Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wilbur is not home....
I feel a bit sad and lonely; Wilbur is not home. He went to stay at a friends because
he is going to be on TELEVISION, did you hear right. Wilbur is going to be on TELEVISION,
with Golly.
They were so excited about being on Television, they had to pack their bags, and go and stay with Naomi until the BIG day. I do miss him.

Yesterday when the postie called there was a letter for me. I new who it was from straight away.
I was so excited, I just needed to know that they were alright, and if they had a warm bed,
good food, and do they brush their teeth every night.

Dear Granny,
I'm having a good time at Naomi's but I do miss you and all the bears. I'm so glad golly came with me. We talk to each other when we go to bed. That way it doesn't feel so lonely. When we wake up Naomi is tickling us to get up. She is so nice, we have Peanut paste and Honey on toast for breakfast.

I hope I do a good job on the television, telling every one about the Marion Market in Adelaide.
Golly is worried his hair won't looked fluffed up enough. I know I will look good. Golly just needs to remind me to wipe the peanut paste off my face.
Don't forget to watch Granny, I will be a star.

Big Love and Hugs
We both miss you,
Wilbur and Golly

This is Wally from next door. He came over to see if I had heard from Wilbur.
He was so pleased he could read the letter that Wilbur wrote.
We all really want to know how it all went, as soon as Wilbur is home.
More news next week.


  1. Gee, I was all set to write to Wilbur and he's gone. Should we ask for his autograph when he returns? Will his head be too big for him to fit through the doorway?

    Hi Wally, what a sweet little guy you are. Maybe you should stay with Granny so she won't be lonely.


  2. Hi Bear's Blog, I'm a little worried about how big his head will be when he comes home also. His friend Naomi rang last night and said he might have to stay 2 weeks. I am worried he will think himself hot sh.......t.when he comes home.

  3. Woo hooo Wilbur!!! A TV star in the making.

    Granny do you know when and on what station he's going to air?


  4. I think is about another week. I certainly will let you know what station.I will give Wilbur a ring to check up on him, although he is so full of himself he gets times muddled up. I shall have a quick chat to Naomi and she will tell me all the details.

  5. Well, living with Prudence all these years I have learned (the hard way) to let their "bearitude" ride itself out. Trust me, it will make your life much easier.


  6. Well the news up date is Wilber will go for his photo shoot on Wednesday. They say they will send me pictures of him getting his makeup on. I can't wait to see them. It is so exciting.


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