Sunday, February 19, 2012

5.30 Sunday morning???
That means one thing.

The picture of the clock is so bad because Granny didn't even have her eyes open. 

 I always find a few friends at the market like this dog. His mum was selling bandanna's for dogs and bones in pretty colours. All sorts odd doggy things. 

I don't know what this market is turning into. Lots of doggy things. Can you believe, there was a stall called Pup Cakes. They even had cakes for dogs. (What about bears)
It was early and every one was setting up their stall, Granny was quite taken with this lovely Olive oil stall, it had nice olives as well. I thought I looked like king of the olives.
OK Granny can't go past pretties. These where lovely bright paper pretties.
Hmmm! You know I don't like pants. Well some one else doesn't like pants. They chopped the legs off,and made bags for girls. Good Idea!!!
Oh no! Granny keeps looking for bathers for me. These were far too small. Really a bear likes to swim with just his fur on.

Have you ever heard of lolly pizza's. Well here they are. Da Da... Granny kept saying it is toooo much and it is toooo big, and  too fatening and wouldn't buy me one. 

This lady had little bells made out of pods, I was playing with them and sure enough what comes out but earrings; just to see how they look. RUN Wilbur Run !!! I kept telling myself.
Well we are back at Granny's stall with the teddies and I feel at home here. The only problem is that it is such a long day.
Got home, I wanted to put my feet up on the lounge, but Granny was calling out. 
"Wilbur, please come and help unpack." A bears work is never done.
It wasn't long before she made me a big glass of chocolate milk and peanut paste on toast for supper.
Some times I work so hard I just need to go to bed.
See you all next week.

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My thought for the day.
"Kindness is the oil that takes the friction out of life."


  1. You did have a busy day, hope it all went really well and that granny didn't buy you that swim suit - eek!


    The Clan and Jack

  2. Oh I just love to follow your adventures, Wilbur ! If you think right, you have an exciting life and it's great, for sure, that you share with us.
    Have a great WE and relaxe
    Big bear hugs from Franceto you and your Granny!

  3. Hi Wilbur,

    Wow, you sure started for the market beary early. Does Granny have a car bed for you so you can sleep on the way to the market? And then on the way home? Maybe you should ask her to make you a nice, cozy blankie bed for travel. I have one.

    It looks like you had a barrel of fun visiting all the other stalls. I like the idea of taking pants and making a purse. That bathing suit - um, not your color. We have bear suits for everyday wear. Giggle.

    Hugs, have a beary wonderful week, and my love to Granny.


  4. We think the market looks like an exciting adventure but for someone who gets to go to all sorts of places it must be just another day at the market for you. Pupcakes?? We should ask our mum to get some for our dog Vinnie but toast with peanut better and honey is our kind of treat.
    Bellamine & Wendy

  5. poor Wilbur... it looks like you´ve got a very long and hard day! Bathers, earrings, dog cakes and no permission to have a lolly pizza.. just a lot of hard work *sighed*
    I think your Granny had to do something good for you next week for amends! ;-)

  6. Wilbur, you really got up that early to go to the market with Granny? We are getting our best sleep at that time!! It looked to be a lot of fun, though, and we're with you, what's with all the doggie stuff, what about the important things like BEAR stuff??? That really was a long day for you, no wonder you were ready for bed when you got home. By the way, we LOVE your shoes:-)

    Lotsa bear hugs, Misty & Tiffany xoxoxox

  7. Dear sweet Wilbur,
    We just have to tell you We think you are just the cutest! Really, I do think you should complain to the lady who sells dog cakes but not bear cakes! I am so sorry that you didn't get to have a lolly pizza. Granny probably know best though. You might have had a very upset tummy if you had eaten one.

    Although you were tired it looks as though it must have been a fun day for you and Granny.

    Hugs and we are so sorry that our Mama is slow in visiting this week.

    Sissy Bear
    Sweet Pea


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