Friday, May 6, 2011

The bear has landed

 Penny Pinny

This little bear has landed on this soft hand felted
pin cushion, she found it soft and warm so she
decided to stay.
She holds a needle and thread incase she needs to
sew some thing. Remembering the Girl Guides
moto be prepared.
On her soft landing pad are 3 little charms.
A key, butterfly and flower.
Pinny penny is 5 way jointed, and made out of
a mini bear fabric. She has glass eyes and embroidered
nose, with shading on her face.
$45.00 Australian dollars, plus postage.
Please email me if you are interested.


  1. Very sweet bear, she looks very happy up there...x

  2. What a little princess she is, sitting there like royalty!

  3. Penny Pinny is adorable, I love the placement of her ears. The pin cushion is lovely, you had me fooled - I thought it was going to be an Easter egg.

    But who would dare stick pins in her pin cushion? I wouldn't.

    Happy Weekend


  4. such a cute tiny bear! love him much! have a sunny day and a lot of fun! di


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