Monday, May 23, 2011

What did I tell you????

In bed with my ted and ruggey for 3 days with a bad cold.
I told my mum that gardening in the freezing was not a good idea;
of course she didn't listen.
Now I'm feeling really poorly with a snuffly nose and a cough
that keeps me awake ALL NIGHT. I hope it keeps my mum
awake too, so she might not make me garden in the freezing cold.
Little ted and I have been snuggled in bed and the problem is
I have to have my chest rubbed with Vick's vapour rub, and it cakes
all my fur up!!!!I hate it, It SMELLS.
Then guess what, I'm made to take cough medicine, I think they
ground up rats to make it YUK!!!! UGGGG . PEW I hate it.
To get the taste out, I have to have lots and lots of Honey.
I hope M has learnt to treat me gently and just feed me cookies
and give me warm Milo,
chocolate would be OK as well. Some one has to tell her how to treat bears.

I hope I'm feeling better next time we have a chat.


  1. Oh no, PLEASE feel better soon.

    Vick's - YUCK - stinky, smelly stuff. Tell Mum to put honey in your tea - that will help too.

    Take good care, stay warm and cuddle, if you have a sore throat - ICE CREAM is a must.

    That medicine sounds beary awful. Ugh.

    Heaps of Hugs

  2. Oh dear! Honey and lemon sweets are nice when you have a 'code id der doze'. Sure it's not hayfever? That would be a good excuse so you don't have to do gardening any more! :o) x


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