Monday, May 30, 2011

Well I went to the market.
 Sunday morning in the dark and cold I went with my mum
who from now on I'll call Granny, because she takes
a while to get going in the mornings. I really wanted to look in
 her basket to see if there were any cookies in there. All I could find
was a flask of coffee and a sandwich and some fruit. Not that interesting for a bear.
I thought I should check out what happens to all those bears she makes.

OK they are all sitting pretty, now what!!!!
Granny thinks she will sew more bears????
I beg your pardon, can't she even go to a market with out
that old disgusting pin cushion. Some times your Granny
really embarrasses you.

I hope you notice she has her coffee to drink; what about me!
Patterns every where and alpaca to cut out, she could have made
 me a nice blanky with that.

I thought I would check out what else is at this market.
Can you believe they have new born babies; heaps of them.
I didn't like that to much I thought they might cry.
Do you see the row of heads up on the rack.
Creepy , I just want a lolly.
Well this stall is better they have gollie cards.
They are my friends so I quite like this stall.

Well I got board, sitting watching Granny sew, so I collected
all the mandarin pips and every now and again I throw one at
her, just for a laugh. I thought I might ring some mates on the phone.
I found a stall that had very pretty jewelery, so I thought
I should try some on to see if it looked fetching on my
beautiful fur.
I'm not sure if pink is just right for a Wilbur.

Well it was a long day and I was glad to get home and
have milk and cookies by the fire.
Granny came home with 2 or 3 less bears than she went with.
So I was very glad when she tucked me into bed that I
came home.


  1. Dearest Wilbur,

    Hi, I'm Prudence's "mum", the girls are at Camp Good Bear for the summer so I thought I would write.

    You and Granny had quite an outing. And some of her bears found new homes, how exciting.

    You both have a wonderful day, filled with love and giggles.


  2. And I always thought that bears liked coffee and cookies... or maybe that was hot chocolate and cookies?

  3. Loved your little bear's comments... :0)
    What a lovely way to tell a story but through the eyes of your teddy bear... :0)))

    Love and bear hugs,

  4. Thanks for your comments, Prudences mum, T.O.geezer and Monica. You will have to watch to see what Wilbur is up to next.


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