Sunday, July 24, 2011

PHEW Last weekend of
School Holidays.
Well I'm pooped.
 I have been skate board riding,

Roller Blading. Wow is that dangerous stuff.
I know I'm well padded behind, but have I got a sore bottom!!!!!xxxxx****###
Then there was this balancing thing the kids wanted me to do.
It looked quite simple after the roller blading. Well I was wrong,
I fell one way then the other. The kids laughed at me, but by the end of the day it
was no laughing matter. Just look below!!!!

Granny what has gone wrong? I'm sore and tired and now you have burnt the muffins.
She was cooking in the kids; mum's; new oven####xxxx!!!
Some how the kids and I were not very hungry for muffins any more, all we wanted was BOUGHT BISCUITS. We didn't trust Granny's cooking any more,
I wouldn't tell her, but I think she has lost it.

Some how I'm quite glad holidays are over and I can settle back and have a quiet life, with hugs from Granny, warm milk with honey. Plus bought biscuits.
I will let you know next week if life is back to normal.


  1. Oh, I am hearing you loud and clear...

  2. Phew! What a dangerous life you lead! I'm glad you survived all that excitement. I'm not surprised Granny burned the muffins, she was probably too busy trying to cope!

  3. Hi WIl,

    Sure hope you are feeling better today. That was quite a lot of activity for one day. And then....those burned muffins. How dreadful for you and the kids.

    Peanut butter & honey - something that Granny cannot burn, so just ask for that from now on. (o:

    Hugs little bear, BIG hugs.

  4. Thanks for your comments girls. It will be peanut butter and honey for sure this week.
    Lynda and Suzanne, I think Granny must have been truely rattled.

  5. Hi much excitement in one weekend, no wonder you are worn out and sore!!! I should imagine Granny is not too far behind...what a disappointment it must have been for her to find the muffins burnt.

    Still you can take it easy this week and sit by the fire and watch Granny sew.
    Warmest hugs,


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