what there was more. Lovely luscious raspberry mohair and some ultra suede,
That's not all there is MORE  a beautiful necklace with the Eiffel tower on and a charm.
Granny could not believe how lucky we were.
Thank you so much Marie-Christine.xxxxxx  big Hugs from Australia.


Elvena Sviridor we do hope you enjoy visiting us, and following our adventures.
Elvena has a lovely blog with some great Teddy Bears on have a look.
We always love having more friends.

My thought for the week:
"Peace is seeing a sunset and knowing who to thank."


  1. What a lucky Golly to be going home to live with you and Granny....

  2. Hi Wilbur,

    You are so wonderful. I know Golly has a good home and will be loved forever by you and Granny.

    Maybe he can come with you to summer camp. Ask Granny. Gee, you can't leave him all alone for 6 whole weeks. Please Granny? Please?


    I love your prezzies - you are so beary lucky.

  3. The poor little golly thinks he was left behind because he wasn't loved? How sad. I hope he realizes how lucky he is to have been found by you and Granny. Give him a hug for us.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  4. Sounds like the family has had a good week full of welcome surprises. Enjoy them all.

  5. Whew, we're so glad you were able to find Golly and give him a new home, and it looks like you've found your perfect partner in crime for your adventures now :oD


    The Clan and Jack

  6. congratulations on your win.
    well said for the thoughts above, we should be thankful and appreciate what we have.

  7. Dear little Wilbur you have such a kind heart. We are so happy that Golly gets to live with you. what special friends you will be.

    Don't stay up too late talking the night away. Bears need their rest you know.


  8. What a fun day out at the park and must have been lovely to meet up with your new Golly friend.
    Congratulations on the wonderful win, you must have been thrilled.

    Happy Sunday

  9. Dear Kay and Wilbur,
    wow, Golly is so lucky that you found him and gave him a new home! I don't want to think about what could have happened to him when a dog had found him first... dogs like to play, but sometimes their play is a bit too wild for little Gollies.
    I am very happy that you received our parcel! It's so nice to see Wilbur with your new I LoveYou Bear. And I am very excited about what you will make out of the raspberry mohair fabric and the piece of ultra suede.

  10. Hi Kay,
    I find it easier to sew three bears at one time.
    You take in hand only once the pattern, once the joints, once the material for the filling ... And I need almost as much time for ONE little darling.

    Have a nice Sunday!
    Hugs Nicole

  11. Hi Wilbur:-)

    We think your new friend Golly is a very lucky fellow to be living with you and Granny now. Such a good thing that you were the ones to find him!! It looks like you all had such a fun time at the playground. We can't go to our playground yet because there's too much snow. We just know that Golly will love being a part of your family now:-)

    Lots of beary hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo

  12. Such a lovely post, Kay! Congrats on your win, too! Hugs, Janice

  13. What a sweet post. I love those playground piccy's. They are wonderful. Seems you had great time Wilbur. And Golly is absolutely the most fabulous one I've ever seen. Enjoy your week. Hugs, Thea x

  14. Hay Kay,

    Your Wilbur have stolen my heart!
    Golly is very lucky with Wilbur...and I am a little bit jalours I think!

    Kay this post is so lovely...I like your story's and I love Wilbur.

    Wishing you my love...

  15. True love for the fortunate Wilbur, very beautiful your post... next aspect, after park you play thing sara there?

  16. Hi Wilbur, it's us again...we just wanted to come over and say "HI"! We hope that your new friend Golly is doing well. We're trying to get Mama Pea to invite our masseur, Bruno, over for peanut butter sandwiches...we thought he was sooo dreamy! hehe Have a good weekend Wilbur! Lots of beary hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxo


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